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  1. #Falcons needed the Seahawks to lose, so of course they won.

  2. @projectjax @kaytea48 I'll never forget dipping my Papa John's pizza in garlic sauce.. those were the days..

  3. @CoryWoodroof47 Yup. It's refreshing to see a film capture the real-life characteristics of a historical figure. Th… https://t.co/xQjL3mPcuM

  4. @AllbrightNFL @E5_usmc_grunt Because they're also idiots.

  5. @mortreport @AtlantaFalcons And they passed on him again. So much disrespect by the HOF.

  6. @Eli_W777 @Pokes86 @MiamiHurricanes @BR_CFB You're reaching here to complain. That's a belt.. Miami uses a chain, a… https://t.co/fhuv4qm90E

  7. @CoryWoodroof47 I don't understand how people can shoot animals, for fun. But that's just me.

  8. @SteveInBrooklyn @RiseUpReader I think they consider Derrick Coleman a potential RB3.

  9. @Vincruze @RiseUpReader Thanks Vin!

  10. My #Falcons Christmas tree https://t.co/Kf9ERdQOUK

  11. @MyNews13 Ban it and enable casinos.

  12. @CoryWoodroof47 @projectjax Say what you want about Papa John's, but Candy Corn didn't help put Trump in office.

  13. I'm watching the Falcons game, but I'm not watching the Falcons game. Does that make sense?

  14. @ThatTerenius It looks like a scene from Krampus..

  15. NFL suspended Sendejo one game for this. Brutal hit, but he leads with the shoulder.. https://t.co/6c6OWwaBDp

  16. @RiseUpReader How did he not know? My grandma knows that we blew a 25-point lead.

  17. @falcfans @FalconsPFC @CarasikS @PFCentral Even in a loss, who was the "Brother of the Week" (did most for the team, no headlines)

  18. @TheFalcoholic Will Julio get Red Zone targets?

  19. He even took Chris Johnson's number ? https://t.co/snlUwC77zJ

  20. @UpsguyatlParker @AtlantaFalcons I actually like those, but would prefer the white helmet/shoulder stripes be thinn… https://t.co/7k0wcqEDCF

  21. @lockedonfalcons @audioBoom Great job again @mattkaroly

  22. @BigBoyBruski @TheFalcoholic Thanks man!

  23. @nerdybirdatl @CoryWoodroof47 You should read our film discussions

  24. Matt '$$$' Bryant is currently 21st in all-time scoring with 1,520 points. https://t.co/VIdFqZQLbs