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  1. dkc

    Maple Leafs Alternate

    Thank you. It is an idea I have been working on slowly, and carefully for a while, and then the Hockey Jersey Concepts contest pushed me to finally get the ideas from draft stage into finished state. I'm glad that someone like you didn't beat me to the punch while I was procrastinating!
  2. dkc

    Maple Leafs Alternate

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate the feedback.
  3. Hey all! So this is the design of the Toronto Maple Leafs alternate jersey that I did for the latest contest. I explained my reasoning behind the choices on the logo, but if anyone has any questions I am happy to answer them. For reference these are the University of Toronto logo and Toronto Arenas logo that I mentioned in the image, and the 1934-37 jersey that was mentioned. I am pretty happy with how this turned out, but as always comments, questions, and critiques are always welcome! Thanks in advanced.
  4. Here is my series of heritage jerseys for the Maple Leafs anniversary season. If anyone would like more HQ images I can post those for each jersey. C&C is always welcome
  5. As I am sure many people have since the Chris Creamer broke the news of the Maple Leafs redesign, I took a stab at a new look for the Leafs. The design which I made is completely different than anything the Leafs have ever worn before, but still looks classic, although not in the traditional sense. I also threw together a basic centennial patch to go along with the jerseys. As always, comments and criticisms are always welcome!
  6. dkc

    St. John's Ice Caps

    Here are my concepts for the most recent HockeyJerseyConcepts Contest to design jerseys for the St. John's IceCaps for their new parent team the Montréal Canadiens. I took some inspiration from the current Montréal jerseys and twisted them slightly to make them unique. Here they are. Let me know what you think! It is pretty clear where the first two came from, by changing the angle of the horizontal stripe on the Habs jerseys it gives them a completely different feel and look, and still (in my opinion) looks classy and not out of place on a hockey jersey. The third jersey takes advantage of the grey which is in the IceCaps colour scheme, and the very popular alternate logo and makes a bit of a clash kit. The colour is light, so it would probably have to be used in replacement of the white jersey, not the red one.
  7. Well it does use the same typeface. Hmm... But I can't seem to match any part of that logo with the teaser image that Chris posted. Chris is just trying to throw us off... The teasers have NOTHING to do with the actual logos. Can confirm 100%. I have seen the new logos and Chris is trolling us hard right now!
  8. If Chris wants to get in contact with me, I can help make these happen. Let's talk -- Guys!! There is going to be hats!
  9. The logo is straight from a former LA Kings logo, sunglasses and all. The glasses are gimmicky, but they are accurate, and sort of appropriate for a stadium series game.
  10. I don't think the purple looks bad (when it replaces the silver / grey) but I prefer the lighter more muted grey colour in this case
  11. I can't recall this "purple" which you speak of. Perhaps you are referring to "Forum Blue"?I mean the old kings purpleI think he means the purple from 1998-2011. Forum Blue is what they called their purple because they didn't like the word purple. I was just trying to be humorous and refer to that.
  12. I can't recall this "purple" which you speak of. Perhaps you are referring to "Forum Blue"?