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  1. I always keep the page open in one of my tabs on Chrome on my phone that way I don't have to go searching for it when I want to get up to date
  2. https://twitter.com/HuskerFBNation/status/1063896536780804096?s=19 I really liked that Nebraska decided to wear red socks yesterday
  3. Looks like Nebraska is making a minor change to their helmets. Sorry for the link, I'm on mobile. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-football-players-will-wear-area-codes-on-their-helmets-121170254/Amp/
  4. I'm definitely going to call it the Bowl O' Cheez-Its
  5. Well you can't get a whole lot cheaper than a one color font & nothing on the shoulders
  6. I immediately pictured this when I saw the Jordan Jumpman logo in Oklahoma colors
  7. I saw the Florida uniforms & thought it was one of those over the top concepts that someone put together in Photoshop, not an actual uniform.
  8. I don't see how Oregon isn't penalized for the numbers while Florida A&M was. I can barely see the numbers with the sunlight hitting them. Not that it would help the defense anyway.
  9. https://twitter.com/ReiverFootball/status/905458969514319872 Here's the uniforms that Iowa Western is going to wear for homecoming this weekend. They play in NJCAA D1 I also assume that they will wear black pants with stripes matching the jersey since that's what they've worn in the past.
  10. They do for Nebraska so I'm not sure why they wouldn't for all of them
  11. Nebraska's helmet numbers haven't matched the jersey numbers for as long as I can remember
  12. Those shoulder stripes immediately made me think of SMU's old uniforms
  13. Temple wearing all black with gradient helmets
  14. There's a school near me that has the same problem. They're the Red Oak Tigers & their colors are orange & black
  15. It really bugs how unbalanced the 1 feels from the other numbers on Fresno States uniforms
  16. Is it just me or is Eastern Michigans field grey?
  17. It appears to be Ohio State Uniforms with Michigan State numbers
  18. They have used the state outline logo on the front bumper of their helmets before if I'm remembering correctly
  19. The pattern we've been seeing with all of the Michigan stuff replicates the windows on the outside of the stadium at least from what I saw on a quick google search
  20. Has anyone heard about any release dates for Wisconsin & Michigan with their new suppliers? Not that I'm expecting a whole lot of change but I'm interested to see what templates they go with
  21. It looks more to me like the merit decals were placed over the helmet stripe rather than it just being shortened