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  1. @SteveInBrooklyn @AtlantaFalcons Possibly. I mean usually you have at least one 80's #

  2. Bring back Renfree. ?

  3. Will always be a Mike Zimmer fan for this. Always wishing him the best. Vikings have a great coach. https://t.co/BgsvoBHs22

  4. Me & the man that got me into football as a 5 yr old, my dad. @AtlantaFalcons #Orlando https://t.co/C3syONMyVh

  5. @UpsguyatlParker Sorta, haha. Ready for some Falcons football.

  6. @HistoryInPics @DaisyVital Gotta get up..

  7. @DaisyVital @LAist OMG YES!!!!!!!!

  8. @DaisyVital @WORLDSTARNOW omg and you know that happened in FL ?

  9. Good work, @AtlantaFalcons https://t.co/d2KJyG05TC

  10. Hahaha, thank you Ana ? https://t.co/WxSBk8aEhA

  11. @ThePianoMayne Oh, I didn't know who she was. Sucks though ?

  12. The #MLBDraft is going on right now, notice a difference? ?

  13. @VISITFLORIDA Ponce Inlet

  14. RT @Disney: Here's the Complete Schedule for @DisneyChannel's Marathon of #100DCOMs: https://t.co/qgfWfJzI0i https://t.co/t9Z4PoI52U

  15. RT @ConanOBrien: I play @GameOfThrones' Peter Dinklage & @IAmLenaHeadey in #Overwatch on #CluelessGamer. I fight for House M :censored:! https:…

  16. @kayla_betz Weird, I saw a snake today too. Hawk attacked it in my yard lol

  17. @UpsguyatlParker Oh good, just started too haha

  18. Liked him for ATL, oh wells https://t.co/7ERWDyGrBo

  19. RT @Keanu_Neal: I'm a Falcon!! #RiseUp

  20. I'm gonna fill out my mock draft for the 1st round & post it.

  21. RT @CharlesRobinson: Sources: #49ers expected to be early front-runner for Josh Norman. #Jaguars have interest. Story coming.

  22. RT @falcfans: Send in your #FalconsMailbag questions for @CarasikS & I to answer on tonite’s @FalconsPFC at 7 pm ET. Talking schedule & mor…

  23. @LoriBethDenberg Me & my cousin Spencer were just talking about Connie Muldoon, too funny, Thanks for the good times.

  24. For the Falcons. https://t.co/e8OxBPpHwh

  25. @Everett_G24 @NFL @AroundTheNFL Not surprised, they listed 7 teams that according to them, have tougher schedules ?