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  1. Man you got robbed for the fantasy team concept . Those Hamlet references were on point, plus that skull with the landmark within it...
  2. I like how the "Turtles" helmet is like the Iowa Barnstormers...nice work!
  3. As a resident of the Boston area and an avid fan of the teams, I have to say well done! My favorite is the Sox/B's combo.
  4. Hi Gino, I saw your request and I decided to help you out. I couldn't change the script to your city's name (i'm not a professional) but I did re colour your logo. I also added a script M to make your logo unique. I hope you like it! -Pete
  5. pwm0204

    Vanderbilt Hockey

    Vandy!!! I like seeing someone else who actually likes the commodore head logo, Vandy definitely needs to use it more, hopefully on a helmet. Nice work bro!
  6. maybe if the beak was a darker blue than the body, other than that it would be great for a pacific northwest team for any sport, it seems to fit them all fine