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  1. It's too bad this series isn't getting more love, but maybe that's due to the state of the Concepts board these days. I love the shape you came up with for Burbank's third kit, and the interplay between the primary and secondary color schemes really works throughout the three kits. Santa Monica's sunrise theme is smart, but I think it works best on the third kit, which is just the right mix of beautiful and extravagant. SCDP manages to strike the right connotations between a Mexican or Portuguese club aesthetic that I would imagine working well for that team identity, especially with the first kit. Mission San Buenaventura may be the concept I'd most like to see actualized irl: that shade of red is amazing and the first and second kits look classy while evoking an Old World, and then the third kit has such a well-executed heather look. I used to live all around SoCal, so I'm very much looking forward to which towns you go with as this series progresses.
  2. Just saw this concept series and I have to say it's some impressive quality and dedication to concept for a high school student. I think the uniform designs are generally too wild for my taste, and I would like for more variation in the court designs than just changing the colors and logos, but like I said, the presentation is impressive, and I think coming up with the custom Mizuno shoe for each team is my favorite idea.
  3. Lots of creative entries for this event: I'm impressed. Entry #4 Entry #13 Entry #2 Honorable mention Entry #6
  4. Entry #1 Entry #6 Entry #11 Honorable mentions Entry #7 Entry #4 Entry #16
  5. Entry #14 Entry #3 Entry #7 Honorable mention Entry #4 (I like the idea of the shape of ABA, but it just didn't come together as a whole for me)
  6. Entry #14 Entry #8 Entry #17 Honorable mentions Entry #25 Entry #21 Entry #4 Entry #7/16/26
  7. Entry #12 Entry #21 Entry #8 Honorable mentions: Entry #10 (pretty, but I can't recognize what this anniversary is for) Entry #16 (almost chose this for my 3rd place vote, but it's just too busy and I'm not sure about some of the spacing and overlap decisions)
  8. I could see this anniversary logo one-off alt helmet becoming a trend, with all the anniversary logos being created/flaunted these days
  9. On the plus side, new Michigan AD Warde Manuel said he won't steer the direction of Michigan football alternate uniforms like Dave Brandon did, leaving it up to Harbaugh instead. On the down side: "U-M cornerback Jourdan Lewis has said that Harbaugh has mentioned an all-maize look in prior conversations." At least "Manuel said there will be no alternates this season." (Source)
  10. I was going to mention that it could also represent the three campuses of Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint, but held off because yeah, both of those other campuses have their own sports teams, whether it be NAIA or club. There's very little relationship to speak of between those three campuses by the way, with the thought that Dearborn or Flint contribute in any way to our athletic identity almost being a mockery.
  11. via Twitter: I have to say this pattern is a miss for me. The way they executed this iteration of the "Tree Town" motif seems forced. Yeah, there are 3 campuses, North (engineering + fine arts), Central (main, liberal arts), and South (athletics), so I'm almost accepting of the rationale that they're represented by these arches, but when I think of all the diverse and ever-increasing architecture on campus, I can't say that this brick pattern is what first comes to mind. Maybe all the glass windows of the new medical/hospital buildings, or the classic American ivy of the law quad, etc. This wouldn't be so offensive if it was limited to a fill pattern for the new football uniform's sleevecaps, but I just saw the new volleyball uniform, and this pattern is on repeat fill all over the jersey. Not really looking forward to seeing this weird industrial tree become an integral part of our athletics identity.
