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  1. Very solid work! Can't really find anything to critique. I like the stripes on the socks and bonnet, I almost didn't catch it.
  2. Really dig the colts and lions. For someone who's a huge fan of the bengals and their iconic helmet stripes, the socks seem a little much, but could still work.
  3. That primary logo is nice! I'd piggyback with the secondary logo needing tuned up to adjust the proper measurements for the swords, but all around great job.
  4. Chest numbers are way too small, but other than that it's a solid look.
  5. Love Da Bears set! I wouldn't change a thing, and I too love the Ditka undershirt homage! This has been an excellent series, keep up the good work!
  6. Awww yeah! Simply amazing stuff! I can't tell you guys enough how great you all are for devising this community collaboration.
  7. I absolutely plan on sharing it. But all I have is photoshop, I can share it as a psd and if someone who is better skilled than I wants to convert it that'd be great. I gotta credit Darth Brooks for creating that mega thread, learned a lot from that.
  8. I have been a longtime lurker on these boards, and only recently been expressing my opinions on work here. I am far from the level that most of you guys are, but as a hobby I really enjoy the templates people share on here. I mainly do these for my fantasy league, and everyone is blown away by the branding I create, which is heavily inspired by all you! Anyhow, I finally made a somewhat successful attempt at creating my own template. I know it is very rough in some spots, which I plan to iron out before next season begins. I'd like to hear from you guys what you think of my first work. The main things that stick out for me once I started coloring it was the stripes on the shoulders are still there from the original photo, and the mesh at the bottom needs reworked.
  9. I like it. It's simple enough that it's not too busy, but it has enough flash to give it its own persona. It's refreshing to look at as opposed to the last few years' repetitiveness. Nice job!
  10. I'm intrigued, looks pretty nice. adamk77.ak@gmail.com
  11. Wow. This thread just wreaks of awesomeness! So much useful information, I just can't wrap my head around it! This has inspired me to make an attempt to create my own template, and now I have some direction. Thanks DB for starting this thread and thanks to everyone who has contributed their knowledge to this!
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