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  1. I would change the font. Seems to pirate like for this concept.
  2. California and Florida are way too good to be in the same group. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.
  3. Try making the basketball orange, that may make it look less out of place
  4. If you were going for friendly look you succeeded. Also making a red dog isn't exactly the best idea, it'll look like clifford.
  5. Not liking the idea of the clippers and brown, and bucks logo kind of looks like ET. I really do like how your concepts are full of creativity. You're willing to try new things in your concepts, and I love to see that on the boards. Like everyone else has said these are great starts that need cleaning up.
  6. I feel like Europe should get the extra WCC birth instead of North America. Also Africa's logo is a bit hard to read. Can't wait for this to start, looks like a great idea.
  7. Yes, we need under armour, under armour, under armour, and more under armour.
  8. Huge improvement, however there is one area that is really bugging me about this logo: It just looks awkward.
  9. Thicken the lines, maybe add some shading. Overall this would be an upgrade over their current logo as it stands.
  10. This update is beautiful, the wings look a bit unnecessary as does the box to me but I get what you're going for there. The use of negative space is great, and the font looks clean. The instant you see this it screams Motown. Have you tried out some other color schemes?
  11. It kind of looks like he's punching himself.
  12. I know how you feel.... As it goes for the concept I don't see anything that would need fixing. A lot of times I've noticed that If a concept doesn't need improvement, people don't comment. Only a year or two ago If you posted a good concept, you would still get comments.
  13. On the primary I would get rid of the blue outline and have a blue circle behind it to make it look cleaner
  14. I think the leotard works for some of the teams
  15. The uniforms are finished. However I'm not quite sure about the alternate. I didn't want to have a green jersey for atlanta so I went blue, but now it seems to close to the Seahawks. If anyone has any suggestions for the alternate please let me know (fyi black looks horrible in this case, I tried). Another thing I'm not quite sure about is whether the Home and Away jerseys should say Hawks or Atlanta. It made sense to go with Hawks as that's what they've had for most of there history, but those 70's uniforms I was trying to emulate had Atlanta across every jersey. Here's the Jerseys:(PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK) Thanks for viewing!
  16. Thank you for all the positive feedback. I'm currently working on a full set. Regarding the issue with the striping looking like an S... are there any ideas on how to fix that while still keeping the same idea? I feel like the main reason it comes off as that is because of the template, not the design. The whole point was to use Red and Green, as it appears as that's what the Hawks will be doing.
  17. I know I posted a another Hawks concept recently in march, but I wasn't 100% satisfied with it. To me it lacked creativity, and I was tempted to either go just red and white or to blue and green. I had started another Hawks concept, but eventually abandoned the project. After seeing the Christmas unis I couldn't resist. I didn't use the charcoal or that pattern in the Christmas unis as it seemed to crowded. One side panel is based off the Christmas unis, while the other side is replicating the 70s Hawks. And here's the Christmas unis for comparison: Please give feedback and let me know what you think
  18. I'm not really sure how you're calling your bucs unis modern. They look good, but if you were going for modern you didn't achieve it. The Bills are beautiful, would love to see them have a throwback
  19. The bird looks like he's wearing a ski mask. However the colors are great
  20. Is there a reason that all the teams have a round collar?