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  1. Dear god the Rays went back to their baby blue alts today but kept the throwback cap?!?
  2. This is the best the Marlins have ever looked IMO. Not saying much, obviously, but these look really nice
  3. We all have grown a little tired of the NBA trotting these out each season but clearly the MLB and NHL (with reverse retro) have been watching and seeing some serious opportunities to cash in. If the NFL does axe the one-helmet rule soon, you'll know exactly why
  4. I'm torn because I like that look being in the league and want the Jazz to stick more to their Purple scheme. If only there were some team that could theoretically make kelly green and gold their primary color scheme....
  5. Let's all be clear - the "one helmet rule" was created by the NFL to avoid liability, full stop
  6. But don't the currently leaked throwbacks seem consistent enough with those teams' current helmets? (Niners and Browns I believe)
  7. Same re noticing the negative feedback on twitter. I've realized that twitter tends to skew for what is "hip" rather than "timeless." I want to point out that it doesn't make one opinion more correct than another. But theirs are bad and they should feel bad
  8. Any reason Pittsburgh is never considered in the NBA expansion talks? Big city, plenty of fans and sports history, lots of college kids who would latch on as well.
  9. Link to the Twitter thread of all the leaded Earned Editions OKCTracker posted : Grain of salt, obviously
  10. If so, gradients win the City Edition competition this year
  11. I'm loving this promotion so far. Although, as a Flyers fan, given that my team has had a very basic history of jersey design, and kept two colors and one logo consistent through their entire existence, I'm definitely jealous of the other teams
  12. I believe any "never bring them back" talk was as the primary. Which they shouldn't. They look much better now and are a RWB team But as a throwback, I think it's guaranteed
  13. Wow the orange REALLY works with this font/look for me.
  14. The Sixers jerseys are a miss, from me at least. Was excited for the color combo but the execution is poor and cluttered
  15. Iverson tweeting darkened out photos of him modeling the jersey on his twitter account. Speculation is that they won't be exact throwbacks, but maybe a merging of the two eras?
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