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  1. Hopefully we see blue over white against white over navy
  2. Once again these tournament rule are inconsistent. No good reason Italy-Spain couldn't be Blue/White vs Red/Blue like the 2012 final. Unless Spain chose to stick with all white after winning their last three games in this uniform, or Italy demanded to wear their blue shorts as the "home" team
  3. Atletico Madrid unveiled their FOUR(?) new kits. I'm not real sure what purpose the solid red shirt serves besides selling fans something with the older, more popular badge, or why we needed two blue shirts.
  4. Sweden's yellow kits are nice enough but I really want to see the pinstripes at least once this tournament. Maybe against England in white if they win today
  5. So has Uefa decided that Red and blue clash, or is Puma really pushing these away kits? Last game Italy wore white against Turkey's red, now Switzerland is wearing white against Italy's blue
  6. My mistake, thought white was their home. Still, don't see how blue/white clash with red/red. Too bad!
  7. Euros starting strong with both teams in their away kits for some reason. Italy has one of the most beautiful primary kits in the tournament so I'm excited for them to wear these hideous Puma shirts for every match
  8. Also in looking at that guide the biggest casualty of pushing it back a year was that the original Puma away kits that actually felt unique to each nation were replaced by generic undershirts
  9. Is there anywhere we can see kit matchups by match? I'm vaguely remembering in the World Cup there was an account that tweeted out the next day's combos each night but don't remember any more than that
  10. DC and RSL both look nice in the official release, but I worry that on tv they'll both just look like basic all-white away kits
  11. So after all that excitement Atlanta is the only team getting a third jersey this year https://theathletic.com/2362407/2021/02/02/atlanta-united-third-kit-mls/
  12. Paraguay home: Egypt: Morocco: Senegal (my favorite): Ivory coast:
  13. Championship Norwich got a much better kit than Premier League Norwich did. Leeds home
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