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  1. I've been a kelly green supporter for years but even I'll say I'm ok with midnight, they just need to clean it up. My proposal: Adjust it to be a little more green and less blue Use a flat finish for the helmet, as the glossy style can sometimes change the color Remove most of the black Change name and number fonts I think these can make a huge difference if done correctly
  2. Sixers are bringing back their Phila Unite logo and court for the playoffs this year. I'm surprised at how much I'm on board with this. Usually I'd want them to keep their standard "identity" for something as big as the playoffs, but I really love it. And the fans seem to as well
  3. The Soul have such a good logo/color scheme but seem to have absolutely NO idea what to do with those when it comes to a jersey
  4. Thank you for clarifying this I've been wondering wth the difference was for years
  5. I agree. The Rams do it and the average viewer probably doesn't notice. I think it can be done in a similar way here
  6. Unpopular opinions is a separate thread That's what's so jarring about it. The colors don't really sync up that well, it's big and bulky, and the logo is so outdated. They've done nothing to try to work with the jersey, which makes me think they've paid a LOT of money
  7. To bring these conversations full circle - the Thunder set grew on me as well. But now, it's absolute garbage lol. I don't mind sponsors, but ones like this clash so much it drags the whole jersey down
  8. Oh wow that one slipped my mind completely. Can't see that one ever changing
  9. Somewhat related. I don't see it mentioned at all that the Flyers are the only American professional sports team to have one logo as long as they have (that has also remained the same since its inception). Some might argue (according to this site) that there was a slight orange shade change at one point, but I don't really think that counts. The actual primary logo remains unchanged for over 40 years. That really speaks to the design, if you ask me
  10. This All-Star weekend don't forget to grab exclusive NBA edition beats headphones for the low low price of $349.99!
  11. This felt more like Charlotte copying Dallas' homework
  12. I mean it's better but I still can't bring myself to buy a shirt that say BIMBO slapped on it. A shame because I really like where the Union's brand identity is right now
  13. Idk. New Predator looks like he's anime blushing to me
  14. Everyone always seems to associate this logo with that deep maroon color, but based on a lot of old photos (and even this site), there was a time when they used a type of dark or cherry red, which would be a lot easier to make work with their current color scheme. To me, this announcement looks more like the lighter version, whereas the throwbacks last year seemed darker. But I also don't doubt that I could be seeing things.