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  1. Getting too literal about what a tiger looks like is how they ended up with the white side panels in 2004 so I don't think gray is necessary, but you could make a good argument that gray would fit with the Bengals. There's some gray on this dude. you could even call "Tiger Gray" and the Nike Hard-Ons would hoot and holler.
  2. It's worse than a placeholder. It's actually a middle finger to the Cleveland Browns. They looked like Browns South for their first 13 something seasons because Paul Brown wanted to stick it to his old team and was following the model from when he founded the Browns. Also, he thought any extra time spent on uniforms was less time spent on football and therefore nancy boy stuff. It's not a uniform with any recognizable features, warm memories, or even commendable reasoning for the design in the first place. When they started wearing the tiger stripes is when they became their own franchise. The only people who want the Bengals to go back to those uniforms are 100. Boomer Esiason is correct and it's no surprise that he thinks that way when he wore both of the best uniforms in franchise history. striking, sharp, unique, yet still a football uniform adult men can wear without feeling goofy. He also had to suffer the indignity of this
  3. The plan was always to start the 2021 season in the new stadium. As far as I know they're still on schedule, even with the reduced numbers on the crew.
  4. FC Cincinnati's stadium is still being constructed and is starting to come together. I'm a bit bummed to think that they've probably played their last game at Nippert Stadium and we won't get to have a proper sendoff there because that venue means a lot to the franchise and the fanbase.
  5. Speaking of overzealous calls, always hated this call because it sounds like the guy knows he's auditioning for a major league role, goes on way too long, and in doing so it sounds like he's yelling a prepared sound bite, which always sound worse than whatever spontaneous thing comes out in the moment. It was a championship, yes, but it's also the Calder Cup and you'd find 0 people who Cleveland who'd say this championship ended their drought so he's at 14 out of 10 and he needs to be at like a 9.
  6. My wife and I sprung for Opening Day tickets this year and Stubhub's been holding our money ever since. They sent an email yesterday that the game was officially listed as cancelled and they're not going to refund the money, but we'll get a 120% credit towards future tickets. That's a little annoying because it'd be nice to have that cash right about now, but I guess I prefer that to holding $330 tickets to a random Tuesday night make-up game in late September. If you bought tickets to a sporting event or concert through a third party ticket site I'd look into how they're handling the refund.
  7. so much for all that "the horn has never matched the logo before why would it match the logo now?" some of you brainiacs were going on about. At least the facemasks aren't white anymore. My review: these are butt. I don't have the energy or the desire to further dissect this pile of bad ideas. All I'll say is that rubbery numbers that make your ball-carriers easier to tackle and your defenders easier to sneakily hold is such an obviously terrible decision I'm surprised it took this long for nike to foist it upon someone.
  8. The logo and the front of the uniforms was good, but those numbers on the back were pure garbage
  9. Booger says dumb :censored: and gets all the attention for how bad he is, but for my money it's Tessitore who made that team unlistenable. That guy's demeanor and voice is just so annoying and he tried to heighten the Monday Night experience. Stop yelling at me, Tess!
  10. Yep. Corey Dillon broke the rookie single game rushing record. One of my only fun memories of being a Bengals fan as a kid. The year Boomer Esiason re-signed with the team, finally replaced Jeff Blake with 5 games left, went 4-1 (probably ruined some draft possibilities), and then retired.
  11. What the hell? How does that happen? Mega church looking ass. It is North Texas so not totally out of place.
  12. They need Sky Judges who sit in the upstairs booth and watch from above and watch the TV angles. Their job is to overrule any flagrantly bad calls or missed calls like the one in the Rams-Saints NFC Championship game. 100%. At the very least they start letting stuff go for the trailing team if one team gets too far in front and I think this is why you see so many teams comeback from 3 possession deficits. Blowouts are bad entertainment.
  13. I agree. They had all the parts you need to win a world series and the field was pretty wide open that year. You could make a compelling argument the winner of that NLDS series was going to win it all. Another example for this thread's purpose that nobody remembers from that series: Mat Latos was a hero in Game 1. Cueto goes down in the first inning after throwing 6 pitches (lights the fuse on the ticking time bomb that ultimately led to their demise), Latos volunteers to go in with no pregame routine, no starter's day routine, no real warmup, essentially starts the game with zero notice and gives up 1 run in 4 innings and the Reds bullpen does the rest. Reds win the game. Nobody remembers this because Mat Latos is a world class piece of :censored: so who wants to celebrate anything that turd did?, blew game 5, and the Reds lost the series. I was pretty upset at the time. With the benefit of some distance it's probable that if they'd gotten past San Francisco without Cueto they'd lose to the Cardinals and that would've been 10 times more upsetting and literally zero people alive wanted that dogcrap baseball team to fall assbackwards into back to back world series wins.
