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  1. It's hilarious to me that Slater posted that to make it look like nothing has been happening at the site. MLS and LigaMX tried this before with SuperLiga. It was dumb then and it's dumb now.
  2. Take off and nuke it from orbit; it's the only way to be sure. Seriously, I hated the one-arm look for the Thrashers and it's even worse here.
  3. When I saw the title, I figured the'd go with the current trend of going completely boring... but they didn't. This is actually a significant upgrade, simplifying while still being interesting.
  4. I figured this sort of old-school mascot would be totally your sort of thing. I'm not a fan of it, though I don't find it as particularly bad as some of the others from that era. Though... did they modify the cardinal so that he's wearing Adidas shoes? Now that's pretty gross.
  5. You know, I used to like Mike Petke... until right then.
  6. At least something makes the hideous ball-in-glove look decent.
  7. Was it? Damn, I don't know why I was thinking 2019 was, but now that I think about it, you're clearly right. Maybe it was noticed more this time because of more teams having raised their game, leading to things like the USA/France quarterfinal.
  8. Seems far too early to expand to 32, given that 2019 2015 was the first with 24 teams. 32 does make for a well-balanced tournament in terms of format (which is part of why 48 is a hot mess for the men's), but I feel like it's too early to expand the women's. It also makes it a bigger undertaking, so having such a short bid-to-tournament process for the first 32-team tournament seems like a bad idea.
  9. I'm amused by the idea of the crest color being the step too far with everything else going on with that kit. I did the single-color on the white kit, and thought about it for the third, but I wanted the colors to stand out; I mean, I wasn't exactly going for subtle. I hadn't thought about using the silver, though; doing the crest, numbers, and the trim (including the Adidas stripes) in silver might be an interesting look on that. Now that I think of it, blue socks would make it work a little better in the flag motif; I wouldn't want to go with too much blue, because I wanted to keep it red-heavy to echo the flag. Plus they already have the all-navy change, so blue shorts and socks would be a bit redundant. As for the logo, Nashville's isn't too bad. It's not impressive, but it's not heinous like the Revs'. I also wanted to just concentrate on the kit designs, rather than making new logos. Besides, the N on its own makes for a decent repeating pattern.
  10. Let's go ahead and finish this off... Nashville SC Indiidual views: primary / change / third I went through a few ideas before finally settling on this look. In their first two seasons in USL-C, Nashville has gone full-yellow with their primaries, with white sleeves in 2018 and yellow sleeves in 2019. Now I generally prefer to keep a club's traditions, never mind how relatively new they are. However, with Columbus really owning the full-yellow look in my mind, I thought that Nashville needed a way to stand out as different from the Crew. An early version of the primary had navy sleeves and shorts, since NSC has eliminated the white from their logo with the MLS change, but as I worked on the secondary, I found the leaning into navy on the primary to be limiting. So I went back to their inaugural look, but with white shorts; the secondary ends up being a little dull with all-navy, but it makes a nice counterpoint. Both shirts use a tonal N pattern taken from the new crest. The third utilizes the colors of the Tennessee state flag; a special version of the crest encloses the N/wave in a circle, much like the stars are enclosed in the flag. The sponsor is Mill Creek Brewing, who partnered with the club to create Goalden Ale. ---------- That's it, then; twenty-seven teams paired with twenty-seven local breweries (well, including one distillery). I've published the full series to my Behance portfolio.
  11. Inter Miami Individual views: primary / change / third I don't care about the rumors going around that Miami's going to go all-white for their primary kit; I think they're missing a huge opportunity if they don't go pink. My home design includes a tonal version of the herons from the club crest. The change is all-black with some pink trim and pinstripes stylized to be reminiscent of neon from South Beach. As for the third, what's Miami without a little pastel blue? The sponsor is local brewery MIA Beer Company.
  12. Austin FC Individual views: primary / change / third It seems that I'm one of the few who likes the Austin FC logo. Their owner can take a quick walk into a ravine, but I like the styling of the logo. So for the home and away, I decided to use the curves at the bottom of the tree as part of the striping pattern: black/green for the home, fading green on white for the home. The third pays tribute to the elephant in the room when it comes to Austin sports, the University of Texas. The sponsor is locally-acclaimed Jester King Brewery.
  13. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it... and, weirdly, I like that completely needless detail.
  14. As usual, the right answer is to ditch the silliness of the DH, but we know we can't have nice things.
  15. This would look great with red as the base, rather than black. I've always thought this is the way they should have gone.
  16. Vancouver Whitecaps The Whitecaps have used a couple of brown kits during their time in MLS, and they've looked great (despite some Adidas template wonkiness). I decided to carry that forward with a twist: the shirt fades upward from brown to light blue in a mountain pattern taken from the team crest. All the Vancouver takes: ---------- And that's it for the existing teams. I'll add the three known expansion teams--Austin, Miami, and Nashville--throughout the day today.
  17. Toronto FC This was another one I had trouble with. In the end, I decided to create a quasi-fauback nod to the Metros-Croatia from the original NASL with a checkerboard pattern. Full Toronto catalog:
  18. I don't mind the logo, and I don't even mind getting a little crazy with the honeycomb pattern. But yipes!
  19. Hurry up and figure it out so that I know if I need to add the Republic to the concept series I've been working on.
  20. You should be. Seattle Sounders Originally, I went pretty safe with this: all-black with Rave Green trim. Then, after posting the Dallas 3rd, I realized that I needed to go for it a little more with this one. The pattern and color scheme are taken from the Pop Culture Museum (nee Experience Music Project) in Seattle. Sounders at full volume:
  21. San Jose Earthquakes San Jose likes to throw back to the NASL's Earthquakes, so that's what I did here. All the Quakes:
  22. Well, it is a lot better than the gross throwback script they like to use.
  23. Real Salt Lake It's not yellow! But... it's white. Given RSL's tendency to use all-white secondary kits, I thought I'd throw one in for them for their thirds. There is a crown pattern on the front of the shirt to break up the monotony a bit. Full RSL kits: