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  1. I've been wondering about this myself. I mean, of course they will because big sports and all, but still.
  2. I like being able to hear the field noise on the ESPN broadcasts. The quality of the virtual ads is hilarious, though; watching them place the big sideline ad strip was like watching a Twitch streamer.
  3. The wings were the worst part of the bad original logo. If you're not going to keep the superior current 3D logo, at least keep the mostly-superior current 2D logo. Also, the Peace Tower logo is traaaaaaaaash.
  4. I'm still not thrilled about the tournament happening, but Minnesota stealing points from KC was wonderful.
  5. One of the teams had to withdraw before the tournament started.
  6. Probably not, but they keep saying there will be.
  7. New? I think those Spurs shirts look great, though they might look better without the jagged side stripe Nike's been using for everyone. Southampton, on the other hand, looks very odd without stripes.
  8. Seriously. I can live without sports this year. Oh, and so can others.
  9. I didn't like that while there was that fake crowd noise, you couldn't really hear the whistle.
  10. Lower left. Ship it.
  11. Gold: 6 Silver: 2 Bronze: 9
  12. Gold: 2 Silver: 1 Bronze: 3
  13. The S is far too smashed there. Kick8?
  14. Gold: 3 Silver: 5 Bronze: 11
  15. The Vipers' original jerseys were basically slight color-swaps (black instead of navy) of the Florida Panthers' original jerseys anyway. (But now you've got me all nostalgic for RHI. I have one of these jerseys signed by most of the 1995 team somewhere.)
  16. I kinda like the design, but not for a team that traditionally wears stripes.
  17. Gold: 3 Silver: 2 Bronze: 10
  18. I still think the green/yellow hoops looked great... unlike that abomination of a wordmark.
  19. Gold: 3 Silver: 7 Bronze: 4
  20. The draws were per conference, not across the whole league, so the odds aren't as staggering as you might think.
  21. This tournament idea seems incredibly stupid to me.
  22. Gold: 12 (... and I hate you, whoever made this. ) Silver: 11 Bronze: 3
  23. Gold: 6 Silver: 12 Bronze: 13
  24. Gold: 3 Silver: 11 Bronze: 7