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  1. I had it grey like the other ones, but it just didn't look right with the grey background. I could try a white background, or switch the grey in the wings and make it white.
  2. We are the Pride (Like a pride of Lions) but the hockey team kinda resents that name, and go by our old name which is the Chiefs, and we aren't allowed to put "chiefs" on any logos or appearal. Also, techincally Cena never graduated from here so...
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first time logging in to the forums since 2015. Not sure why, but I just kinda faded away for a while. BUT NOW I'M BACK. Back then, I was just a commenter and had no artistic skill or knowledge on how to create logos and uniforms, but since then I have worked on my skills in Photoshop. Currently, I am a sophomore at Springfield College and working as the Director of Hockey Operations for our mens ACHA club hockey team. (Just a fancy name for a team manager) I have been working on game day graphics and running different accounts and such. It is a lot of fun, but there is one thing we are lacking. That is a great logo. The school has gone dull and last year came out with a new logo which is a basic block 'S' similar to Syracuse and Michigan State. It is so dull and boring compared to other schools we play. So, I took it upon myself to create a new logo for our club hockey team. As of now, I am trying to get it approved so we can use it in future apparel and other stuff like that. I know it's really basic but it's my first real concept that I made on my own. Currently I haven't shown anyone other than some of the players and coaches, so still unsure if it can or will get approved by the school. Let me know what you guys think of it and if I should change anything around. Thanks!
  4. These all look really sweet! The one thing is, on the Halifax one, I think having a green front with a red back might look better.
  5. These are great, but I know you don't like having the affiliation patches, but I think they should have them. All AHL teams should.
  6. I love the current blue and white color scheme, but I wish AHL team would stop using their parent teams template. Have some originality.
  7. Looks awesome! The only thing I would add is a affiliate patch in the shoulder like most AHL teams have.
  8. The Bakersfield Condors have a thing going on where you can email them name ideas for next year so it looks like they are going to change it up.
  9. It is a very solid design, but I think adding a touch of red in there somewhere would make it even better. Maybe put it in with the new sleeve stripes or within the crest.
  10. I love the off-white color. I too eagerly await the portland pirates concept.
  11. Definitely should not have a team there. Maybe put a team in New Jersey or in New England.