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  1. Well, both of those are awful in their own ways.
  2. These will probably be about as popular as the "city flag" kits.
  3. You're suggesting that the owner of the site discontinue the bot that posts his own content to his own message boards?
  4. It isn't, but I think there are some elements there that would make for a much better logo than the Oilers have ever had. Oilers are blue and orange, with more blue than orange. Otherwise, they just don't look quite right.
  5. San Jose should be blue shirts, back shorts, blue socks. Their DCU dressup is so boring. Montreal losing the stripes is as awful as their new name and logo.
  6. MOD EDIT: Original comment has been removed. Let’s stay on topic.
  7. They weren't all Nike; for example, DC United was Adidas.
  8. That's aggressively hideous, but at least it has yellow numbers. I prefer it without the white, but is the gray darker on the RRs?
  9. When they announced the team name, it was. Thankfully, the head logo was introduced before they started playing, though that awful script appeared on the shoulders for a while.
  10. I can't take credit for finding it, since I saw it on Twitter, but the I on that jersey is rotated 180.
  11. Contrasting nameplates need to go away and never, ever, ever, ever come back. Otherwise, I really like that look.
  12. It still looks like trash, but at least it would retain the name.
  13. Oh, that's adorable. Stupid, but adorable.
  14. Adding a couple of details to the collar doesn't make it any less plain-white teamwear.
  15. Wait, the Cosmos can leave a league without causing it to fold?
  16. I'm amused that someone's still running a Twitter account for a dead team.
  17. Montreal teams just can't get enough of bad takes on bad 70s styles, eh?
  18. That might be my biggest problem with it. Again, it looks like something slapped together for an off-brand ski hill in the 80s.
  19. Better than the mockups, but still bad.
  20. We clearly have different aesthetic preferences. I'm not a huge fan of the current Impact crest, but both versions of this weird snowflake setup look just awful to me. Maybe the real thing might change my mind, but I'm also convinced that dropping Impact is a huge mistake.
  21. Alternate take, via Reddit: Still awful.
  22. That might actually be worse than Chicago. Hell, that's approaching Revs territory.