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  1. I mean, the Blue and Gold era was the most interesting the team has EVER looked. The new look is typical DC RWB and dull (even despite the unique stripes) and despite what the traditionalist crowd says the Bullets identity wasn't interesting either
  2. https://twitter.com/JackPConnell/status/1440711504697856002?s=20 Sixers going with their 71-76 style font for City Edition. Love that quirky look for them this season, especially after the eyesore black ones
  3. But at this point now we're just a side panel away from essentially what they already had. I'm in favor of everything from the waist up. I think it looks much cleaner. Just fix those pants panels and they're golden
  4. Dang, the Stubhub one was so small and subtle I really didn't mind it when compared to other teams'
  5. Ah yes, current Chicago Bulls player and superstar, Michael Jordan
  6. I was going to complain about monochrome and ponder when we'll see the end of it as a fad. BUT, in this case it is actually accurate so...
  7. I totally agree with that in most cases. Just my personal opinion, if there was one brand to make a clean break it was this one. But again, that's just me as an outsider so I can't speak for what the fans want
  8. No, I'm not. But from a purely outside perspective, the Cleveland Indians brand was tied for the stupidest name in all of professional American sports. It was racist, embarrassing, and based on a complete misappropriation and misunderstanding of the original inhabitants of this land. So no, I can't speak from a fan's perspective, but I think the goal should be to completely disassociate from anything resembling what they once were.
  9. To me this seems like a major cop out, and if I was a fan of the team I'd be bummed. They clearly wanted to keep the three-syllable, ending in "ians" just to make things easy. The font is still reminiscent to the one they currently have, which is part of the problem in the first place. Maybe I'm being cynical but this seems very half-a**ed to me. The fans deserve a full rebrand. This is a team that should've changed their identity at least a half century ago
  10. Funny thing is though this is their Away kit! The alternate is supposedly very wacky as well
  11. Tottenham just unveiled this. I don't actually hate it, mainly because I know they will wear it maybe 3 times tops
  12. Something small but I loved how the SUNS wordmark at center court looked the same from both sides of the arena
  13. That is lovely. Now throw it into a roundel for NBA logo compliance
  14. Does it seem like the MLB is getting a little loose with alternates this year? A few weeks ago Phillies players wanted a shake up so they threw red jerseys into the mix. Now another late addition from the Mets. (and I'm in the minority that I'm not actually complaining, just curious)
  15. As a fan its frustrating. Both the Eagles and Phillies organizations promote the hell out of their throwbacks to the point where I think they're only keeping their currently looks because they get to double dip from a sales perspective.
  16. If they're adding both Seattle and Vegas, looks like they'll have to switch one team over to the east. Only makes sense for either Memphis or New Orleans to hop over
  17. Real talk, after the first couple years of utilizing this how long until we have City Edition NFL uniforms?
  18. Dear god the Rays went back to their baby blue alts today but kept the throwback cap?!?
  19. This is the best the Marlins have ever looked IMO. Not saying much, obviously, but these look really nice
  20. We all have grown a little tired of the NBA trotting these out each season but clearly the MLB and NHL (with reverse retro) have been watching and seeing some serious opportunities to cash in. If the NFL does axe the one-helmet rule soon, you'll know exactly why
  21. I'm torn because I like that look being in the league and want the Jazz to stick more to their Purple scheme. If only there were some team that could theoretically make kelly green and gold their primary color scheme....
  22. Let's all be clear - the "one helmet rule" was created by the NFL to avoid liability, full stop
  23. But don't the currently leaked throwbacks seem consistent enough with those teams' current helmets? (Niners and Browns I believe)
  24. Same re noticing the negative feedback on twitter. I've realized that twitter tends to skew for what is "hip" rather than "timeless." I want to point out that it doesn't make one opinion more correct than another. But theirs are bad and they should feel bad
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