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  1. RT @spizzyspose: @68INCOGNITO looks like you've always been a fat piece of :censored: douche loser, bro! #68chins

  2. Putting christmas lights up on the roof #Christmas

  3. RT @OfficialSanta: ☆☆☆ WHO WANTS A FOLLOW FROM SANTA… tweet me and add #FollowMeSanta ☆☆☆ ???

  4. If Jordy Nelson can get me 47 points I win with no help from :censored: Arian Foster.

  5. I wish @ArianFoster would just not play cuz now I'm going to start him instead of Ben Tate and Kubiak will run him like once and I'll lose.

  6. RT @MyBallsHangLow: We may just aswell leave Charlotte at half cause we clearly didn't come to play, thank you @Atlanta_Falcons for breakin…

  7. RT @CocoaPopps: The only thing I've laughed at is cross eyed Shaq.... #snl

  8. RT @RossTuckerNFL: Geno Atkins example # 24,762,983 why you sign the long-term extension

  9. RT @MollyQerim: NY Football Giants have their 1st official cheerleader @giantsPJB! #HappyHalloween http://t.co/FoaFHUmHyk

  10. RT @disneywords: Being normal is vastly overrated. –Aggie (Halloweentown)

  11. Yay baseball is over!!!

  12. RT @HOVerdosed: @EvanBirchfield LOL SMH. Its crazy how bad our redzone offense is