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  1. I might be really late to this party, but I just realized that the Panthers' pants stripes have basically stopped terminating in a distinct point. This template makes it look a little worse than it actually is on the field, but that's still pretty sloppy on the part of the manufacturer (unless the team wants this...?).
  2. Or maybe they realized everyone laughed at the striped one so they decided to lean in and pretend it was a troll series all along.
  3. Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but
  4. I know stuff like sports uniforms are supposed to be subjective, but honestly how do members of the general public have such awful opinions on this stuff. Stripes? How on earth does this get published?
  5. Bizarre facemask to use on a template... And yeah, that "pewter" needs more brown to it. That just looks like gray.
  6. Not sure. Just think it would preserve a bit more of the original crest (where the fireman's shield was blue) and also the Chicago flag (where the starburst is red) if the colors were flipped. A red star would also look more like fire.
  7. Wow. That one is impressive. Though I wonder if maybe flipping the red and blue would improve it.
  8. I wish they had gone all-in and used the original number font. Looks wrong to me with their current number font on there.
  9. I'm curious if there is even one person - fan or neutral - who likes this. My guess is no.
  10. Looooool look at this clipart nonsense
  11. I'd rate the Jags and Bucs both among the worst 5 uniforms in the NFL and I don't think that would be a hot take around these parts, so I have to ask which you prefer to the Dolphins.
  12. The added webbing between the B and M is definitely a downgrade
  13. That is a great logo and I would have expected nothing less out of Paris.
  14. Look at all these stripeless pants paired with white socks. This is my nightmare.
  15. I had no idea those pants were even part of the Saints' uniforms. And yeah they look like trash compared to the Color Rush.
  16. Much too simple, I'd argue, which is also bad. Is it really that hard to hit a tasteful middle?
  17. Am I crazy for thinking this isn't actually a stretch? Maybe the infinity is, but the logo is clearly intended to be in the shape of the World Cup trophy and also looks a lot like an 8 (and there are 8 venues for this tournament). Maybe it's fortunate it looks like an 8, but I don't think it's a stretch to say it does.
  18. I'm worried that we're headed to a Jags-esque redesign here where the team says "people hated our old uniforms because they were too busy" and reacts to that by going way too simple like the Jags did. Homes will be exactly the current Color Rush set and they will add roads that are the Color Rush template but all white with brown numbers and stripes and no orange.
  19. Edit: Just realized I'm late to this. This is interesting.
  20. Please tell me we aren't still doing the pretend insider thing.
  21. Is there any photographic evidence of this? I went through their social media and training camp galleries on their website and didn't see any players not in white or blue pants. You sure it isn't just orange tights under shorts?
  22. In 5 years Titans fans will SWEAR they actually wore that red jersey in a game.
  23. Argos with light blue as the predominant color is interesting.