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  1. Really don't get the hate for Vegas Gold. I think when used correctly (like the Saints) it can look great. I think the old gold looks like mustard (This is Unpopular Opinions right?)
  2. Still have no idea how they thought the navy text was a good idea. Boston's grays are SHARP
  3. All sports owners are greedy, but the MLB is a specific kind of greedy, man. Baseball money is imaginary money. They are essentially just trying to get richer off a bad situation
  4. Best NFL jersey Tom has worn imo. Pats throwbacks make it close though
  5. Serious question, is there evidence of that being true? I got the sense that between their extremely popular throwback look, Drake's 'fandom' giving them more attention in public eye, and the recent championship that the name Toronto Raptors isn't going anywhere. And it shouldn't because its a fantastic name
  6. Im surprised when i hear how much of ya'll hate the current Bucks set. Odd font outlining aside, I think its one of the best and most unique in the league. Maybe it's because i really don't have a particular care for the green/red and irish rainbow schemes
  7. Yeah. I do want them to make Wizards work though because, as you said, it's the only non-cut and paste "nation's capital" theme (other than...ya know)
  8. I think it worked really well with the shiny fabric (Dawkins bustin out of the tunnel in that will forever get me pumped), but I'd like to at least see the alternative now that its not the same fabric
  9. I think the Washington Wizards need a rebrand. Not a new name, but stray away from the Bullets-inspired identity and an evolution of what they had before. I'm sorry but the current logos and color scheme are just so boring.
  10. I think the Eagles NEED to change in one of two ways (and this is coming from a fan. Idc what they win a Super Bowl in if they can improve their look do it) 1) Go the kelly green route (my preferred would be the post above but with modern helmet wings) 2) Keep midnight but make some much needed updates for color consistency: Create a more traditional football font and lessen the overuse of black throughout. Tweak the green slightly away from blue and more towards what Michigan State has. Any eagles fan could break out 4 "midnight green" jerseys from their closet since '96 and you'll see a lot of color inconsistencies Make the helmet a flat texture. I dont see this mentioned a lot but since the move away from the shiny jerseys, the glossy helmets end up looking a lot darker than the rest of their look and it looks bad on TV
  11. Here's to hoping for eventual new jerseys updating the kachina art style and logo. Currently it's not perfect, but the ceiling is so high and they can really make it look great.
  12. Yeah, just look at the Raiders. Their LA-ness came from rappers like NWA wearing their merch and the identity itself doesn't scream sunshine and sand
  13. I just don't like the "grrr it's gotta be manly" mentality. Like, are the Ravens not manly because they wear purple and their numbers are more eccentric? The argument just comes off as a little dated to me
  14. great example of being right for the wrong reasons
  15. Nashville is nicknamed Athens of the South, so it does actually tie into the city
  16. This now rivals the Cowboys for me as the most frustratingly inconsistent jersey set
  17. Bone: "Inspired by the color of a ram horn and the sands of L.A." I'm not against mixing up what the white variation should be by any means, but I just dont think this shade looks good on the rams
  18. So frustrating like, this was salvageable! The helmets look pretty good and the stripes. But the number font, the gradient, the gray jerseys, the name patch looking like its a memo header. Just WHY
  19. Using the Flyers as an example, I'd rather see a playoff game where the crowd all has the free orange t-shirts on, showing unity with what the team is wearing, rather than wearing a different color
  20. If they don't want to go back to Kelly green, ok fine. But make the midnight green look closer to Michigan State's than Jacksonville's teal. Going to games, there's such a mismatch of tones even in official merchandise and it doesn't look great. I'm always jealous of Kansas City when you can look into the crowd and just see all bright red
  21. I mean, I'm hoping they do. Idk it just kind of works for them
  22. These look PHENOMENAL. And they get to keep royal and navy for fans of those particular looks? Bravo
  23. [Enters thread looking to check in on the status of the Patriots' uni updates] [Immediately nopes right out]
  24. I think it's not just that it's ATL, i think it's because it just doesn't look great the way they did it. I don't have an issue with it on Hawks jerseys or in other applications, but here its like, well just spell it out then. The thing about this set is that fixing that and removing the gradient would make these so much better
  25. I'm sorry but that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. First off, no Super Bowl win is a "fluke." You don't accidentally win a Super Bowl it's way too much work. Second, if anything it's more of a testament to how talented and deep that team was.