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  1. @RiseUpReader @CoryWoodroof47 Still waiting on that otter..

  2. @RiseUpReader @CoryWoodroof47 Still waiting on that otter..

  3. @falcfans Worrilow vs. Hooper should be fun

  4. Seems a little unconstitutional for the US Govt to try and punish a citizen for expressing their 1st amendment righ… https://t.co/ixFyOlmkoG

  5. @RiseUpReader @JuMosq Great listen!

  6. @HeathEvans44 Close one ???? #RiseUp https://t.co/o45ZTLDCvh

  7. Tired of hearing his complaining. All Sherman does is talk. https://t.co/Yqve2qWvDi

  8. BPA! https://t.co/a1w6NMHLhB

  9. RT @AtlantaFalcons: Julio Jones has the qualifications to make his 4th Pro Bowl. RT for your #ProBowlVote! https://t.co/3kRRiaIrfE

  10. Can't wait to see them down here in Orlando! https://t.co/dvYxyuX2G4

  11. RT @TailgateTeam: FREEBIE MONDAY!! RT for a chance to win a signed Devonta Freeman mini helmet! Must be following to win. #RiseUp https://t…

  12. Here with your weekly Sanu cleat's update. @Mo_12_Sanu's "Sanu's Crew" cleats for this weekend ???#RiseUp… https://t.co/BUB8ppPx36

  13. Nooo but then who will we get mad at sometimes and praise the other times? https://t.co/Mqn7BeBr6J

  14. Falcons could easily get a first round bye if they just keep winning. https://t.co/A5XlNOfRuT

  15. RT @aaramayo826: I just ate Thanksgiving dinner and did the dishes and Aretha Franklin still isn't done. https://t.co/McX13eiL9y

  16. @SleepytheJoker @AtlantaFalcons I guess not many people Rise Up as often as you do lol

  17. @DaisyVital The Atlanta Falcons are the greatest football team, hmph hmph hmph

  18. We know, it's just hard to get hit by a truck gently. Very mature of you to apologize though. https://t.co/jM2uc68qnA

  19. @Atlanta_Homer @FalcoholicZippo Yeah I share the same opinion. I understand it, but twice in 16 years makes you question if it works..

  20. @jeannathomas Jax doesn't understand iPhones. https://t.co/j79UaA1Djh

  21. @Vincruze @FalcoholicZippo If we keep rolling that's fine, true test will be Cards, Chiefs, @ Carolina I think.

  22. And these clowns want MORE guns? Lol https://t.co/J3SRo9lzcb

  23. RT @NFL: Have a day, @M_Ryan02! #ATLvsTB https://t.co/ztVXZzq5Sc

  24. If you do this, I'll do anything you ask.. https://t.co/aNxpOfooJM

  25. At the halfway point of the season, Matt Ryan is on pace to be 3rd on the all time passing yards in a season list with 5,272 yards. #RiseUp