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  1. These are ridiculously awesome, love the concept. My fav is the dolphins logo
  2. Nice design overall, very unique love the direction of a new sport
  3. As always Brandon nice work, I follow you on Behance too
  4. Hey guys since ColorWerx has been down for some time, I'm not sure if you guys stumbled upon this but I want to share this info with you guys. They have just about everything you need, not sure how frequent they update but hey it's a start http://teamcolors.arc90.com
  5. Damn I enjoyed this site for years, sad to see it go. Now we have to look up the colors ourselves guys, so start researching
  6. That blue works for the Lions
  7. LOL freakin awesome nuff said
  8. Love the concepts, good work on them. Clemson in a purple is gonna happen sooner or later, so it's not a bad look. Just like I did a concept for the 49ers in an all black uniform and look what happened they actually did it. So good work on them bro keep it up
  9. Damn I haven't done sigs in years, they were hella popular some years back
  10. There's nothing in the folder for the photoshop files, can you do a re-up of those. Greatly appreciated and I'll post up a concept of mines once it's done
  11. Nice job on the uni's, I would like to see them sport these in the future. Are you using illustrator or photoshop for the files, I have them in Ai but I get the weird data loss message. Do you have the photoshop files for this template instead