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  1. the victoria royals look great in person and they say victoria below the fight strap
  2. So you admit to trolling? Ok then. Back to hockey indeed. I wouldn't go so far as trolling, but yeah I try to give you hosers when I can (it's my duty as an American). Anyway, one love. Ok now meet us at the border and bring some jack in the box. We will bring the Tim Horton's and everything will be ok
  3. Guess some people are still sour from the 2010 winter olympics Hockey. That's ok, at least you guys have free health care like us... Oh wait sorry my bad. (scanning for grammer before posting, seems alright.)
  4. its to maintain the burn story line, he is "scarred" and thats also why he wears the white out contact(s)
  5. thanks winter in buff. and everyone else for the comliments, i dont like to post too often cuz i lack creativity at times lol.
  6. used the colours from the origional era penuins, my favourite colours as well. c and c welcome
  7. looks like they are turning the cfl into a true nfl minor league, with the teams having recoloured nfl jersies, the bc lions third looks alot like the atlanta falcons. oh well it will be a good change.
  8. try nbalivecenter i think it is, they have an eagraph tutorial just search the net. its hard to find them but with luck you shuold find a jersey making tutorial
  9. get eagraph search for it on the net, you can export and import bmps and pngs and jpgs to make jerseys and helmet sets. its a tedious process but its cool
  10. wasnt that um tuna he used? unless there was a salmon one i didnt see. i watch the food network alot lol
  11. hehe yea usually its all mainstream music