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  1. I think it's not just that it's ATL, i think it's because it just doesn't look great the way they did it. I don't have an issue with it on Hawks jerseys or in other applications, but here its like, well just spell it out then. The thing about this set is that fixing that and removing the gradient would make these so much better
  2. I'm sorry but that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. First off, no Super Bowl win is a "fluke." You don't accidentally win a Super Bowl it's way too much work. Second, if anything it's more of a testament to how talented and deep that team was.
  3. Yeah for as memorable as the last iteration was, it really doesn't look anything like a ram. It's like they needed to form one around the existing helmet horns and it ended up a little too cartoony
  4. It really didn't have a super huge impact? I think some people are getting very frustrated on this thread for something that is only being speculated, which would still be a revert back to something that we similarly had before. No team's identity was squandered or mistaken then. Its two games a season. Let people be excited to see the good, the throwback, and the ugly (seriously could you imagine a snot green helmet for the Seahawks that would be hilarious).
  5. I can't get over how inconsistent that M is. It changes angles halfway through
  6. Something to remember: the Rams want to OWN LA. By picking what would normally be a secondary as the primary, they're ensuring you're gonna see those letters every time you see NFL team logos. It's not my favorite design but I get why they did it
  7. You can like whatever you want everything is subjective. I personally really like the ram logo and the colors. Just curious to see the helmet. The new horn doesn't "curve" enough at the end imo
  8. Should we start with tea-bagging a female trainer's face or going into business with a known racist?
  9. I mean, let's level set here. Sometimes we tend to get overly negative (myself included). When looking at the new jersey vs the old, this is a definite upgrade. And listening to fans was a great call by the Bucs. It just has room for improvement.
  10. Ugh, this reminds me of the Jags in how frustrating it is. Get back to basics from the overdesigned garbage you switched to (yay!) but shy away from colors that made that the original so good in the first place. And you KNOW their alternates are gonna be black here EDIT: Article says the alts will be pewter. Oh boy....
  11. I think that Washington Wizards is a much better sounding name than Washington Bullets, and the closest thing they had to an interesting identity was in their blue and gold color scheme. I live in DC and they're by far the least followed of the 4 major sports teams. I know die hard Nats, Caps, and Skins fans. I don't even think I've met a moderate Wizards fan. Part of me thinks their boring as hell brand has at least something to do with it.
  12. I always like to use the comparison that Athletic Gold is Velveeta Mac and Cheese colored and yellow is like a banana that or im just really hungry rn
  13. There's two different schools of thought for this argument: 1) Keep a relatively fine uniform element because of the success a team has had in it 2) Upgrade a uniform element solely because it improves the look, regardless of success Clearly there's passionate people on both sides here. No need to get into a heated argument about it. It's all about preference
  14. I REALLY hope they don't bring back the shoulder horns. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I never thought they were executed well. And now that there's even less space there on current jerseys I fear how it would look
  15. Yep! That was me: Posted Thursday at 09:49 AM I have a theory about the LA Wildcats. Why is their look so "fiery" and why is their name so bland (especially for a city like LA)? My thought is, early on in their design they were called the Wildfires, until they realized the sensitivities a little late and made an easy fix. Complete speculation though