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  1. It's gotta sting even more now for Leafs fans knowing they could've strolled to the Conference finals if they'd found one more goal in either games 5 or 6.
  2. Everybody bitched about ESPN's Witten and Booger MNF broadcasting crew, but nobody will ever be as bad as the team of Mike Patrick (what if Joe Tessitore had a more annoying voice?), Paul Maguire (what if a straight ahead kicker never updated his football knowledge after 1972?) and Joe Theismann (what if an already dumb guy got progressively dumber thanks to the many shots to the head he sustained playing football?)
  3. 2019 was awesome. The Penguins got swept by the Islanders who got swept by the Hurricanes who got swept by the Bruins. We were so close to having an "Ultimate Loser" in 2019 and I was grumpy when the Blues lost game one of the Finals.
  4. I can’t believe any of that happened because winning in St Louis has always been impossible for this franchise. Jesse Winker had three home runs and we needed every one of them because the bullpen is ASS. Blew a 7-0 lead in one inning. The Cardinals had guys on second and third with no outs in the ninth and Lucas Sims managed to sneak out and I almost died. This team has a thousand outfielders. Make a trade and get some actual arms that can get actual outs in the pen. They can’t go on like this.
  5. Lol I was so annoyed while watching it last night that the mob of players were seemingly more concerned about revenge/defending Scheifele than about stepping on the already injured Evans. Thank goodness for Ehlers for having a little common sense.
  6. That Scheifele hit was pretty violent watching it live in real speed and after watching it a dozen times, I think he should get a game. It was right after he took a penalty out of frustration so he's already boiling, then Evans had already tucked the puck at that point, and Scheifele had slowed down enough to stop himself yet chose to Raggedy Andy him. It didn't have to go like that. "Clean hit" guys are some of my least favorite people on the internet. Classic Sabres too because they get the good fortune of winning the lottery yet it's in the year without a consensus #1 in the year where junior, college, and international hockey hasn't been scouted or played anywhere close to the usual amount. Feels just as likely a guy taken late first round turns out to be the best player in this draft. I'm just celebrating not falling out of 5th in the draft. Never even entertained the idea of winning the lottery. It's never going to happen. Our ping pong balls are too heavy.
  7. Yes teams can't just push out a new identity on a whim, but they weren't given 100 days to come up with a new name. They were given literal decades to make their change. If they'd done it in 1995 they could've rolled it out on their own timelines and we'd have moved on by now. They refused and kept refusing until we reached a point where they were forced to come up with solutions that happened to be on compressed timelines. That's their fault. When I say "see how easy that was" I'm talking about 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30 years ago.
  8. Logo: Great Name: Great. Better name for a football team than Eskimos, even! 10/10 And now they can move on. See how easy that was, WFT and CBT?
  9. Agreed. As much as I love the new FC Cincinnati stadium the ideal perfect world solution would've been that it never had to be built and they'd play their home games at Paul Brown Stadium. Instead PBS takes up tons of space on our riverfront unused by the public for well over 300 days a year. We have 4 stadiums for 3 pro sports teams and a college football team who uses theirs maybe 7 times a year. It's pretty crazy when you actually think about what these teams do for the city and how often the facilities get used. I grow more horrified by each new stadium. The Rams spent 5 billion for Sofi and now all these rich guys think that's the going price and the next guy will spend 6 billion. The Rangers spent 1.2 billion to replace a 25 year old stadium and for the life of me I can't figure out where the money went. Somebody in Arlington, Texas is up to something fishy with that monstrosity. FC Cincinnati, however, just spent 250 million for a seating capacity around 26,000 and I think MLB teams should be taking notes from these Soccer Specific Stadiums. They're smaller, but they're still impressive and nice places to visits. There's gotta be ways to go about it that are economical yet still makes fans feel like they're in a big league facility. Take, IDK, 400 million and build a nice, intimate, contained facility with 30K seats, and put a simple sliding roof on it if you need AC because you live in a place too hot for people to exist. But there's absolutely no reason we need to be spending the GDP of St kitts and Nevis on a baseball stadium other than the billionaires want to measure wallets against other billionaires.
  10. I'm looking back at this core's playoff appearances and YIKES 2017 - NKOTB scrappy competitive showing against Washington, but lost in 6. 5 of the 6 games went to overtime and the Leafs actually led the series 2 games to 1. Caps won games 5 and 6 in OT that easily could've coin flipped the Leafs way. I remember Leafs fans feeling pretty good about the future of the team at that point. 2018 - lose in 7 to Boston, but the Bruins felt in control most of that series even as the Leafs came back from down 3-1. Cracks starting to show, patience wearing thin. 2019 - Leafs had a 2-1 series lead and a 3-2 series lead. They're a good team going punch for punch with the Bruins who then hit them with a 4-2 win in game 6 in Toronto and then a 5-1 win in game 7 in Boston in which the Leafs looked similarly Dead Team Walking as they did last night. 2020 - Babcock fired midseason. Bubble qualifying round against an unremarkable Blue Jackets team. I didn't even expect this. Leafs and Jackets split the first two games with shutouts. In Game 3 the Blue Jackets came back from 3-0 to win 4-3 in overtime. In Game 4 the Leafs found themselves down 3-0 with 4 minutes left before completing their own ridiculous comeback to win in OT. In the deciding game 5 I fully expected the Leafs to ride that momentum and put the pesky Blue Jackets away and finally eliminate someone in a series. They got shutout by Joonas Korpisalo and lost 3-0. 2021 - Montreal Meltdown. 5 straight series losses in which they've been the underdog, favorite, had series leads, had to comeback, basically every situation. And it doesn't matter. Normally I hate "BLOW IT UP" guy, but I would be willing to listen to them in this case.
