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  1. When are you going to do Milwaukee? All these are awesome. Wisconsin is all about beer, fishing, Harley Davidson motorcycles, hunting, snow, and cheese. That's pretty much sums up the state. Lol.
  2. Here is another version of the Rebel of my GF's high school team she coaches.
  3. Rebels My GF coaches varsity soccer at a local high school here where we live. I want to surprise her....they have been using this same image for years. I'd greatly appreciate you taking the time to clean this up. It would mean a lot to her and the school. Thank you in advance!!!!!
  4. These all look great. Tokyo and Houston are my favorites. Can you put up that link for the website?
  5. I'm just enjoying all these old logos people are posting. And Ren69, you are doing a great job on all these.
  6. All these redesigns are awesome. Great work man. I'm actually a baseball coach at a high school. We are looking for a new logo and after seeing these, I'm wondering if you're interested in making a logo for the high school.