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  1. Pretty epic win last night. Just keep playing like that and don't give up 3 goals first.
  2. He’s talking about rigging the draft lottery. The Penguins winning the Crosby lottery after the lockout has always been fishy.
  3. I like it because it gives those Top 4 teams some stakes in their games while their future 1st round opponents are playing actual playoff games. It'd be hard for those higher seeds to ramp up from scrimmage games straight into a best of 7 series against a team who's been playing high-intensity games for at least a week.
  4. The nitwit Cardinals who went to the casino need to be named so I can boo them next year. The Reds, meanwhile, seem to have a bad case of the poops working its way through the team and the guys keep self-reporting their symptoms in fear of having Covid. This has happened to 3 guys and all tests have come back negative so far. Matt Davidson tested positive for Covid after opening day, but looks like that was a false positive because he tested negative 3 times after that and played over the weekend. Eliminate the Cardinals and Marlins.
  5. Until this post I’d forgotten that they gave up at least 3 goals in something like their first 23 playoff games ever. Brave new world.
  6. You hope that now there's procedure in place where the infected team isn't the group making the decision on their own to play. It's bonkers that after all we've learned about Covid that the Marlins were able to make that call on their own. And I wouldn't mind if the Marlins were just eliminated for the season. Use them as the cautionary tale to scare the other 29 teams into not going out to nightclubs and casinos.
  7. Maybe I'm rusty watching hockey, but without the crowd to indicate it's sort of hard to tell when the puck goes in the net. It'll probably get easier when the playoffs start and the players get more excited about scoring goals, but there's a weird delay when a team scores in these scrimmages. And I know Boston isn't in the play-in round so they didn't need to be as sharp as the Blue Jackets were last night, but the Jackets looked a lot better than I expected. And it was so nice seeing all those injured players healthy and in uniform last night.
  8. and I've never understood what the big problem with cherry-picking is. But you can? Football is a game of starts and stops, soccer is continuous flow, unless there's a free kick, which is the closest thing soccer has to the snap of the football. Once the ball is snapped the football player can receive the pass anywhere regardless of where the defenders are, not the case in soccer. I don't see how the two are analogous.
  9. so you write a rule that you can't keep a guy in the opponent's box. Problem solved. And Defenses would adapt. That's why football teams don't throw a hail mary on every play and basketball teams don't run the fast break on every possession. My issue with soccer offsides is it's inherently antithetical to sport. Why's it the offense's fault if they're faster than the defense covering them? Why's it beneficial for the defense to allow their opponent to get behind them? Anytime they wave the offsides flag I think "Sorry, you are penalized for being better than you're defender". It'd be like if a wide receiver in football had to be in front of the last defensive back at the time when the QB throws ball. That'd be awful, no? Hockey offsides needs work (and I don't think I'd hate if it was removed either), but I think the fixed line that neither team has control of is a better system.
  10. FC Cincinnati lost on penalty kicks to Portland last night at roughly 3:45 am. I stayed up to watch it, but had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Are they playing these games this late because Orlando is the hottest place on Earth? Better tournament than expected for FCC. Making it to the knockout round is defined as a success for them, but still would've been super cool to get to the round of 8, and go farther than the vile dirty rotten Crew. The more I watch soccer the more the offsides rule sticks in the ole craw. Why should it be the offense's concern where the defense is?
  11. feels insensitive to gripe about on-field play right now, but the Reds managed to make history and went 1-3 in the process. They're also +2 in run differential. Very Redsy thing to do. Tonight's game is a must-win. Yes that's right. A MUST win in the fifth game of the season*! *provided the season reaches its conclusion.
  12. I'm just excited for a Magary/Roth podcast to return, which is coming in Mid-August. I've missed the Deadcast a lot.
  13. This was only a matter of time - a bunch of ex-Deadspin writers created a new site and they're going for the paid subscription model. I might give it a go. There's some good talent on that roster.
  14. Matt Davidson tested positive for Covid the day after playing in the opening game. Mike Moustaka and Nick Senzel probably have covid now. Not enjoying watching this science experiment play out. So far it's not working for the Cincinnati Reds.
  15. I went through the same situation and might be able to help. Granted, I was a kid at the time so this may be a little different than how you feel with the Kraken. In 1997 I was 10 years old and living in Columbus, Ohio. At the time I loved the Colorado Avalanche, hated the Red Wings, and pulled for teams I thought had cool uniforms, which were the Panthers, Sharks, Mighty Ducks, Coyotes, and Sabres. When they announced that Columbus was going to be getting an NHL team it felt like they were meant specifically for me. I immediately dropped any and all allegiances and was a diehard Columbus NHL and then later Blue Jackets fan. The Avalanche are just another team on the schedule for me. Some people I know who were adults back in 2000 seemed to maintain some allegiance to their old teams, usually Penguins, Blackhawks, or Red Wings fans being that those 3 were closest to Central Ohio. They'd cheer for the Jackets, buy gear and season tickets, and then wear a Lemieux jersey whenever the Penguins came to town. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but always felt weird to support the home team and then pull for their rival. Me personally, I'd go all-in one way or the other.