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  1. Go back to the AFC vs. NFC. There are endless good design ideas for that
  2. Titans, great, Redskins, good, but I don't like the "R" logo being used like that either. Snyder ain't about to back down on the logo, so if anything, he would just make it bigger.
  3. Lighten the blue a bit, get rid of some of the White. Use one or the other, but both just ain't workin'. Otherwise, great. What about a gray facemask? I liked the gray ones more than blue.....
  4. I would really like to join, but complications with my computer won't let me open disqus. If are ok with me joining, let me know and I will give you some way to contact me
  5. Why? Are you referring to the Redcoats? Cause I just came up with that. Or was it the confederate flag? I assume it was the first...
  6. I can't see the helmet stickers, something to improve upon
  7. The Ivy League logo looks a bit like Marijuana......in otherwards, a great PAC12 logo.
  8. shoulder bolts look forced, and it is just the template, but the jersey looks weird with such large shoulder pads.
  9. What if you put "Giants" on the white helmet, and "NY" on the alternate or away jerseys upper chest
  10. I love it! I love the stars on the collar, but maybe you should add stars to the pants or socks as well to even it out.
  11. cool, do Bama next. like to see what you can do there
  12. I was wrong it is DIII...they used to be in DII though