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  1. @CoryWoodroof47 @falcfans @jeannathomas @FalcoholicKevin As a fellow Knight, I hope he gets to start somewhere else, but I HIGHLY doubt it.

  2. @SteveInBrooklyn @CoryWoodroof47 Gotta see Dunkirk, it was phenomenal!!

  3. @falcfans @FalconsPFC @CarasikS @PFCentral Players you’re paying attention to at the Combine?

  4. @GJGXXV @TheFalcoholic @CoryWoodroof47 @projectjax The humane thing would’ve been to let Pebbles freeze outside, given the two options.

  5. @aprile_mike How much was on the table?? Lol

  6. The #Daytona500 ? https://t.co/9J48VDXvi8

  7. YES https://t.co/nFDUBTaJnv

  8. @TheFalcoholic Matt Ryan is a lock because he makes it every two years.

  9. @SteveInBrooklyn Oh what happened now?

  10. @CoryWoodroof47 Is there a “Predict if the Falcons win the Super Bowl this season” position available anywhere? I’d never get fired.

  11. @HBO @CoryWoodroof47

  12. @CoryWoodroof47 Well said Cory ??

  13. @VeteranScout Couldn’t agree more. In the NFL, everyone has a chance to win the championship.

  14. @UpsguyatlParker He got a trip to Hawaii, I’ll do that for free.

  15. Is there any better example of #InBrotherhood than Alex Mack & Jake Matthews forcing Devonta Freeman into the end zone? #Falcons

  16. I noticed that as often as I wear #Falcons apparel, the only time I hear 28-3 jokes is online.

  17. #Falcons Offense & Defense showed up today.

  18. After the great #Falcons season we had last year; it would be hilarious to win the Super Bowl with how this season has went.

  19. @Pwilds121 @AtlantaFalcons You also!!

  20. @djva297 @SNFonNBC Probably all Russian bots

  21. Lol.. that was ugly, but a W nonetheless. #InBrotherhood ..

  22. @kaytea48 Stopped questioning that insane woman years ago.

  23. Kudos to all of the Jones' voters in Alabama!! ?? https://t.co/r8J1OzLViD

  24. @mattkaroly It's basically people who don't understand football/Saints fans.

  25. @IvanValencia @GradyJarrett It's dumb that they make you pay more for a real jersey. I'd understand if it was a fake player.