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  1. In case you guys didn't know, the reason I was off the boards was that the computer I use for concepts was getting fixed. Now that that is out of the way, I'm back to making concepts. As you guys know I previously had a series called NFL International, I may return to that sometime but for now that is inactive. Currently I won't be doing any series, instead I will be doing individual concepts. Whenever I make a concept, I'll post it here. Anyways my first concept back is the Philadelphia Eagles. As of now I feel the Eagles unis are outdated. However the helmet is beautiful (especially in day games), and the logo is perfect... plus I love Midnight Green. Every time I see anyone talk of the Eagles unis, I always hear that kelly green should come back. As you heard me say before I love midnight green. So instead of choosing between the two, I used both. The striping you see below is a modern take on the Ron Jaworski era striping. I also made the helmets much more reactive to sunlight. Colors used: Kelly Green Midnight Green Silver Black(with blue tint) White. Let me know what you think
  2. The East coast has zero teams and peurto rico gets a team?
  3. wish I could've participated in more events if my computer hadn't crashed during the events....
  4. I could see these become a reality if we were still in the 90s.... at the end of the day there still better than these:
  5. As an Arizona fan I feel this concept isn't horrible, but it's not for the cards. First of all if you put arizona on the front of the jersey use there actual wordmark. Second of all return there helmet to how it is, you may not know it but we've had no stripe and a grey facemask for eternity. Also where did you get black pants... we aren't the falcons. When making a concept you have to keep the identity of a team in mind, you can change there look but not there identity.
  6. Knew I should've ditched the basketball....
  7. can we use variations of a color such as they cowboys do with blue?
  8. stick with a solid color backround... it helps prevent seizures
  9. Though all these logos are quite crummy (mainly because of line inconsistency). Seattle is very creative, something that has faded in a lot of concepts and I nod you for that.
  10. A lot of paint users are way too stubborn to make the transition. I was a paint user once, and for paint I made decent concepts, I would go pixel by pixel and took 8 hours to make a basic logo. You can make good concepts in paint, but its still a program for 4 year olds in my opinion. Paint is extremely inefficient, the most basic concept I could make in inkscape would take weeks in paint. Though you can express creativity in paint, you will learn nothing but what colors look good together. The transition was very easy for me, It took me a couple hours of watching toturials to learn how to use the tools and by the end of that month I could make okay concepts. It's not as hard as it seems, if you're a paint user, make the change, it will do you magic. Abandon paint completely, it'll force you to realize how stupid you have been staying with paint for this long. I don't know how you paint users do it, I felt that paint was primitive when I was 8.
  11. I'm in, and we can do any sport right? Also do we do concepts for different teams for each event or do we do the same team? And what do you mean by Fantasy Team, is it a roster that we create
  12. Thicken the number outline and your good to go
  13. Pats: change the color of the nike logo on the sleeves, white on silver doesn't look good. Rams: get rid of the little in ward curl at the top of the pants. It looks very weird. Bills: It's hard to mess up a perfect looking team, make the cuffs blue and it's perfect Saints: personally I hate it too much to help you. One problem I've noticed is that you're restricting yourself to your template at times. Love the Falcons
  14. So here are the updates for Arizona as well as the special event unis. Tell me what you think Expect the Amsterdam Crusaders next.
  15. Maybe add white pants to lighten it up a bit. Otherwise this is the best of this thread easily.
  16. This thread will have concepts very soon. I had to take a break from this thread as it needed a lot of reformatting and foundation to be consistent. Instead of doing this league by league I will do it by letter. I won't do it exactly alphabetically but more of which team I feel is best to do next within that letter. You can check the spreadsheet for reference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DDOMjHLbM0CL8J-78P-W3m25aQmNyYZvgKmtfo5nQMQ/edit?usp=sharing As you can see not every team has been named. Instead of having the teams named here I felt it would be better to do it this way. PM me your email so I can share it with you if you have name suggestions for team names for AT LEAST 5 teams. Also PM me if.... you have a suggestion to improve this seriesthere is a problem with the spreadsheet you feel that a certain city/place should be added to the teams (it needs good reasoning)This series is back and running again, expect concepts soon. Sorry for the wait.
  17. They look like the colts, also known as too boring for any other team.
  18. Get rid off the blue Portugal shorts and everything is perfect
  19. China definitely needs a new logo, that thing is horrible. And the jerseys don't say "China" to me. When making a concept for a national team it's best to do research about their history and culture, It gives you a better understanding of what would represent them best. China's unis say generic team. Normal straight stripes don't fit them. A lot of their teams use more angular and modern striping. Slovenia is perfect.