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  1. To continue the NBA expansion teams - 1976 - Denver Nuggets - Blue, Red, Gold, White (same as 1949-50 Denver Nuggets and 1970-71 Buffalo Braves) 1976 - Indiana Pagers - Royal Blue, Yellow and White (used by 1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors, 1950-51 Baltimore Bullets used Blue, Gold and White) 1976 - Red, Blue and White (used by many teams) 1976 - San Antonio Spurs - Black, Silver and White 1970 - Buffalo Braves - Red, Royal Blue, Gold and White (same as 1949-50 Denver Nuggets) 1970 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Wine, Gold and White 1970 - Portland Trail Blazers - Scarlet Red, Black and White (same as 1966-67 Chicago Bulls and 1946-47 Providence Steamrollers) 1968 - Milwaukee Bucks - Forest Green, Red and White 1968 - Phoenix Suns - Purple, Orange and White 1967 - San Diego Rockets - Green, Gold and White (same as 1967-68 Seattle SuperSonics) 1967 - Seattle SuperSonics - Green, Gold and White (same as 1967-68 San Diego Rockets) 1966 - Chicago Bulls - Red, Black and White (same as 1946-47 Providence Steamrollers) 1961 - Chicago Packers - Navy Blue, Gold and White (1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors used Blue, Yellow and White)
  2. I would take just about anybody's over the current Diamondbacks' look!
  3. I can only remember the Royals era from the 70's, but if I could have remembered the Kansas City to NY Yankees pipeline of the 1950's I'm sure I would have seen those mid-70's Royals-Yankees playoff series in a different light. I do remember the tail end of the dominant Chiefs teams (who can forget Ed Podolak's Christmas playoff game against the Dolphins?) but the Kings were pretty mediocre with the exception of a couple of years under Cotton Fitzsimmons.
  4. Because they led the way for the rainbow of color that was 1970s baseball.
  5. The Diamondbacks and Cardinals I will agree with you on. The Suns' uniforms aren't the best they've had, but they're a step up from the last couple of sets.
  6. Finley was sort of a mad genius. He built those terrific A's teams pretty much on his own, but his hubris and the changing times made his empire crumble. Orange baseballs, designated pinchrunners, brightly-colored uniforms, the mule for a mascot, white shoes..... there will never be another one quite like him.
  7. Loved the navy blue version, I would love to see something like that with a more traditional collar.
  8. 1. 49ers 2. Raiders 3. Bears 4. Chiefs 5. Packers
  9. This Steamrollers logo is from the old 1946-49 Basketball Association of America team, not the football team. I found it on an old program years ago and sent a scan to CC when the site was all young and new.
  10. KFC, Taco Bell or Pizza Hut for Kentucky since Yum! Foods is in Louisville.
  11. The only newer uniforms everybody should hate are the Diamondbacks.
  12. Bobster

    MLB by NIKE

    Diamondbacks fan since day 1 - Purple & turquoise is the way to go!
  13. The Suns original logo might qualify. It only survived their original press conference to reveal the team name.