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  1. A team called the Patriots having American flag imagery in their logo is a reach? What do you think that's supposed to be then?
  2. It's supposed to be like an abstraction of a waving American flag.
  3. I would love to watch a draft that doesn't allow fans. It'd be better. No more, "with the 7th pick the Raiders select Some Anonymous Offensive Tackle" and then cut to some Raiders fans feigning excitement because they don't know who the guy actually is.
  4. I don't give a fart about the golden ratio if the image placed inside of it doesn't look good and isn't well-executed. Logo-gridding is kind of a joke among logo designers now because it became a hacky thing to do. There's dozens of examples of perfectly gridded logos and logos that follow the golden ratio that look like ASS. This Rams logo included. There's dozens of examples of logos that follow none of those rules and look great.
  5. It's all bad. I don't see a single redeeming idea. I don't know what's going on in the NFL, but they keep producing sub-professional work and it's irritating. They used to be the leader in sports branding and now they continue to take error-filled, poorly executed, poorly conceived concepts to the finish line. Things that shouldn't get past the initial round of reviews ends up as the final product. It's baffling.
  6. the coldest I've ever been at a football game was mid 30's and rain too. You get wet and you feel it constantly. If you're dry you have moments of warmth until the wind hits you.
  8. I think that uniform change in 1996 was an attempt to modernize the popular throwbacks from the 94 season (that they wore in Super Bowl 29) and they went with white pants for the first two years. in 1998 they brought back the gold pants and it looked great. Fun fact about that Garrison Hearst run - I was around 11 years old and at my friend's house watching the week 1 highlights and when they showed this game I EXCLAIMED in my little boy voice, "oh cool the 49ers brought back the gold pants!" This was met first with life-altering silence, and second his older brother said "why do you care what pants they're wearing, f**?" and that's when I learned to keep those thoughts to myself until I found this message board many years later.
  9. I know this isn't the most important thing right now, but I bought tickets to Reds opening day. They said they'd honor the tickets if the game is made up, in which case I may be holding $300 tickets to a random Tuesday night game in August, or refund us if it's cancelled. I'm hoping for the refund at this point.
  10. The chrome mask looks silly and pairs with the team name about as well as the alarm clock number font does. A pewter Bucs helmet should have one facemask color and one color only - black.
  11. Dude just won the lottery. He's getting an easy 6 digits for those 2 digits.
  12. I don't know who should field the blame because it falls on the shoulders of so many and there's certainly talented people working in the NFL, but it's been a while since I was wowed by a new logo or uniform to come out of the NFL. The Panthers, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Dolphins, Browns, and Vikings all revised their logos in the last 10 years and each one has curious and head-scratching decisions. Of those I think only the Vikings aren't a downgrade. Many of them are overly-detailed, with thin lines, poor execution, fundamental flaws, and oddly not optimized for modern usages like social media avatars, TV scorebugs, or embroidery. The event logos are unstirring at best or actually angering like the Super Bowl logos. The Super Bowl 50 logo is one of the least inspiring things I've ever seen for an event of that magnitude. The uniform track record isn't great either. The Browns, Jaguars, and Buccaneers have all bailed on their ugly modern uniforms as fast as they could. Opened to jeers upon release and never won the hearts of their own fans. The Jaguars two tone helmet is one of the dumbest looking pieces of sports equipment ever tried. Each team reverted back to something similar to what they had been wearing before. The Titans new look is every bit as bad as those three with a number font that is simply unacceptable. As unacceptable as the Bucs number font. The Dolphins tweaked theirs after only a couple years after their redesign, and the Lions are on their second set of new uniforms in a ten year stretch. That's not even mentioning the color rushes, the relaxed socks policies, or that teams (like the Saints white pants) can now introduce a new pair of pants seemingly whenever they feel like it. The only uniform redesigns I haven't hated in recent years are the Vikings and the Lions and with each one I still have some pretty big bones to pick, but the standards for good design in the NFL are lower than they've been in the digital age. I don't know why that is and I think we need to keep asking why that is.
  13. That's only an upgrade because of what it's replacing, but if they'd gone from the Super Bowl set to these we'd all be lighting our hair on fire. They're so close. Just go back to the Super Bowl set.
  14. Re: The NFL Draft. I can't think of an event that needs fans less and would be dramatically improved by not having them there. Do the entire thing remotely. Who cares?
  15. The stripes and the thick, high collar look like something from World Cup 98. I think that's why I don't like them. Everywhere else in sports things are getting more simple, smaller, less in your face, and then Adidas is like "HEY STRIPES!!!!!".