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  1. Agreed. Both teams were in their secondary kits, and that's just wrong.
  2. It seems that the more series upset Admiral and make him shake his cane, the more I enjoy the playoffs. Please continue, everyone.
  3. I admit to having given up on the series after two periods. A stolen win will do quite nicely.
  4. I didn't see it until after the game, but it tore. I'm impressed with how the section quickly brought up the other portion. The lifted banner also tore and fell after it had been up for thirty seconds or so. Growing pains, for sure; this is by far the most ambitious tifo that's been done in Minnesota.
  5. As usual: Give us back our wing.
  6. I'm supposed to fly in on Thursday. This should be... fun...
  7. Pass. (Oh, and stop using 1974. You were not founded in 1974.)
  8. Cincinnati looked fantastic in blue/orange/orange. San Jose needs to fix their crap and go back to blue/black/blue.
  9. I really like this, but I'm not a fan of the typeface. Also, the lower text is off-center. The Canberra crest is fantastic, though it'd be kinda cool if you eliminated one of the lines in the lower portion (and the nub) so that the total number of lines is eleven.
  10. You do; it was NMSU when I went there. Did MUS&T change colors when they changed names? I remember them as black/yellow when it was UMR.
  11. It's a shame they moved away using the Upper 90 font they unveiled when they debuted the new US Soccer logo.
  12. ...and they were at home, so they should've been wearing their primary regardless.