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  1. I like your alternate. Not sure if the numbers need a double outline, but I like the design and colours.
  2. I didn't have a problem with Raptors 905 either since it used the area code to represent the city...So I think if 285 is meant to represent Atlanta, then "Atlanta" probably isn't needed in the logo.
  3. I like it. Especially the black, white and orange logo. Take away the stars (after the ASG game), and this SHOULD be the official NHL shield. #BringBackTheOrange
  4. I'd go back to the drawing board. Can't say I like much about this. The Las Vegas in the front shouldn't be there. Use a stripe. Using these colours, the collar can't be the same as the yoke. Black as a primary is outdated, for good reason. (LA can pull it off because it's their only colour). The Devils gave up on those colours, again, for good reason. Even the name seems forced and unnatural. The logo is budget. I'd just start over.
  5. I like this idea. Gives the teams a stronger brand and identity. Calgary - I would change the outline on the home logo to yellow-black instead of black-red to match the stripe. Anaheim - I don't mind something above the logo, but I hate that team's script. I would change the font or maybe put the jersey number up there. St. Louis - Perfect. Atlanta - Not enough contrast between the home jersey and logo. Did you try the yellow or brown as the jersey colour? Boston - The Bruins should be brown. Nice work. Tampa Bay - The shoulder patches aren't working for me. Not sure how to fix that other than to drop them.
  6. Seems like everyone has the old logo as a focal point of the alternate jersey. I'd like to see a refresh of that logo...instead of the exact same design, but a Tampa Bay Bucs-esque refresh of that original logo for the redesign.
  7. This is good. For some sad reason, the Sabres don't know they already have what it takes for a good look. They need to stop messing around and get back to their roots.