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  1. @alexwATL Yeah I don't follow any other sports. Went to UCF so I guess if they do well I'm happy for them but I don't follow them at all.

  2. @FalconsM5 @SteveInBrooklyn @TheFalcoholic It still needs to be named Horus for the Falcon God. I'm pushing for this heavily.

  3. When you've been playing fantasy football for years and get beat by your ex-girlfriend @DaisyVital who's been playi… https://t.co/7XAKvFSDTO

  4. We don't need a trophy, ? https://t.co/8HMWOWxFZ5

  5. @projectjax @SalSagev_ @ThatTerenius @FalcoholicDW @TheFalcoholic Someone put Kenny's head on Peyton Manning next to Papa John.

  6. Matty keeps overthrowing them in the endzone, but can't blame him since he's getting hit every throw..

  7. @FalconsM5 @AroundTheNFL @HarrisonNFL If I was that bad at my job do you know what they'd do?

  8. @JacobTamme #ClutchPerformer https://t.co/3sAaAJ3z91

  9. I'm excited for this game to end.

  10. I live 2 miles from this. https://t.co/8rtOXCxkXb

  11. Me & Jax are ready! #HurricaneMatthew #Florida https://t.co/cWWeSIb4Cp

  12. Worked, gym, getting sand bags incase the pool floods, then cutting the grass. #ItNeverEnds #Florida

  13. @VicBeasley3 Can I have your glove? I would cherish it.

  14. RT @VISITFLORIDA: Dreaming of Chastain Beach #LoveFL Credit: https://t.co/dQVxJbhX6J https://t.co/4Nek16eVbl

  15. My dad got me some Falcons lotto tickets going through GA today: https://t.co/fFaXqnp36m

  16. SPOON is out here playing good!

  17. @Sammy_Socialite My heart does, my head doesn't ?

  18. RT @VISITFLORIDA: Save you a seat? #LoveFL Credit: https://t.co/Hu7wk7ZdNv https://t.co/me8bDOgNKW

  19. @FalcoholicDW It's not Monday night yet

  20. We're winning this is insane.

  21. I'll never understand Domestic Violence. I think about someone I love & it makes me sick to even think of harm coming to them. Sickening.

  22. RT @SBNation: The story of the week was a Florida State player reaching out to a boy with autism and changing his school life. https://t.co…

  23. RT @NFL_Leaks: Color Rush to be officially unveiled on Tuesday. (9/13).

  24. @UpsguyatlParker Well you have a place to stay if you decide to. Go up to St. Augustine too.