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  1. I wonder what changed between last year when Machado and Harper could barely get any teams to meet with them and this year where teams are throwing money around willy nilly.
  2. Anybody else - dumb camera guy. The Patriots, who're always bending rules and this is like the sixth time they've done something like this - you have to lean to being the most blatant :censored:ing front office in the history of the NFL. They don't get the benefit of the doubt. They don't deserve it. And Unlike Spygate when Goodell stupidly had all the tapes and documents destroyed, it's more likely that this tape gets out because the Bengals have a copy. It's at least more likely that more people will see it than saw the Spygate tapes. I'm pretty certain it's not fake news that they have 8 minutes of sideline footage because I trust fellow Ohio Bobcat Paul Dehner Jr when it comes to this stuff. I've chatted with him a couple times and he's a great guy with no motivation to "Get" the Patriots. Any amount of time shooting the sidelines is against the rules. The length of actual gameplay that the Patriots were able to shoot their dirty cheater footage is irrelevant, except to say that 8 minutes is a long time to point a fixed camera on a sideline and would've been longer had they not been stopped.
  3. Nobody will ever take that tournament seriously if it's only held whenever they feel like it. 1996, 2004, 2016 what is that? And 2016 was a GD joke with the U23 North American team who, yes, were very fun and made the Greg Wyshinskis of the world rock hard, but it cannibalized the national team for USA so you had a lot of fans in the states lose interest when our hamstrung team went 3 and out. The whole thing was stupid. Either participate in the Olympics or hold an international tournament on a regular schedule. The World Baseball Classic is also stupid, but at least they've managed to hold it every 4 years.
  4. There's another scenario here besides the two you posed: It's not implausible that Ernie Adams said, "hey while you're there shooting that 'Do Your Job' video can you get some footage of the Bengals sideline?". I think we are being realistic. Realistically, what would you need 8 minutes of footage of the Bengals sideline for and why didn't the advanced scout stop the dumbass cameraman? The reason it was only 8 minutes and not longer, by the way, is because that's when the Bengals staffer stopped him. They got caught again and in a way too funny coincidence, one of the prepared excuses they were told to use during spygate was that they were shooting a team doc. Any other team this is not a big deal, but the Patriots lost that benefit of the doubt a long long time ago and they've earned this reputation for many real and proven instances of unnecessary chicanery that goes back over a decade. Could be any one of these Worst case scenario: They cheat against everyone and they've already cheated against the Chiefs and Ravens. Middle case scenario: The Bengals have a new coach that Belichick hasn't cheated against yet so he needed new intel. Best case scenario: The Bengals happened to be the next team on the schedule when the production crew decided to shoot the advance scout footage so it was a convenient time to get some cheat footage. Not only should every win since 2000 be vacated, but I think everyone who's ever played for, coached, owned, or cheered for the Patriots over the last 19 years should have to spend a minimum 6 years in maximum security prison. That's a reach. Questioning why staffers would shoot 8 minutes of sideline footage, a team who's been guilty of this before? Not a reach.
  5. Ravens Packers Bengals Seahawks Texans Dolphins Eagles Chiefs Buccaneers Cardinals Raiders Vikings Rams 49ers Steelers Saints
  6. My case against Simmons: I've heard the name before, but when I first heard he'd been elected I couldn't place him. Face, team, position, couldn't place who he was. That might be on me, but I kind of think a Hall of Fame should be guys who are no-doubt, you can't tell the story of baseball without him, your grandmother should recognize the name type players. To put it another way, would anybody be up in arms if he hadn't gotten in?
  7. This. They don’t NEED to cheat. That’s why it’s so annoying that they still look for ways to do it. If the league can get concrete evidence that the Pats committed some violations then I don’t think a postseason ban, the same way college programs get put on probation and can’t play in bowl games, is unreasonable. They’re repeat offenders at this point and clearly addicted. That’s the only way to get them to stop.
