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  1. Like many around here, I would like to see it tried. Not sure it could be pulled off without looking ridiculous, though. I think the use of stripes would have to be very minimal to avoid something like this:
  2. Scrolled back through every page in this thread and have to say this is an astounding achievement. Every one of these is so good.
  3. Every Color Rush needs contrasting socks. I'm hopeful that as some teams sort of transition their CR uniforms to more normal alternates, we see this.
  4. Yeah they maybe should have demonstrated these on someone wearing a uniform that is actually compliant with NFL rules.
  5. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but looks like the Argos moved the large helmet logos over from their old white helmets to the blues.
  6. Argos in white pants with a single light blue stripe here. I don't hate it.
  7. Despite issues with some of these, it's so nice to go back to one helmet per team (please stay dead forever, black Stamps helmet) that I'd say this is overall a large upgrade for the league.
  8. From Mr. CCSLC himself. I assume there's something weird going on with the lighting, because that looks neither dark nor light blue. No sleeve stripes is super disappointing. Why on earth would anyone buy a jersey with no stripes or numbers and just a crappy TORONTO on the chest?
  9. This looks so sloppy. Seems like New Era might be out of their element here.
  10. Welp. The teasers made them look good, but my god are these awful.
  11. For the most part these look quite promising.
  12. Is it not possible those are just the Jets' old practice jerseys? It's the old number font. Not that uncommon for teams to keep using old practice jerseys.
  13. I'd bet a lot of money they won't. Take their Week 10 game at Pittsburgh, for example. Why would the Steelers wear white at home? They never do - and surely not for a late-afternoon game late in the season with no concerns of heat. The Rams will surely be in their whites for that one, despite the graphics on their website.
  14. Seeing those McCoy photos kind of makes me think white isn't necessary. I think with very minor changes (obviously the socks and facemask would need to be unified) this could just be the next Browns set. It would satisfy people who love the Color Rush, as well as those wanting a return to the traditional look:
  15. Hell yeah I'm going to Disneyland!
  16. Oh my god! And with yellow facemasks!
  17. I'm so happy to see all the horrible alternate helmets go away.
  18. Where did he say this? New colors could be major (though my guess is merely a slight hue change of the blue). I agree with a few others that the "Sport Green" thing is strong evidence that Teal at least has access to something. Likely placeholder text in some kind of Nike document, but that would be enough to confirm something like an upcoming color change.
  19. There's also nothing in there that wasn't pretty easy to guess. Fans clearly wanted lighter green and a return to the 80s look, so it was easy to connect the dots to black being involved. Not saying this discredits anyone, just that I'm not sure it verifies anyone's creds either.
  20. At best these are fine. But they could have been so, so good.
  21. With the importance of angled lines in this uniform, and Nike's love for unique number fonts with unnecessary angled serifs (see: Vikings, Titans), I am kinda stunned they went with such a basic number font on this one. Probably should have just ripped off Michigan State's number font: