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  1. Good thing I have thick skin, besides I will have to take that with a grain of salt, you cannot be a true Jayhawk fan if you are also a KSU fan (as you show in your profile). That would be the equivalent of an Auburn fan also cheering for Alabama, or an Ohio State fan also pulling for Michigan.
  2. Not sure if I could be any more disappointed with what KU released yesterday. These "Crimson Chrome" uniforms look rediculous.
  3. I agree with you about the red helmet. I have had some other thoughts regarding the helmet and hope to post something soon. Regarding the yoke, I initially started working with imagery of the Wisconsin alternate uniform that featured a shoulder yoke. I thought the yoke would be a nice way to incorporate a secondary color into the uniform. Some of the issues I have with KU's 2013 uniforms was that jerseys were all solid colors and limited the ability to incorporate a secondary color. When red was incorporated, the result solid red pants, or helmet. As I worked on these uniform concepts, KU debuted their basketball uniforms which feature a similar shoulder yoke detail. Adding the shoulder yoke to the football jerseys would be an interesting way to tie the two team's aesthetics together.
  4. A solid red alternate helmet could look pretty sharp. I played with incorporating blue elements (center strip, neck bumper), but it started looking too patriotic.
  5. I added blue pants, white shoes and widened the helmet center stripe. However I didn't widen it to the Riddell Revolution width.
  6. Good comments, I will have to take a look at some blue pants paired with the white jerseys. I know what you mean about the black facemask. I have always struggled with the gray facemasks that the team has worn for years. I thought they looked a little out-dated and the black might be a nice refresh. As for the helmet stripe, I initially started with the helmet side view images, and used the Riddell Revolution helmets. Several teams widen the center stripe to match the contour lines of that helmet. It looked great in side view, but looked too wide in other views. What are your thoughts on this (replica) Ohio State helmet, is the center stripe too wide?
  7. I appreciate that. The finish on the primary helmet was intended to be similar to the matte metallic finish on the Minnesota Vikings helmets. As for the template, I started with the Nike Pro Combat template, but that imagery has been so over-used, and i thought it would be best to use Adidas imagery, unfortunately the helmet/hand image was from Nike.
  8. And of course you have to have some flashy alternate uniform to excite the fan-base and draw recruits.
  9. I've created several concept options that I was hoping to run past everyone. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  10. On-the-field, KU's 2013 uniform set seemed pretty uninspired. There is a good mix of elements, but they don't seem to work well together in these uniforms. The Jayhawk logo by itself is an iconic symbol for the university, and works well on basketball uniforms, but doesn't translate to football the same way. The logo looks too cartoony on a football helmet and seems oddly out of place. The inclusion of a red helmet and red pants seemed like a step in the wrong direction. The team's new gray uniform elements sound promising, but the results were pretty generic. I tend to think that there were some bright spots. The all-white uniform worn against Rice were a nice change for KU. The white pants and white helmet paired with a blue jersey were a sharp look.
  11. The Jayhawks' football season officially ended over the weekend, and KU was easily one of the worst dressed teams in college football. The University of Kansas is known first for it's long history of college basketball, but KU also has a proud football tradition. While the program as a whole has not been as memorable as it's basketball counterparts, the football team has had it's share of on-the-field successes. The team never looked or played better than their 2007 season with culminated in an Orange Bowl victory. Since '07, the uniform has undergone a few tweaks. Mark Mangino was released as coach of the team in 2009, and the red stripe was removed from the helmet. Player names were removed from the back of the jersey and then reintroduced the following year. The occasional alternate or throwback jersey were made, but the biggest uniform changes took place for the 2013 season. Early this summer, KU and Adidas previewed a series of 5 helmets, but none of which featured the familiar Trajan font KU logo. Four of the five helmets featured KU's Jayhawk logo, while the fifth helmet was designed to be a throw-back helmet honoring the 1961 team. As KU officially unveiled the team's 2013 uniforms in September, the helmet offering was paired back. The black and powder blue helmet were removed, leaving a white and blue helmet with the current Jayhawk logo, and a red helmet with the 1941 Jayhawk. The uniforms were met with mixed reviews.
  12. I can understand that Manchester City and the Yankees have ownership stakes in the club, but I don't think that is any reason to simply barrow their club identities to make the New York FC crest. I would hope that the NYFC crest would be something new and fresh to create a completely new club identity that isn't dependent on the Yankees or Man City. The NYFC crest should reflect the city of New York more than that of Manchester.
  13. I am always a sucker of basic black with white and red highlights. Teams in that color always look classic, intimidating and completely bad-ass. DC United, Orlando Pirates, Saracens rugby, Atlanta Falcons, New Jersey Devils.......etc.