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  1. They really gotta go back to white facemasks.
  2. And underrated contender for worst uniform in the league. The Rams have so many stupid elements you can point to, but the Jags just have ... nothing. These are so incredibly boring in every respect that in totality they are utterly awful.
  3. Green pants is pretty different.
  4. This is gonna look pretty great, assuming no major surprises to come.
  5. That signature on the collar makes me think these are real (unless that's on other fashion jerseys and I somehow missed it). Also Goodberry is very plugged in.
  6. Just give us the Color Rush uniforms but with orange instead of white stripes and be done with it, please.
  7. Now if the Argos fix the uniforms, they could easily have the best set in the league.
  8. The video they put on Twitter has way too much purple in it for there not to be a purple version of this. I dunno what's going on with that unlisted YouTube video, but that can't be the set. Maybe just what they will continue to sell until the future alternates are officially unveiled?
  9. We knew what to expect and yet somehow this sucks way more than I could have imagined.
  10. Considering they didn't even bother photoshopping out what is clearly a soccer net, I feel like some of the weirdness about inconsistent pants, cuff, and socks striping might just be sloppy/rushed photoshopping mistakes.
  11. Elks is just such a slam dunk that I will be stunned if they don't use it.
  12. Have always felt the Ravens are a team that are just a few tiny tweaks away from pretty close to timeless. Get the B out of the logo. Kill those dumb helmet stripes. Get stripes on the black pants. Wear purple socks with the black pants. That's about all they need. The number font and secondary logo aren't great, but I can live with them. The unfortunate reality is that if/when the Ravens do a redesign, they are sure to go way overboard with changes.
  13. There's so much blatantly and offensively awful about these that I feel like we aren't spending enough time noticing the subtle and awful parts. Like why oh WHY do the shoulder stripes on the two jerseys differ???
  14. Imagine publicly declaring that you like this.
  15. I know leaks like this are almost always legit, but isn't it a little sketchy that the 2 photos of the player facing us are the same picture?
  16. In disbelief at how awful those chest (shoulder?) patches are.
  17. Am I crazy for preferring the old number font and nameplate font? Maybe I just got too used to them. To me the new font has the feel of a video game that just makes all the team uniforms recolors of the same generic design.
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