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  1. Sorry I've been so busy, Merry Christmas everyone and here's the Western Division
  2. Still have the Central and Pacific divisions left
  3. Thanks for the correction, for the record I didn't do so well in French in High School
  4. This is my new concept league, the NAHL. Handball is a summer sport, played indoors. So, here are the team names and color schemes for the Eastern Division.
  5. cdgates

    CFL expansion

    Not the U.S. but how about Halifax or Yellowknife
  6. Hey guys, right now I plan on working on a two part NHL expansion series including Hamilton, and Quebec. So, I'm stumped on the Hamilton team name. I'd like it to have something to do with steel, considering the fact that Hamilton is the "Steel City". Also, sorry I'm not taking the Tigers name. All suggestions welcome
  7. cdgates

    NBA Jersey Ads

    I'm trying to design them like European soccer shirts.
  8. cdgates

    NBA Jersey Ads

    Comcast has had a presence in Philly sports for a long time now. Me too, with every new one I make my fear grows.
  9. cdgates

    NBA Jersey Ads

    I chose the sponsors for several different reasons. Primarily, it was a combination of the relationships with the team and area, and the colors that go best. with the team
  10. cdgates

    NBA Jersey Ads

    Now, the Central Division Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers Milwaukee Bucks Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons I'm having fun making these, so I hope you enjoy them
  11. cdgates

    NBA Jersey Ads

    There has been alot of controversy over putting ads on NBA jerseys. However, as our friends across the pond show us, it doesn't have to be all that bad. So, here it is ads on NBA jerseys. ATLANTIC DIVISION Brooklyn Nets New York Knicks Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors Hope you enjoyed the beginning of my series! Feedback, and tips always welcome
  12. How do you change the name of a topic? Never mind I got it
  13. Man, you have a talent! This thread is so awesome
  14. Yes! After long last, it works. Hope you enjoy! New England Patriots (Intended to be navy blue) New York Jets Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills Hope you liked it, feedback welcome, next up is the AFC north.