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  1. It was on FS1. My feed died right at the end of regulation and refused to come back up, though.
  2. I still think the real problems that need to be fixed revolve around youth player discovery and development, which is going to require large change that'll take a generation or two to reap the rewards. I also don't think that the next coach is going to be any more poised to be successful than Berhalter, who never really had a chance. All of that said, it's time for a change. Again.
  3. Mockba

    MLS 2022

    Adidas's US headquarters is in Portland.
  4. ... and the Campeones Cup, for that matter.
  5. Nobody needs the Galaxy feeling rejuvenated. Damnit, SporKCs.
  6. The ads aren't really the main TV issue; it's the rather low camera angle.
  7. Is Mason Toye also occupying some of that space right now? Sorry, couldn't resist. I was at the game on Sunday night and am still in shock at how that turned out.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I never think of Ohio as being Midwestern. Chicago is located in the Midwest, but isn't really Midwestern. Texas is just... Texas.
  9. Chicago is sort of Midwest, but the rest are definitely not.
  10. Seems like Raisin Bran would have been the right Kellogg's brand to sponsor the Sun Bowl.
  11. Woohoo! Throwing away more potential US soccer history, only to complain about how there's no soccer history in the US! The more things change, blah blah blah...