  8. I can see the Patriots being forthright here for two reasons: 1. That kind of branded content on teams websites is quite common these days and I can see someone working on something like that not knowing the rules and 2. getting a press credential and then cheating from the pressbox is a dumbf*** way to cheat. Buy the guy a ticket, hide him in a browns jersey, film the Bengals sideline from a phone. That's how you'd really pull off this scheme. The only thing that's fishy is the camera was allegedly keyed in on the Bengals sideline for EIGHT MINUTES in the first quarter, not that they only took quick shots of the field like the Patriots claimed. I do video production for my day job so I get trying to set the scene, provide wide shot b-roll for context of what the subject's seeing, but this wasn't a quick shot of the stadium to show what the scout's seeing. The only reason to train a camera on the upcoming opponent's sideline for that long is to catch something. That they'd do this against the worst team in the NFL suggests that 1. they then do this against everybody and 2. they can't help themselves. If this cheating thing is real then here's how I think they pull it off - Belichick separates himself for the cheating. He's got a system with plausible deniability like every good mob boss and his rathole guy is Ernie Adams. Ernie Adams sets up all these plans, he takes the ill-gotten information and delivers it to Belichick in the days leading up to whatever game is that week. Belichick doesn't ask how he got the info, Ernie Adams doesn't tell him. It is very funny that the excuse used here - "it's for a team show" was verbatim one of the prepared excuses should the employees get caught during the Spygate years. Anyways, every single Patriots win this century is now even more invalid than it already was and you should all feel bad for supporting such a lowlife organization of cheaters, thieves, arsonists, and adulterers. On the bright side, you are now free to :censored: about officiating like the rest of us since you're back to zero legit Super Bowl wins. So at least you have that. Welcome back to the loser couch, losers.
  9. Goodell is wildly inconsistent decision-to-decision so that'd make sense actually. It's like the possession arrow in basketball - Is it Goodell's turn to come down hard on the Pats? Depends on how you felt he handled Kraft's Rub and Tug in the sex trafficking dungeon. I thought he was lenient so now this case it's time to overreact in the opposite direction.
  10. First person on the internet to make that joke! hack jokes aside - either they do this to everyone, Belichick hasn’t played Zac Taylor before so he needed new intel, or they’re actually telling the truth and were simply filming a documentary. They’re probably telling the truth, but they’ve lost all benefit of the doubt so you have to approach this like they were cheating.
  11. Katie Nolan is usually solid, but got homerific last night. Pete Blackburn is a good hockey follow. I don’t follow Bill Simmons because he sucks.
  12. I love that all 4 teams won their conference/conference title game. I've thought for years that should be a prerequisite to making the playoffs, which would solve the "should we expand an 8 team playoff" problem by making the conference championship games into the de facto first round of the playoffs. Under our current system if Georgia had beaten LSU then LSU would still be in the playoff based on their season and both LSU and Georgia would be in the playoff right now. What was the point of the SEC championship game if that had happened, then? If you make it so there's no at-large bids then the SEC Championship becomes its own playoff game and the stakes are way higher. LSU won big anyways so it all worked the way it should, but still. There's been years when things haven't worked so tidily.
  13. Nobody here said exactly those words, of course, but Pats fans en masse, particularly some of the famous ones - Bill Simmons, Katie Nolan, Pete Blackburn were going off on twitter during the game. Obviously those people don't represent all Patriots fans, but there was enough out there last night that it needed to be said before anybody tried any of that nonsense here.
  14. Heard it a thousand times. With the Steelers it's always "flagrant on both sides" or flagrant in the Steelers' favor. It's never just fairly called. That's the problem. Maybe now that the NFL's favorite sons got bit by poor officiating in New England the league will finally enact some true officiating reform.
  15. Lamar Jackson wore a white sleeve with a white glove and I can't imagine that was an accident, which makes it the baddest move in sports in a long time. This kid is really fun.
  16. ^holding is legal for the Steelers. Always has been. As for Patriots fans, kindly STFU. "oh so we're just supposed to be happy because we won all those super bowls and not be upset about the officials?" YES. Every team gets hosed by the refs, you least of all, but not every team has gotten to enjoy 6 Super Bowls in this century. Eat your plate of s*** like everyone else and go away.
