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  1. This isn't unique to the Jets. We only saw the Browns leak once they hit retail. Same with the Titans. The exception is the Jaguars, where we got that weird (and ultimately proven to be preliminary?) graphic and then the billboards at the airport.
  2. The orange pants already have two versions (one two-colored and one three-colored) in this concept, which is a real problem. 5 different pants to pair with 3 jerseys would be truly ridiculous.
  3. lol looks like an MS Paint concept I made when I was 15.
  4. Going full Zapruder here, but I'm almost positive that player is Leonard Williams, the defensive face of the Jets, and that's his #92 on the shoulders. The number font is obviously hard to see, but looks to be a fairly basic block to me. Certainly doesn't look like anything insane.
  5. Think you're reading too much into that. That's a composite of two separate images stitched together with one on top of the other. Not unlike this one they shared in the same gallery: Unless I'm missing something, all the various shots are consistent with the Panthers' current uniforms.
  6. Can't see much but looks like the numbers are moving to the shoulders. Also hard not to think that that's the new number font (though we went through that same thing with the Titans and it wasn't).
  7. I wish the Titans had taken cues from their wordmark and updated their uniforms in a simpler way that's along the lines of Texas A&M instead of the disasters they actually got.
  8. It's baffling that anyone thought this was acceptable.
  9. I'm struggling to understand why this black team doesn't have any logos on its helmet or uniform.
  10. Yeah this (admittedly terrible) mockup looks bad.
  11. Yeah this logo feels simultaneously very retro and very modern, which is damn near impossible to pull off.
  12. Interesting to see around the 4:35 mark that they switched from red numbers on blue to white numbers on blue (visibility concerns?) and even seem to have taken promo photos of both versions.
  13. Only slight changes to the Jets' logo. Addition of black to color scheme. Sounds like we're getting a Detroit Lions-style uniform update (not the most recent ones, but either of the two redesigns that included black).
  14. How on earth could they "unveil" such a radical helmet design (the logo is on the top, right?) but then not include a single photo that gives us a good look at the helmet? Pure incompetence. That said, I kinda dig these. They tried to mix retro with modern and I think it mostly works.
  15. Now this is interesting. Because that is more of a modernization than a redesign. Just angling the stripes, new number font, that sorta stuff. Of course, I have a very low expectation for journalists to get this stuff right. We've been told teams are only making minor updates and then it's major changes. To non-uniform-heads, anything short of new colors can be "minor."
  16. That almost certainly has to be a placeholder, but it's still worrisome to see it be black and not plain red.
  17. Will never happen, but I would kill for the NFL to let Rams-Chiefs go color vs. color.
  18. Teal, how do you possibly not realize the many ways you rub people the wrong way? It's a baffling lack of self-awareness. And as for this idea: 1. The source images/descriptions that the leakers have seen/heard have been planted to mislead them and keep them off the scent, and the helmets will return, still white, but with new stripes and/or logos. I feel like we've been through this whole process so much that it's safe to conclude teams don't deliberately plant fakes out there. There are two types of "leaks" (and I use that term loosely): completely fake ones made by fans or trolls, and legit ones. There is no third-category of team-created fakes.
  19. I'm good with the stripes, even though logically I feel like I shouldn't be. But what still bothers me is those gray facemasks. The blue just looked so, so much better.
  20. Yikes. Never seen that before. That looks horrible.
  21. “You know I like em flashy” could just as easily be interpreted as support for the Bucs' current uniforms. Also, the head coach doesn't design the uniforms, nor have much/any influence in when new ones are requested.
  22. It makes me so sad that the Texans stopped wearing red socks. Lovely balance with that combo. I would love to see these become the primary looks: