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  1. Truly our worst sport and this is why I don't engage with this team on an emotional level any more. We're not the Steelers, Patriots, Broncos, or Packers. Good stuff doesn't happen to us. There's never a reward, just increasingly elaborate ways the rug gets pulled out from under us. It's never been fun, it's never been worth it. The worst part is this was not only possible, but anyone who's watched this team at all this season or the last couple of seasons felt like this exact worst case scenario was very likely. They had one of the worst Olines in football last year and their response to drafting the best college quarterback since Andrew Luck, the guy who prematurely retired because his own dingdong franchise didn't protect him, was "ahh the oline wasn't that bad". It's annoying to say I told you so to your own team, but play with fire and we all get burnt, which is why, again, I don't invest a lot of time thinking about them any more. If it was a fluke thing I could deal with it, but this wasn't a fluke. This was inevitable. This was the result of football malpractice at the teambuilding level while calling an irresponsible number of passing plays behind that dangerously bad o-line. My own reaction when they cut back to him writhing on the ground and clutching his knee was just, "yep, been waiting for that". The headlines in Cincinnati should read "The Thing We All Knew Was Gonna Happen Happened". I feel truly bad for him and if I was him I'd sign with another franchise when my rookie contract expires.
  2. Hey I made this account just to get in touch with you. I was browsing the web looking for Cincy Royal's gear for NBA 2K16. They let you relocate teams on the game and implement your own jersey, logo, and court design. I loved your logos and was wondering if I can use them, and also if you made any updates on them since the thread was posted.


    Let me know, awesome job.

  3. Hey Me and some friends were looking for a cool logo/jersey to use for the new NBA2K16 and stumbled upon your Cincinnati Royals design. We are all from Cincinnati and LOVE the design. Before using it, we wanted to be courteous and ask for permission to use it. We would love to display it on the jerseys and court we use in-game. The mode is called Pro-Am, which allows players to create their own jerseys and courts. We wanted to have a throwback with the Royals! We would need some...

    1. josue196


      Let me know if this would be a problem. Thanks.

  4. Hey McCarthy! I just saw your Cincinnati Royals concept and was curious if you were considering adding a sleeved "Queen City" alternate in red. (Like "Buzz City" with the Hornets, and "Motor City" with Detroit)

  5. Hey there. I'm throwing a bit of a hailmary here, but do you happen to still have the Kitna Jersey from the Bengals? I can't seem to find one anywhere so I've resorted to digging through old forums. I've got a friend who is a big Cincinatti fan, and my store has partnered with Jon Kitna's charity organization for an event. I'd love to find a jersey and get it signed for him. Again, it's a long shot! Thanks!

    1. Sport


      Sorry man. I gave it to a coworker's kid last season.

    2. Mistahtee


      Wow quick reply. Thanks so much for checking.

  6. In case I was being a douche to you posting the 49ers beating the Bengals, and the Giants beating the Reds then I'm sorry. You seem like a good guy/fan so I don't want it to seem like I'm trolling you at all. I was just excited about the game today so that's why I posted the Super Bowl pictures. Again, I'm sorry.

    1. Sport


      No worries. Beat the :censored:ing :censored: out of St. Louis. Please.

  7. How popular are the Clippers in Columbus?