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  1. When the San Francisco Warriors moved the majority of their games to Oakland in 1971 they were also playing some home games in San Diego (the Rockets moved to Houston in 1971) so it made sense to try to pull support from the whole state.
  2. The one that's a real mess is the Charlotte Bobcats changing their name to "Charlotte Hornets" and claiming the prior Hornets history. Ten years after George Shinn moved the original Hornets to New Orleans, the New Orleans Hornets announced they would be renamed the Pelicans and that the team history and records would go to the Bobcats who were then renamed the Charlotte Hornets. The whole thing makes about as much sense as the Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens situation,
  3. "a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country" It doesn't necessarily mean the American Civil War. But I'm sure an institute of higher learning knows that already....
  4. Noted. Didn't even follow the link. Force of habit!
  5. That's the one for the Bulls' G-League affiliate - https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/599950802017/Windy_City_Bulls/2017/Primary_Logo
  6. A nice job of updating without trampling on tradition. The Lakers could use something similar.
  7. They're not even the most successful dynasty in the history of Massachusetts pro sports. And the red Pat Patriot uniform is the best they've ever worn. Just tweak the Pat Patriot logo to modernize it and clean it up and you've got a winner.
  8. It's almost like matching two different silvers on the same uniform......
  9. Nicely done Browns! Teams that still need fixed - Arizona (when you're the oldest team in the league, you might want a little more traditional) Atlanta (I guess we'll be seeing you again in 2025!) Cincinnati (Great helmet, but the uniforms are all over the map) Denver (They really need a refresh) Detroit (Just too much going on - they need simplified) Miami (Just go back to the classic uniform everybody wants already!) New England (The classic look with a modernized Pat Patriot perhaps?) New Orleans (Their original uniforms were perfect!) Seattle (Fans are pretty polarized by their look, but I suspect they'll stick with it)
  10. When the Brewers were founded as the Pilots in 1969 contracting the rest of their division's colors really wasn't much of a concern - California Angels - navy blue, red & gold Chicago White Sox - navy blue & white Kansas City Royals - royal blue & gold (also in their expansion year) Minnesota Twins - navy blue & red Oakland Athletics - green & gold Oakland was really the only team that strayed much from traditional colors (and they were ridiculed for it until they became consistent winners) Later, in 1972 when the Senators moved to Texas and became the rangers the Brewers moved to the East and we had - Baltimore Orioles - black & orange Boston Red Sox - navy blue & red Cleveland Indians - navy blue & red Detroit Tigers - navy blue & white (home)/orange (road) New York Yankees - navy blue & white And while I don't think branding and having unique colors withing the division was a big thing in 1972, they fit in well. Suddenly, with the Brewers moving to the National league in 1998, having them share a color with the Chicago Cubs made this an issue for some reason, even though twenty years earlier they shared the same colors as another in-division expansion franchise and nobody cared? I don't buy it. I think it was more a case of the Brewers seeing an opportunity to rebrand and cash in on new colors and merchandise. This all said, I am okay with the dark blue, as long as it's not a dark navy. I would prefer royal blue, but I think the set turned out pretty well.
  11. Just an overall comment on the "St. Louis" jerseys. After seeing the birds on bat exclusively for 45-50 years it just seems wrong to me somehow. YMMV
  12. Grading the offseason changes - Milwaukee - A- : I would have gone with royal blue, but their color choices are fine, it's the change to the BiG logo that keep it from being an A+. I especially like the not to the 1970's and 1980's home uniforms. San Diego - B+: Mainly because of the long-overdue color change. I like the general look of the new uniforms, although the design is a bit bland. I do like the used of sand for the road versions. Minnesota - B- : Love the addition of the powder blue uniform, but they need to jettison the gold accents on their other sets. Why they don't just go with an update of their 1960's uniforms, I don't know. St. Louis - B- : The cap logo changes were minimal, but still a step in the right direction. After as lifetime of seeing the birds on the bat the "St. Louis" uniforms just seem a bit off to me Arizona - C+ : The second year in a row of tweaking them gets them to where they're acceptable, but purple, black & turquoise is still my preferred color scheme, preferably with pinstripes. Cincinnati - C : Like the spring training jersey with Mr. Red, they should have removed the black from their color scheme on the regular season uniforms. Just go back to the 1969 uniforms and call it a day. Washington - C- : The caps would probably be better without the white panel (leave those to Toronto or Baltimore), and the new jerseys is just too generic. Texas - D : Just not very cohesive, and the lack of a number on the front makes them look unfinished to me. And a "Texas" team just calls out for a western font IMO. Teams still in need of changes - Cincinnati (remove the black), Cleveland (something less generic), L.A. Angels. Overall, I wish teams would wear their alternatives less frequently and still with their traditional uniforms 90% of the time. The league-wide special uniforms need to be given the heave-ho.
  13. The creamsicle uniforms were one of my favorites back in the 70's and 80's. The road white looked much better with orange numbers outlined in red rather than vice-versa. I'm not worried about intimidating, I'm not worried about it being attached to the 0-26 start - I just liked how it looked.
  14. NBA - Phoenix Suns - Since watching them in the 1976 Finals NFL - Arizona Cardinals - Since they moved to Arizona in 1988. Prior to that the Dallas Cowboys since they were the team we got on TV every Sunday while I was growing up. MLB - Arizona Diamondbacks - Since they started play in 1998. Prior to that I followed the Oakland A's (1972-74), Cincinnati Reds (1974-78) and New York Mets (1978-98). NHL - Arizona Coyotes - I'm still trying to become a real fan of hockey. NCAA - Arizona State Sun Devils - I'm not much of a fan of college sports the way they are currently run however, and don't watch much of it.
  15. Total upgrade. Love the helmet.
  16. I would like to see them go back to the purple, turquoise (not teal!) and black, but this is a step in the right direction at least.
  17. Nice work! I'm going to agree that the old west versions are my favorites, but I do like the ones inspired by the 1990's uniforms too. And the haboob version definitely verifies that you're a local!
  18. The 1990's looked good for the time and the Suns may have been the best of the bunch, but the NBA uniforms from that time period are so dated.
  19. The Suns really should just go back to their 1970's uniforms and then fire anyone who brings up changing the uniforms again.
  20. I was going to make one for my favorite team, but they beat me to it.
  21. Loose Balls was really the first book that made me think what a great idea it would be to collect basketball logos for historical purposes. And I have a copy of John Fulgaro's book somewhere. It's very ambitious, even if the quality of some of the logo scans is a little lacking at times.
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