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  1. Black with a white border has been the norm for so long it might be a bit weird to see it reversed, but the Blackhawks make it work. So either should do.
  2. There are a couple of things I would change, for the sake of consistency. 1. Invert the striping pattern on the blue pants to W/O/W (orange outlined in white), to match the sleeves on the home jersey and home/color rush socks. 2. Invert the striping pattern on the away jersey and socks to B/O/B (orange outlined in blue). The stripes on the home and alternate jersey are inverse of the numbers, so it would make sense to do it here as well. Other than that, I like what you've done here.
  3. Both options are really good. I'd have to go with the first though; seems to flow better.
  4. Dang, that was quick. Thanks!
  5. Not to steal another user's idea, but can you make the striping like this? Also, can you put the U.S. Cellular logo on the jersey?
  6. The second one with the nameplate from the first.
  7. Can you move the shield to the free-throw line circle?
  8. Awesome concepts, well done. Can you re-create these on the latest Nike template? Since they are taking over as uniform supplier.
  9. Good stuff. Only thing I'd change are the stripes on the navy pants (white/orange/white) and the away jersey (orange/navy/orange).
  10. Can you make one for the Chicago Bears? Thanks in advance.
  11. You mean adding the blue outline only around the basketball like this? Blue lines on the basketball, white outline for the basketball.
  12. Blue lines for the basketball, and another white circle around the basketball.
  13. Use the uniform wordmarks on the baselines, make the red lines white, and remove the four additional logos and basketball.
  14. Make the blue lines white, primary logo at center court, use their uniform wordmarks on the baselines, and make the wood one shade using the darker shade.
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