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  1. I think the Wizards need a complete visual overhaul. THIS is what they come up with when they are asked to think out of the box? They're lucky they're in the same league as the Mavs because otherwise they would have the most boring identity in the league
  2. I want to believe, but those stripes are definitely photoshopped on
  3. I kind of love it though. Every year there's something to look forward to. Doesn't work for every sport, but for this and EPL I find it endearing
  4. The navy one was a fake, so right now its this and the throwback "Seventy Sixers" script. I think that leaves just one Earned edition later in the season
  5. via @ZackNeiner on Twitter
  6. I wouldn't normally recommend this but what if the Bucs switch to white helmets (same logo). From there, make mainly red jersey with pewter and orange accents. Then make an alternate orange jersey with red and pewter accents. Basically make it a merging of the Super Bowl and creamsicle eras (without the flirty pirate)
  7. Sixers swapping nickname for "PHILA" on cursive statement jerseys (sorry, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to include actual pictures here anymore)
  8. The Eagles are including a lot of kelly green in their Twitter profile. Normally I wouldn't pay any mind but this is the first time I remember seeing them officially put their logo on a kelly green background. Maybe laying some groundwork?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  9. That's kind of what I like about them. I think Milwaukee has done an amazing job with making their jerseys look modern yet still retain some of those very old-school traditional elements. I'd love to see the Pacers do something like that
  10. That court's biggest claim to fame is the rookie year AI Jordan crossover
  11. An NBA team playing in what looks like a college fieldhouse surrounded by an unassuming 80s looking office building. This is amazing
  12. "LA CLIPPERS, you have a lineup that could finally put this team on the map and lay claim to LA. Now's your chance to choose a look that will set the tone for decades to come. What're you gonna do?!?" Clippers: "S**t the bed probably"
  13. So? The best college team of all time would lose to the worst NFL team of all time. doesn't mean college football isn't great and have a loyal fanbase. Why is it a debate for you?
  14. For a while I was of the mind that the Phillies didn't need to go back to maroon/powder blue. But the more they wear them the more I want it to happen. Bryce really owns that look
  15. Because they're a boring franchise from New York that thinks they have to "uphold a tradition"?