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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, its greatly appreciated. I'm thinking next of doing a league wide legacy concept. Using the franchises greatest logos, and coming up with designs that reflect the teams history.
  2. I updated the URLS to the images, i hope it works! Again, I haven't posted much to this forum, so I am still trying to figure how to properly post what I want to. Thanks for any feedback. I appreciate it!
  3. UPDATED THE IMAGE URLS, I HOPE EVERYONE CAN SEE MY WORK! Hello there, don't really post much at all on this forum, however this side project seems worthy of a post. Nike-esque, Bright vibrant NFL. To me this is what the perfect modern NFL would look like. Credit to Conrad for some of the fonts, as well as SportsLogosNet for some base logos. Template was my own.
  4. This is a total rip off of Linkin Park