  17. The Reds signed Mike Moustakas to a four year deal.
  18. I tried to recreate your problem and I can't get it to look like yours. Mine looks like the tutorial. The best way to do this, I think, is to select a regular path and then go into effect-distort & transform-zig zag and then play with the settings until you get it how you'd like it.
  19. Cowboys Colts Ravens Vikings Packers Texans 49ers Bengals Panthers Dolphins Chargers Chiefs Titans Steelers Seahawks Eagles
  20. Can't say I'm wowed by any of these, but I am shaking my head at a few of them. The Vipers are one of the ugliest sports uniforms I've ever seen, and Houston's look like someone's bad Patriots concept from the concept boards. I can't believe we're in 2020 and football uniforms are still being designed with intricate side panels that require precise tucking in to line up with no consideration for how they'll look when jerseys and pants combinations are mixed around. The closest thing that made me go "that's cool" was the Guardians and St Louis' helmets.
  21. Have you noticed how Adidas schools don't win? I'm talking around 2007-2010 when they were really the only program who was going hog wild with a bunch of helmet options and jersey/pants combinations. I never really bought it either, but then I heard some west coast players from that era say that they went to Oregon over USC/UCLA/Washington etc because they got to wear the coolest stuff. When recruiting was equal the gear was Oregon's edge. Since everybody else is doing it now that's not really the case any more. It's become just another part of the recruiting arm's race. And then once they assembled a collection of talent then they were able to grab athletes on the lure of being a winning program moreso than just the cool Nike stuff they get to wear.
  22. Oregon was the first program to figure out that 18 year olds like gear. Now that almost every other school does the same thing and their recruiting advantage has diminished I think they should try to find a more lasting look while using a few games a year to try out wacky things. They're running out of ideas for one-off special uniforms and really scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point. The Mariota Rose Bowl uniforms would be an excellent look to build an entire set around. I couldn't believe when they went into the National Championship Game against Auburn and didn't wear a trace of a school color. It felt so wrong. If you approach that game like you're going to win and it's going to be the biggest moment in your program and your school's history then you should be wearing your colors. I was floored when they got a second chance and chose to do the same thing a second time.
  23. thanks! I tried it without the plumage and I think you lose the essence of Bucco Bruce and it looks unbalanced, bottom heavy. It's a sports logo, not a realistic portrait so I'm fine with exaggerating some features.
  24. Don't start a thread with a loaded question and then argue when the answers aren't to your liking. That's the lesson of this thread. Having recently spent some time redoing Bucco Bruce I've been thinking a lot about the Buccaneers and their uniforms. A few things: 1. the original Bucco Bruce logo is ROUGH and would need some work to give it a facelift to make it a usable full-time logo in 2020. I did a version you can find somewhere on this website if you'd like. I won't post it here. 2. In 1996 much of the charm and love for the Bucco Bruce uniforms had been soiled by nearly constant losing, and we'd entered a period where bright colors were considered uncool and didn't sell as much merch, which was becoming a much more important part of uniform design. It made sense to switch the uniforms to something that would help reinvent the brand, change the culture inside the team, give it new life, give a little "tougher" and less "not tough" and less "bright" image and other euphemisms that were being thrown around at the time and in this very thread too. When the Bucs changed to what would become their super bowl winning uniforms I don't remember any backlash to them. I think the prevailing attitude was "finally, they got some cooler, more manly looking uniforms." I also think the later era unis with the orange pants combined with orange socks wasn't the best way to use the colors. 3. I think it's with the benefit of time, a changed perception of bright colors in menswear both in sport and the larger fashion world, that the team's been a dumptruck on the field for over a decade, and as of a few years ago took the good Super Bowl uniforms and made them into the current hideous iteration - that people are looking at Bucco Bruce and the Bucco Bruce uniforms and are saying "you know, they actually had something there."