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  1. I'm sure I've said it before, but I'm really not a fan of teams changing their iconic crest colors to fit one-off alternate kits
  2. The colors aren't bad, but something about the collar and sleeves makes it look like something you'd pick up on a discount rack. I think they've had much better cuts in that same color scheme in recent years. Just personal opinion, of course
  3. Not a fan of that RM home at all. Looks like a cheap knockoff for some reason. Barca away. Looks nice, but not Barca
  4. Does that mean Arsenal and Chelsea will both be wearing next season's kit for the FA Cup Final? I hate that
  5. Atletico Madrid away. I've always liked them in blue, and the darker shade looks really nice
  6. No discussion of LAFC and Seattle both wearing road kits last night? I assumed it was because green and black would clash, but a quick search shows both have worn their home jerseys during previous matchups
  7. Milan revealed. And another leak of Arsenal away (and Real Madrid home behind it):
  8. Pretty cool of Harry Kane, buying the shirt sponsorships for Leyton Orient (where he played on loan) and using them to thank the frontline workers. Helps a smaller club stay financially stable in these times.
  9. Spain would be much better if the grey Adidas stripes matched the red-yellow-red of the flag/sleeve stripes. Also I hate monochrome crests
  10. FCC's final USL kits with the blue and orange hoops are still my favorite, hopefully they start adding more orange at some point. Any word on which one, the home or away, will change again next season? Personally hoping the away kit is kept but it seems like adidas will want to keep them in the shoulder stripes for two years, like everyone else
  11. Spurs look good, but unfortunately the iridescent logo that was rumored is just for the training shirts, which are the best part of the set https://twitter.com/SpursOfficial/status/1151824688995160069
  12. Is United going all in on the 99 treble theme because OGS is now manager, or are they dumb enough to think that the 19/20 season is the anniversary of the 98/99 season?
  13. If this is true, first Nike Spurs kit I'll buy