  12. Now that I've seen all of the regular sets (I think) for this inaugural season with Adidas, I'll share my own opinions (which aren't very weighted in CFL history at all, but rather just a casual observer across the river from Ontario). In general, while I'm glad that Adidas didn't use any of its new ShockWeb templates and limited its branding to the nape of the jersey and traditional spot on the pants, I'm disappointed in how templated most of these uniforms are. The side panels, yoke, and awkward sleeve color-blocking suggest this was more of a paint-by-numbers approach than Adidas taking the time to create some unique and timeless looks for what is now its flagship (Canadian) football league. Sure, they didn't template everything with 3-stripes or weird prints (a la college basketball) or oversized logos (a la college football), but I was expecting a stronger initial effort. Even if the CFL isn't a highly-watched league, it is a historic league, and with the new league logo seeming to suggest that the CFL wants to appeal to a Web 3.0 generation, you would think that Adidas might try to appeal to that generation with strong visual identities (for better or worse). I guess only the BC Lions were on board with that vision. Now, team-by-team: BC Lions: I admire what they were trying to do, as far as a complete redesign in line with the aforementioned Web 3.0 outreach of this new CFL, but I don't think it was executed well. The tramp-stamp is bad; the LIONS chest wordmark is lifeless; the gradient for the home numbers is the only extension of the Michigan Panthers helmet logo and stripe but can only be noticed in close-up photos; and I think, so far, the lack of any gunmetal grey is a missed opportunity, as that was a unique color in football uniforms that I thought worked great as an alternate. Hopefully they'll refresh that Signature Series uniform with the new visual identity because I'd like to see it return. As for the yoke, the sleeve stripe bisecting it seems like a unique design element that works in giving the jerseys some much-needed personality, but the way the yoke gets blocked out in the back thanks to the player name looks bad. I'm also not feeling black only being used on the away jersey with the wordmark and player name--it clashes. Also, what connection does this franchise have with the Michigan Panthers? Or did they just think this concept looks good? Edmonton Esks: With a Washington Redskins-esque name and Green Bay Packers-esque uniform, this has always struck me as an oddly American-looking franchise. I'm glad that they tried to distinguish themselves from the Packers by losing the collar, although the new sleeve stripes look so awkward all alone there. In general, I prefer numbers without outlines, especially for a league trying to rebrand itself for the Web 3.0 generation, so I wish Edmonton would have stripped down that way in addition to the sleeve stripes, with the chest wordmark receiving a similar treatment. Now that they've distanced themselves from the Packers, it seems time for Edmonton to choose a new nickname as well, to avoid any ongoing Redskins situation. They could keep the alliteration with a new nickname and keep the logo, but I think I'd prefer a new identity and more interesting logo myself. Calgary Stampeders: What a mess. 3 entirely different helmets, 3 entirely different jerseys, and 3 pants with a wordmark down the leg. Red, white, and black is one of the easiest color schemes to make look good, which makes Calgary's visual identity all the more disappointing. The black jersey is probably the least bad of the bunch, while honestly the red jersey's black side panels and sleeve insert have a visual slimming effect that make that jersey look more like women's eveningwear than a football uniform. Saskatchewan Roughriders: I love that Saskatchewan uses their spelling test of a province name as a chest wordmark, all the more so considering that they're a member of the Roughriders motorcycle club that half the CFL seems to ride in. I actually appreciate that they cut down on the black trim, but I'd like to see the background of their logo used as an inspiration for some sleeve stripes--or at least a sleeve cap fill. Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Blue and gold is one of the other color schemes that is easiest to make look good, so I'm glad that Winnipeg (mostly) succeeded. I can understand them using an outline for their numbers to go along with the retro look and to match the outline of their primary logo. The only blemish in this set is really the yoke on the away jersey. The player name also looks huge, and I'm not sure whether that's part of this Adidas template or something they could have avoided, but I'm not really liking it. Hamilton Tiger-Cats: I'd like the number outline to have been removed along with the collar, but that's just my preference. As a note on CFL helmets in general, I've liked that the CFL seems to be a professional league where you can have 2 helmets, white helmets, and helmets with no stripe. Just something that comes off as quirky and Canadian to me rather than unprofessional, which some commenters get the impression of instead. Toronto Argonauts: The legible chest wordmark is a huge improvement. Overall, a sharp use of the double blue, although I wish Toronto had taken the opportunity to refresh one of their beloved retro logos. Ottawa REDBLACKS: Ottawa found a way to make a wordmark pants "stripe" even worse: use a hashtag. While I appreciate the flip in colors for the numbers, I'm bummed that Ottawa went with this templated fill for the side panels and lower half of the sleeves + sleeve insert. They're supposed to be the new, radical team, but now their jerseys look like Saskatchewan's and, even worse, the other red, black, and white team in the CFL. I actually liked the fact that the old jerseys were all black with red just used as piping for the side panels: it was a very minimalist, aggressive look that fit the ridiculous REDBLACKS identity while also seeming ahead of its time with the CFL's appeal to the Web 3.0 generation. I do have to say that I at least like that Ottawa seems to have gone with a two-tone sleeves stripe on their away jerseys, rather than using a single color to fill both the lower half of the sleeve stripe and the sleeve insert like they did with the home jersey. Montreal Alouettes: This seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it uniform, huh? I've made it known that I'm in the latter camp. Too many outlines; an absurdly large chest wordmark blocked in by the rest of the jersey design; mismatching striping across the jerseys and pants; and a bad '90s-esque logo that would be in need of a refresh at a high school, let alone a CFL franchise. Montreal has a great color scheme, a unique nickname, and an interesting visual identity history both within its franchise and with Montreal in general, so why not do better?
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