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  1. And you’d be very wrong about that.
  2. I'm old enough to remember when Nike could find a way to make put their logo on someone else's shiny pants.
  3. Plus, “this board hates everything new” And “you guys just like to complain” are dumb people fallacies. Ive been around these parts for enough uniform unveilings to know that if it’s good, the overwhelming response will be positive. If it’s bad the overwhelming response will be negative. It’s actually pretty democratic. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not rooting for teams to introduce bad looks just so I get to trash it on this message board. I want the teams to look good. I don’t think these Falcons uniforms look good so I’m going to state that.
  4. Prediction: Based on this Bucs reversal to the old unis I think the NFL is going to relax the one helmet rule and I suspect the Bucs know this. Here's why - if they felt like the one helmet rule was going to continue then they would've taken this redesign as an opportunity to design something that works with a modern set, but allows for the possibility of creamsicle throwbacks. ie they would've gone with white shelled helmets. They went with pewter shells, though, which means they either don't intend to ever wear the creamsicle throwbacks for the foreseeable future (very possible), or they know the one helmet rule is going away and they'll get have to best of both worlds with the new red unis and creamsicle throwbacks.
  5. and worst of all, they got it right on their first two shots and have been missing ever since* *I don't mind the super simple current look, especially after the Bortles unis/helmet, but jeez you're almost there. At this point, just go back to the Brunell uniforms.
  6. This. I think a lot of these teams said "you're the experts. We'll listen to you" and then Nike, who can be a bit of a bad faith partner, didn't do right by the teams they were working with, and only worried about what moves would showcase themselves most. Some of the teams redesigned in this era look like they were designed to be part of a line of athletic wear utilizing the prescribed colors rather than a football team with its own aesthetic and brand history. I don't know how you otherwise explain some of the design decisions that appeared on the Jags, Bucs, Browns, and Titans. The Bucs digital alarm clock numbers, for example. It's feels like an element that was already designed, that Nike wanted to use for a while, and finally found a team to sign off on it and didn't care whether it made sense for that team or if it even looked good. People say "well the teams make the ultimate call" and that's true, but Nike is NIKE and when those guys walk into the room I can see how a group that isn't sure what they want or doesn't really care that much could acquiesce and listen to whatever Nike says. My sense is the Buccaneers decision makers spent the last few years walking around their offices, looking at the photos from the Super Bowl on the walls every day, juxtaposed with what the team was wearing, and just said "christ we look like clowns. Let's just go back to the winning look."
  7. Finally put my finger on what these uniforms are. The white and black looks, at least. They're these. Forgettable, generically modern uniforms. the difference is the Falcons number font is much worse (I actually kind of liked that Jags font) and their needless helmet treatment is more visually obtrusive than what the Jags did there.
  8. Well damn. Wasn't aware they had red pants. That's A. dumb and B. red pants aren't necessary. At least the white and black pants match with every jersey.
  9. The white and black uniforms are mostly inoffensive. The number font, based on the ass wordmark from 2003, is ass. It's not Titans/Bucs bad, but it's an already chunky, heavy font, that they made chunkier and heavier by giving it a red "side" shadow. On a jersey that has basically one design element, the number is the focus, and the numbers are ugly. ATL is just too big, made worse by the sheer volume of the number font. It's a lot to cram onto the front of a football jersey. Side stripe is whatever and they actually managed to design it so every jersey can be worn with every pair of pants. Sounds simple, but a lot of teams get that very easy thing wrong. See: recent XFL teams. Even the last Falcons set couldn't boast that and required two different pairs of white pants for the red and white jerseys. The helmet. Sigh. I guess I'll just never understand the appeal of matte football helmets and I really don't get the appeal of the chrome facemask. When we killed that on the Bucs I thought we were done with it in the NFL. It's a stupid college kid thing. The chrome facemask sticks out like a sore thumb and would only be saved by some gray pants. The only thing I like about the helmet is the bigger logo, but glossy black shell with black facemask would've been far more preferable here. And as always, it's sad what's happened to sock design in the NFL and that it's basically an afterthought and wearing all-white hose with white pants is an acceptable practice now. The white road uniform is dying for some black socks, the black pants are dying for some white separation from the shoes. The single color sock will always look amateurish and the NFL should have some more standards in this area. Ya know, like they used to. The gradient look is the worst thing since the Jaguars black and gold helmet. I can't believe we're trying gradients again in 2020. I thought we decided that was dumb when a handful of NBA teams did it in the 90's.
  10. The Color Rush legacy will be that it negatively influenced how the league views socks as part of uniform design and how they police teams' sock usage. All the old rules got thrown out and teams look worse for it. It sucks.
  11. So that's why they look like they a Pop Warner team. Letting the players design the uniforms is never a good idea. Players have remarkably poor taste and they don't think about the uniform's need to last long term. Chad Johnson helped design the Bengals current uniforms. He hasn't played for the team since 2010. They looked remarkably 2004 when they released the uniforms and they look remarkably 2004 now. That's why you don't let players design the uniforms. That gradient uniform is already 20 years dated. I give these 5 years with an announcement in year 3 that they'll be changing as soon as they're allowed.
  12. who in the NFL keeps pushing gradients on us? JFC nobody wants gradients.
  13. That's the truth. It's almost like they went to the league and said "we listened to Nike last time. We listened to you guys last time. You gave use dirty brown uniforms with digital alarm clock numbers and told us it was fire emoji. You told us the kids would love it. We listened to you. We looked like clowns and the fans hated it. Just give us what we had before." and then Nike came back with "but" and the Bucs interrupted and said "GIVE US WHAT WE HAD BEFORE" and Nike went "okay jeez. You don't wanna look fire emoji? Fine. We can do boring old boring boring. Let's talk color rush. Can we interest you in some bulls*** there?". The Bengals is a good start for a redesign and an improvement over their regular uniforms. Would look much better with orange or black socks, though.
  14. Since the Nike contract began the Jaguars, Buccaneers, Browns, and Titans have all tried some absolutely ridiculous looking, super-hero costume, Nike-speaked to death, silly, some of the worst things to ever see an NFL field uniforms. The Jaguars and Bucs have reverted back to looks that strongly resemble the sets they wore before they got Nike-ified, the Browns will probably do the same, and the Titans remains to be seen, but they're pretty universally derided. It's not a great shooting percentage.
  15. THEY DID! It's like they've been reading my posts on these boards.