  14. The 2017 Penguins got an insanely high number of bad calls to go their way that postseason to the point that there was this sense of resignation like "fine just hand them another cup. We're all watching. We all know what you want". They were a good team who was hard to beat on a level surface. A good team, hard to beat on a level surface plus they get the benefit of every bad call? Nearly impossible to beat. I had a running total of bad calls they benefited from versus bad calls that went against them through those four playoff series and it was something like 22-3.
  15. This is probably in here already. Randy Moss left the Vikings after 2004, they changed to these awful uniforms in 2006, but he came back for a 4 game stint in 2010, which I don't even remember.
  16. Andy Dalton is a better quarterback than Ryan Tannehill. He signed in Dallas because he already has a house there. No more, no less. Reportedly the Steelers offered him a better deal than the Cowboys and I speak for everyone when I say that would've sucked and the Steelers don't deserve a player of his swell wholesome nature. Steelers fans need to pay for their atrocities and having a not-fat, not-a$$hole QB come in and absolve them of Roethlisberger is too easy an out.
  17. I tried to resist it, but this got me. I would've found room for some clips from Angels in the Outfield, Little Big League, Hardball, Tiger Town, original Bad News Bears, and the "baseball in film" at the end is unnecessary (yeah, no :censored:, dude. I didn't think we were watching actual baseball highlights), but still well done.
  18. One of the few things I appreciate about being a Bengals fan is their QB history, especially compared to some other clubs. For all the success they haven't had, QB hasn't been one of their issues. That why it was so annoying to hear "Burrow is going to a QB graveyard" Umm no. It's not true and it takes barely any research. And it's not even skip a few between Palmer and Dalton. Palmer "retired" after the 2010 Season From Hell* and Dalton was drafted in the second round in 2011. And don't forget they went straight from Should-Be-Hall-of-Famer Ken Anderson to Boomer Esiason. Even Jeff Blake and Jon Kitna were serviceable. The 90's had a couple bad picks with David Klingler and then Akili Smith, but every team has those first round QB busts. *maybe the lowest I've ever been as a Bengals fan. Worse even than last year. Johnson and TO were supposed to be unstoppable and they made the playoffs the previous season so we all had high expectations. They started 2-1 and then lost 10 straight listless games to which we all thought Marvin Lewis was going to get fired and then he didn't. They ended up going to the playoffs five straight years after that so it mostly worked out, but it was pretty awful in the moment. My guess is the Jaguars because Jay Gruden and Tyler Eifert are there now and he's probably better than Minshew. I am afraid of what would happen if he went to New England.
  19. why do so many people keep clamoring for this silver-helmeted team to wear white pants? I'd rather they wear blue pants with the blue jersey than white pants with the blue jersey.
  20. The Bengals released Andy Dalton today. He was never the guy who could elevate a good team to a great team and win a super bowl (maybe in 2015 if he hadn't broken his thumb. He was on another level that year, the Bengals were stacked, and the playoff field was wide open). He was good when his supporting cast was good. He wasn't good when they weren't, but he was very capable and put up really good stats for a long time. Not bad for a second round pick. I don't get when or why the Bengals got labeled as this QB graveyard in the leadup to the draft. Joe Burrow will be their 3rd main starting QB since 2004 and two other guys pre-1990's won MVPs playing QB for the Bengals. The Browns and Bears they are not.
  21. I stand by what I said about Flying Elvis. It's a great logo for a football helmet! dynamic, chargers forward, fits the space. It's one of the only places where the logo works. It's a bad logo for anything else. unbalanced, very horizontal, leaves a lot of empty space on the left side, and difficult to visually center.
  22. It's a great logo for a football helmet! dynamic, chargers forward, fits the space. It's one of the only places where the logo works. It's a bad logo for anything else. unbalanced, very horizontal, leaves a lot of empty space on the left side, and difficult to visually center.
  23. I don't think they literally sent their playbook to him. They exhausted the time they're allowed to meet with a prospective draft pick in advance of the draft while openly discussing offense, which everybody does, and they had Burrow send them his 10 favorite plays at LSU so they could study them and could implement them. If he started watching game tape from last season that's not against the rules.
  24. I had something drafted like this. Every arena looks the same now. You didn't even mention my two favorite 'Would Never Get Built Like This Today' arenas HemisFair Arena in San Antonio and The Omni in Atlanta
  25. The current wings are my favorite they've ever used and watching old games the wings look unfinished and flat, like they're missing something. I would choose the midnight green over kelly green as well. The only change I'd make is losing the charcoal and replacing it with silver. It's far too dark for an already dark color palette. Also, silver pants at home would look dynamite.