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  1. I'm still laughing at the people suggesting this isn't real. The naivety about how easy it would be to fake something like this is amusing. Do you guys think it's easy to just photoshop 6 real-life Jets players into poses they've never been photographed in before, get details like their tattoos exactly right, and then also add in a fake uniform design all while getting the lighting effects perfect? That would be a monumental task. And say someone actually did do all that. Then we have to assume this person went to all that effort to make this fake with no possible way to benefit from doing so and only decided to release it now, a day before the unveiling, guaranteeing it will be proven wrong within hours. Why. How. Just... Think about all this.
  2. As I posted earlier in here, some of the Jaguars wore UA in their official unveiling photo.
  3. Nike gave the Titans giant, two-toned swords on the shoulders. Nike gave the Bucs glow-in-the-dark numbers. Nike gave the Browns a giant word running down the pants. If anything, this is restrained.
  4. Slight difference in effort between whipping together a concept and photoshopping real-life Jets players into poses they've never been photographed in, then making sure the lighting on all your fake helmets matches perfectly.
  5. Should pads are bumpy and players wear different models. That's the pretty easy explanation for why the stripes might look a little different.
  6. That is several orders of magnitude less elaborate than these latest Jets fakes. It uses a Lions player, for one. These Jets fakes include six Jets players in poses we've never seen them in before. Would require ridiculous proficiency in Photoshop to fake.
  7. The exact same thing happened last year when very similar images of the new Jaguars uniforms leaked right before the unveiling. Keep as open a mind as you want, but it seems to be that it's needlessly skeptical not to conclude that it's 99.9% likely these are real.
  8. Who would go to the trouble of faking this? It would be an insane amount of Photoshop work with zero incentive to do it. I can't wrap my head around why people immediately jump to farfetched conspiracy theories when the far more obvious answer is there. These uniforms are getting unveiled tomorrow. The Jets are surely preparing for this, which means putting up promotional images. Someone got a picture of one of these and posted it online. Also - we've seen time and time again that leaks as elaborate as this are always proven to be real.
  9. I think by "this ain't it" he just means they aren't good. Not that they aren't legit. Pretty common reply phrase these days that essentially just means "nah."
  10. The Titans also weirdly didn't show every combo (including some they wore last season) at their unveiling.
  11. LOL at Paul Lukas fighting with people on his timeline about how these might not be real. What is he even talking about?
  12. It appears to be this. Not even being presented as a report, merely as a rumor. As someone in the replies notes, he's probably just referring to this logo:
  13. The more I think about it, the more I realize I kinda hate text in logos. Including not only the team nickname, but also the city in this logo just feels totally unnecessary.
  14. I remember this Reddit user. He just posts a lot of BS. Go through his post history. He says pretty crazy stuff (like claiming to have inside info of matchups* during the NFL's 100th season - the schedule probably isn't even finalized yet) and then deletes the posts when he's proven wrong. EDIT: Just to clarify - prime-time matchups. I know all opponent matchups are set as soon as the previous season ends.
  15. If dark green and lime green were the colors, and not kelly green, it seems bizarre that only a Reddit guy would know that and not any of the real journalists who have reported details about these uniforms. That leads me to believe this is yet another case of a Redditor connecting some dots (cheerleaders, etc.) and taking a wild stab.
  16. I think it's very much a hill the Titans' owner will die on, because late owner Bud Adams kind of already did. The Oilers are very much tied to the family legacy. Heck, I think the Adams all still live in Houston. They aren't gonna give that intellectual property away.
  17. “I think that would be something I would take to the fans,” Strunk said. “If they were on the board and excited. I mean, so many people love those uniforms, so maybe. Maybe we’ll put a survey out there and sometime if they love them and wanted it to happen, I’m sure we could make it happen.” Definitely sounds like she's oblivious to 1) the fact they already wore Oilers throwbacks, and 2) the one-helmet rule.
  18. This isn't unique to the Jets. We only saw the Browns leak once they hit retail. Same with the Titans. The exception is the Jaguars, where we got that weird (and ultimately proven to be preliminary?) graphic and then the billboards at the airport.
  19. The orange pants already have two versions (one two-colored and one three-colored) in this concept, which is a real problem. 5 different pants to pair with 3 jerseys would be truly ridiculous.
  20. lol looks like an MS Paint concept I made when I was 15.
  21. Looks a lot like this, except the point is at the wrong end.