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  1. Snowcap, I just wanted to apologize for commandeering your post. It's just that you started what I have been wanting to do for a long time. Hopefully you are okay with me contributing. I have finished another design. In my ideal NHL, the Sharks would not have switched to their current unis. Instead, they would have come up with the template that the Islanders use for their 3rds and used that. I like the design of the Islanders' 3rds, but it just looks so bad in orange. The Sharks' colors and triangular logo fit the design so much better. Here is the link, plus my other "ideal NHL" designs: Senators Blue Jackets Sharks
  2. I added an alternate jersey to my design of what I think the Sens should look like. I kept the swoop jerseys as the main one for the reasons I said above. The 3rd is a throwback to the Sens jerseys (I think they called them sweaters back then) of the 20s and 30s. Here's the link: Sens Update Design Edit: I now see that I used 2 different shades of red for some reason. Since I am too lazy to fix it right now, please just imagine that the darker red is the only shade.
  3. I thought of that, but I didn't do it for a few reasons. The first is that I think the gold striping with the little arrows looks too much like the gold striping with the little arrows on the Thrashers jerseys. I chose the swoop Sens jersey since it is unique. Also, I wanted a red home, not a black one. Finally, I think the black alt looks ok, but it looks dull as a white jersey. The white swoop jersey still has "a lot going on", and I also thought it looked sorta Team Canada-like, which is appropriate since the Sens are based in Canada's capital city.
  4. Here is my advice to the Senators: Pick one of your 3 distinctly different jerseys (!) and make a home and road out of it. Give us all a few years with just that, and only then may you consider adding a 3rd. I did the work for you: Senators Update
  5. I don't think their current unis are beyond fixing. They are awful, but with a few minor tweaks I think they look good. Buffalo Bills Update
  6. This wasn't all that hard to do, and, in my opinion, is a vast improvement. Columbus Blue Jackets
  7. That Ducks change looks fantastic. It's kinda sad how they didn't see that the way you did and we are stuck with the black 3rds. I will be adding to this thread, probably tomorrow.
  8. I tried one with navy sleeves and also one with red. Both looked a lot better. I just left the light blue in because I imagined it wouldbe something that the Thrashers brass wouldn't be willing to compromise on. I tried to work in some of their ideas, in a way that was less vomit-inducing.
  9. No light blue. No single-sleeve stripe. No lace-up neck. I compromised and put Atlanta on the sleeves. Emphasis on the "s".
  10. Wow. Shiznit's is fantastic. Dunno about the helmet, but I can see why it was necessary to do something different. Everyone else's looks the same.
  11. The 4 stripes are intentional (since the actual hockey unis have 4 stripes to represent the cups won). However, I will agree that having 4 stripes on a jersey made by Adidas is probably not the most realistic thing. No chance in hell that Adidas would compromise what it is known for. As an added point, what does everyone think about the 4 stripes thing? I kind of like the idea and think it would work for some other teams (maybe not Stanley Cups but pennants won or something). Obviously it wouldn't work out for the Yankees, etc.
  12. Maybe keep the blue jerseys with black pants but match up blue pants with the white jerseys? I support anything that prevent the ugly white-on-white (which CAN work, but not with a silver helmet). This would ensure that there is ample blue for both the home and aways, and I think most of us agree that it is the blue that should be the dominant color. Can anyone edit a pic to have white jerseys with blue pants?\
  13. Oh, the pain. Just allow me to clarify: as a Wings fan I might actually be out campaigning against them getting a 3rd. They are one of the very few teams that have stuck with tradition (hell, even the Canadiens are wearing an alt). I just wanted to do this since the Wings are also one of the only teams with the possibility for a completely different look that would still be recognizable as the Wings. All these other alternate jerseys just look made-up to me... like their is no need/reason for them to exist.
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing Little Caesar's pizza on the Wings one, since Mike Illitch owns both.
  15. I have posted this on another uniform board, so some of you will have seen it. I am just getting into this uniform design thing (I mean I have been interested in uniforms for years, but I am finally starting to produce my own designs that are more than just sketches on paper). This particular design is my first attempt at designing on a computer. Obviously it is based on the whole Detroit-octopus thing. Here's the link:
  16. Dear god that Panthers design looks amazing. Any chance of making one with black pants and the white jersey? I think that would look equally amazing. I have always been a fan of the Panther's unis (black or blue jerseys), but have hated the white-on-white with a silver helmet look.