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  1. Wow you really had to go and make it political and not fun. I guess congrats?
  2. Yall must be fun at parties, yeesh. They're sports, they're supposed to be fun. Remember to smile occasionally
  3. True. Thunder got KIND of a pass because they came out of the gate hot. But not that they're not as good I think people are taking notice. Granted, that identity is VERY bland
  4. Thoughts: 1) Wow NJ Devils twitter really are d***s lol 2) I stand by my idea that even goofy names can be redeemed by great colors/logos/jerseys
  5. Here's why the name won't be Kraken Calling it now. The Devils account tweeted a response to a response to the Seattle video, and if they spoiled it early they would look like major A Holes
  6. Do people really think McDonald's owns Red/Yellow that much? I don't even remember the last time i even ate something from there
  7. I have a strong feeling, despite being the alternate, black will be used most often ala championship set for the Cavs. But in this case i like it so much i don't mind. Something about black with red/gold accents looks great to me
  8. People gonna nitpick but Atlanta just became one of the best looking teams in the NBA. Bravo
  9. Well they somehow came up with hogs in dresses with their first stupid name so who knows
  10. I know they'd never do this but part of me would just like them to be Washington F.C. (or AFC?) . Keep everything but the name and logo, create a temporary crest, let time go by and maybe nicknames will start to evolve organically like they do in international soccer. Then they can reassess.
  11. Please god no. The ONLY thing i want the team to retain is the color scheme and hopefully adopt a name that isn't a bland a$$ MURICA one
  12. Really don't get the hate for Vegas Gold. I think when used correctly (like the Saints) it can look great. I think the old gold looks like mustard (This is Unpopular Opinions right?)
  13. Still have no idea how they thought the navy text was a good idea. Boston's grays are SHARP
  14. All sports owners are greedy, but the MLB is a specific kind of greedy, man. Baseball money is imaginary money. They are essentially just trying to get richer off a bad situation
  15. Best NFL jersey Tom has worn imo. Pats throwbacks make it close though