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  1. Sorry for my late replay haha but CSU Bakersfield it's fits them really well!
  2. these are all really amazing. I really think that CSU Bakersfield and University of New Orleans would be great additions to the thread
  3. USC Chrome v. Wisconsin Red Please!!! Also, Northwestern Black v Tennessee
  4. It represents something about the culture of the city of Fresno. The logo is very unique to the university, and they use it on most everything.It actually stands for The Valley... Fresno is "the team of the valley" being the only division 1 school in it
  5. dpaul2120

    NFL expansion

    I like all of it but I think the alternate jersey for Honolulu looks too much like the Redskins. Maybe try a red and a hot pink to represent Maui and Hawai'i and also a touch of gray or orange
  6. Being from SLO. I think this upgrade for Poly is great.
  7. Could you do a Fresno St. one with their blackout helmet
  8. I love these! Have you ever thought of putting these on Teambuilder for NCAA Football 14? I would defiantly get these. It would be cool.
  9. A fan section like the Black Hole, not as crazy, could be called the Captains Crew.
  10. Sacramento? Halifax? Omaha? Hartford Whalers update? Saskatoon? Jacksonville? Orlando? Thunder Bay? Could all be expansion teams.
  11. Another name for a Virginia name could be Clippers, but this is great. +1 follower. Can't wait for another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!