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  1. RT @TheFactsBook: Protecting an acre of rainforest reduces emissions as much as removing 14 cars from the road.

  2. Watching #KillingKennedy on this 50th anniversary of his passing. Not bad but I prefer #thekennedys version better.

  3. RT @wdwfacts: Pretty tree at Disney's Hollywood Studios entrance. Not very crowded and now very cloudy. http://t.co/Eg3bpCJ9Mh

  4. RT @ethanniall101: @EvanBirchfield @RockstarGames It was good for day and then it just got boring straight away, rockstar need to pick up t…

  5. Signing up for spring classes

  6. RT @disneywords: Things aren’t always what they seem. –Jafar (Aladdin)

  7. RT @BreakingNews: Florida Rep. Radel announces he will take leave of absence after pleading guilty to cocaine possession - live video http:…

  8. RT @mortreport: My opinion - penalty on Brooks was deserved but penalty was enough. It hurt 49ers. It hurt Brooks. No fine necessary. That'…

  9. RT @wingoz: We now await Mrs. Kuechly's interpretation RT @ESPNNFL "My mom thought it was a penalty. Does that count?" Tom Brady on Pats/Pa…

  10. I hate when they mess up twitter right when I start understanding it

  11. Where are all the UF Gator fans now that they suck? Lol

  12. RT @disneywords: Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. –Charlie (The Santa Clause)

  13. If a female idolizes and looks up Marilyn Manroe, there is a 99% chance she's a whore.

  14. RT @WaltDisneyWorld: On this day in #DisneyHistory: "Wishes" debuted at Magic Kingdom Park in 2003!   http://t.co/tFlB6pbsXl

  15. RT @BehindScenesPic: The Original MGM Lion being filmed, 1924 http://t.co/GEFQPXWidT

  16. RT @FalconsJAdams: Thinking about setting my clocks ahead to where they were. This time change is the pits.

  17. RT @disneywords: I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. –Wa…

  18. RT @mboyle1: CNN projects McAuliffe won.

  19. RT @SportsCenter: Ryan Lochte suffers torn MCL, sprained ACL in left knee after falling to ground while catching excited female fan.

  20. If Aaron Rodgers is out a long time, @Favre4Official should come out of retirement how funny would that be.

  21. RT @OfficialSanta: ☆☆☆ ONLY 50 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!!! ☆☆☆ #ChristmasCountdown #HolidaysAreComing ???⛄️