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  1. Hi, I've started this thread to make changes to logos and uniforms. Entirely new designs are welcome, but I won't post them because I'm not that skilled.
  2. Absolutely love the first concept you made. it has a lot of character and honoring the NYPD is a perfect idea for a New York concept. However, I have a few comments about some of the names you chose for Portland. instead of Beavers, a team name already used in the city, why not give Loggers a try? Another common one is Pioneers, however that's also used by a college nearby. And woodsmen isn't a great name for wisconsin. I used to live there. I suggest something nature like Bluejays or Moose
  3. I like it for the most part. you shouldn't have a team in mexico city. Football wouldn't catch on there. I suggest a team for the dakotas.
  4. not a fan. old color scheme with new logo just doesn't work. Sorry
  5. oh my god! i've been wanting this uniform since 2011. Someone please send it to ralph wilson.
  6. I: the Hat shape is too goofy II: it needs more black. I agree with the fact that milwaukee needs a new logo
  7. i get that you were trying to make it realistic but it looks more like red and yellow fur on a wild dog/bear
  8. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/321294562013/Kenai_River_Brown_Bears/2013/Primary_Logo
  9. i think their current logo would look better without the red tails. with those you can't even tell that there is a tricorn hat. could someone draw this up for me in photoshop because i don't have it.