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  1. I agree that it is a really poo effort by Adidas. Although both of Mexico's kits are atrocious and Russia's clash kit is just fine. Germany's away is decent.
  2. And here are my bottom 5 kits... 5. Spain Away 4. Ecuador Away 3 and 2. Costa Rica Home and Away 1. Worst Kit is....Japan Away
  3. Inspired by Bayne's post here are my top 5 kits... 1. France Home 2. Ghana Home 3. Netherlands Away 4. Russia Home 5. Netherlands Home
  4. That list is complete nonsense. They have no idea what a good and bad kit look like.
  5. It doesn't matter how good your kits look when everybody wears these it will all be ruined... All three companies majorly whiffed although Nike probably whiffed the least but they still aren't good.
  6. As far as an identity for our national team I feel we should have red hoops as our primary kit, navy with a sash for our change kit and an all white look for our third kit. Just seems like the best looks for us.
  7. Adidas now has boots customizable in the colors of all of their sponsored nations. Hours of wasted time here...
  8. I highly doubt FIFA will allow orange vs. yellow. It did happen in '98 but during the last Cup Brazil wore blue kits. Therefore, I believe this will the combo. I've got to think the Dutch will wear their blue set and the Aussies will wear their gold kit for this one. You are right, I just followed the posted information but Australia is indeed listed as the home team. My bad still the best matchup of the bunch...
  9. I think you mean Czech Republic... This is Slovakia... I meant Slovakia. I think if you took that design off of the USA away and slapped the Slovakia logo on it, people would say it's an excellent kit for them. Yes because completely changing the color of a national team kit to that of the country that they split from would go over really well.
  10. I think you mean Czech Republic... This is Slovakia...
  11. Group H Best: Russia v South Korea Group H Worst: Belgium v Algeria
  12. I will say that Group G has the best collective group of kits in my opinion there isn't a bad one on the bunch. Group G Best: Portugal v Ghana Group G Worst: Germany v Ghana
  13. Group F Best: Argentina v Iran(In the away red kits) Group F Worst: Nigeria v Bosnia
  14. Group E Best:Switzerland v France Group E Worst: Honduras v Ecuador(In their home yellow kit)
  15. Group D Best: Uruguay v England Group D Worst: Costa Rica(in their home Reds) v England