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  1. I agree. Their Navy Blue heritage jerseys are gorgeous and fits them perfectly. I think they should be kept indefinitely. These are the complete polar opposite of those!
  2. My Devils are the last ones and I agree I wouldn't expect the Devils to make any big on unveil; not the Devils style. What apparently is going around is that it will be basically the red and green Saint Patty's Day unis with the chrome Devils logo. Nice to see the Rags will be dressed in a sub par uni versus us. Love that the Devils will be the home team in Yankee Stadium. I know its because the Rags can't be the home team outside of the Garden but its extra sweet because Lou is part of owner of the Yanks and follows their hard line on tradition, success, and facial hair even though their methods of building teams couldn't be any different. He even has a ring from the 2009 WS. No small coincidence that the Yanks and Devils success have almost paralleled one another over the last 20 plus years and have been models for success.
  3. Yeah we in Jersey tend to say FU to a lot of people lol.
  4. Unfortunately not yet. I did hear that a woman that owns a sports apparel inside the Gateway Center in Newark said she expects to get the Devils Stadium Series jersey in January but that all I know.
  5. Compensating for not have a cool "LA" logo like Dodgers and Kings lol.
  6. I agree! Yeah they are but I'm still anxious about it to see if the Devils logo will be chromed or not. But you are right Lou Lamoriello came out said that they are going to go with the ones they've been wearing on Saint Patrick's Day.
  7. The Kings so far is the best out of the 3 Stadium Series jerseys to be released. Really liking the gray; the color has the same coloring as chainmail which gives it an overall medieval theme for the Kings. Still waiting on my Devils to release theirs.
  8. Yeah the nameplate and the ridiculous yoke really makes these things fugly. Way too busy and just looks like they said "were gonna take a little bit of this...then a little bit of that...little bit of Flyers name plate action over hereee...and tadaaaaa!!!!". Islanders you suck at most things in life including designing third jerseys; just stop!!!
  9. What? The Pens wore two different jerseys, the Flyers wore two different jerseys, the Red Wings will wear two different jerseys. Not sure how you singled out the Pens for something that all double participants in the W.C. have done. You're right fair enough. Sorry they just popped into mind because the Pens have changed their unis throughout the years multiple times. Wasn't trying to single you or the Penguins out. Also in regard to the Isles jersey, I think Islanders fans on Long Island might be ticked that LI was removed from the logo especially if that's the logo they are thinking of going with when they move to Brooklyn.
  10. Yeah better than the black; still lackluster. This terrible organization can't get it wrong all the time lol. I am assuming this the type of template they are considering when they move to their basketball arena in Brooklyn. Lou Lamoriello announced that the New Jersey Devils will be wearing the same red and green jerseys from their past for the Stadium Series game on January 26th, against the New York Rangers. I'm assuming the only difference is that it will have the chrome logo on it. Leave it to Lou to stay traditional when it comes to the Devils; part of the reason I love the team. They aren't like the Penguins that need a new freggin jersey for every outdoor game they play in. Something to be said for that. The Devils have worn these on Saint Patrick's Day in 2010, 2011, and 2012. The lockout cancelled it last year due to planning issues but the Devils will be wearing the red and green again this Saint Patrick's Day against the Bruins. So the Devils will be donning the Christmas jerseys twice this year. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2013/11/devils_will_bring_back_green_and_jerseys_for_stadium_series.html#incart_river_default