  11. No it's gotta be the Knicks. I can't think of another comparison. Both teams have dealt with terrible ownership ruining multiple generations of fans and players, both teams play in what is effectively the capital of their sport, both teams sell out regardless of how good or bad the team is, both teams players face tough media and fan scrutiny, and their championship droughts are of similar length.
  12. Sorry, Leafs fans. That is one of the more brutal playoff exits I can remember. They looked scared sh!!less that entire game, then started panicking when Montreal scored the first one, and you can't play good hockey when you're playing not to lose. At the same time, I still think what I said last August when they lost in the bubble to the Blue Jackets remains true - analytically they're a sound offensive team, but goaltending and defense are missing the key studs you need to win a cup (or a round, apparently). And I hate to say they lack grit and truculence, but they lack grit and truculence. I have nothing to offer except condolences and the promise that I'll try not to laugh too hard. This is how I felt when the Bengals blew the wildcard game in 2015 to the Steelers. I've never really cared about sports the same way since and I've kept emotions at a distance. One thing that I've found that helps is embracing the failure and owning it as a badge of honor. Any run of the mill dumbass can be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan (and many are!). That's living life on easy mode. Fans of bad teams should be revered.
  13. 45 minutes every time you go to a game is a big deal if you're local, though. You work a full day and then you're faced with watching the game at home vs. commuting 90 minutes in your car and it's easy to see why people make the choice not to go to the ballpark. Let me ask, is 35 minutes a typical travel distance for Brewers fans or is that on the higher end? I feel like even situated where it is Miller Park is pretty centrally located. Same with Kauffman Stadium and the others that aren't right in the heart of a downtown. Tropicana Field, though, is a journey to get to for most parts of the media market. When I was in Tampa for work I stayed next to the airport and I drove to Tropicana Field just to check it out. This was around 8:30pm and it took me over 30 minutes one way. That's from a point on the map that is pretty central in the city. I remember when FC Cincinnati was looking for locations to build their new stadium there was a number thrown out that said that for every extra mile a stadium is outside of downtown you could count on 1,000 fewer fans per game. In the Rays case, having traveled to the building from my hotel, I absolutely believe that to be true. It is easily the dumbest thing I've ever seen a major league baseball player do. It's like Baez went so off-book that it tricked the first baseman's baseball brain into rundown mode even though he was running back to home where he can't be safe. Baez is out if he runs all the way home, right? I'm not!
  14. I would like the Pittsburgh Penguins and all their fans to eat a big bowl of farts. Especially Jeff Carter.
  15. I've always said it's a combination of factors! But for some reason people want to wholly dismiss the stadium as one of them such as: The idea that nobody went to that World Series or their playoff games is a bit disingenuous and overblown. You act like they only got 10,000 people at those World Series games and that's just untrue. I think people aren't fully grasping the difficulty of getting to and fro that place, especially weeknights, especially when you live on the other side of town where most of the population lives I live 6 miles from Great American Ballpark as the crow flies and I've passed on free tickets just because I didn't feel like dealing with the minor hassles of going to a game that night. If you put our stadium in, let's say, Hebron, Kentucky, plus it's a crappy dome, I'd go maybe once or twice a year. Why's this difficult?
  16. Both stadiums more accessible for the fanbase’s population center, better public transit than Tampa, but also both franchises threatened to move because of those poor stadium situations. The Giants eventually got theirs and have not struggled at the gate since. The A’s don’t pack them in in the regular season. If anything they’re analogous to what the Rays are dealing with. Again, nothing about the Rays stadium situation has changed. Their TV ratings suggest people are watching and given that they’re not selling 100,000 tickets for Yankees and Red Sox series that leads me to believe that the ballpark is the problem. I just don’t understand the quickness to dismiss this enormous factor.
  17. where’d they play their games those seasons?
  18. But certainly playing in a warehouse in a tough location doesn’t help that, no? I’m not dismissing that the problem is a combination of factors. I mean, it’s not like Yankees and Red Sox fans are filling the stadium when those teams come to town either. It’s both. And I don’t think the market has ever been given a truly fair test.
  19. Sure it can because the stadium situation has not changed. It actually gets worse every day with no sign that it's getting better. To expect Tampa Bay metro market baseball fans to change their baseball attending behaviors when nothing else has changed frankly makes no sense. I don't know why everyone keeps searching for other reasons when this very large, very valid reason explains the entirety of the problem.
  20. I was fooled! I guess I didn't bother to study the rest of the teams in the signature. Less than a year after that 5 game bubble series in which I grew some real disdain for Leafs fans, I've found myself pulling for the Leafs here and it's only because of Nick Foligno. I'm a simple creature. No, it's worse than that. They were swept by the Atlanta Thrashers!
  21. *Tens of Thousands because people will buy jerseys as a result of this initiative that they otherwise wouldn't have.
  22. Did I imagine this or did you have a Habs logo in your signature not too long ago?
  23. That's why it was such a misstep to try to remove Crew from the official name. For all of those hyper-90's singular nicknames I think "Crew" might be the best of them all. In all sports. "We're gonna go watch the Crew" sounds like it was created in 1995 and simultaneously also 1895. It is so astoundingly Galaxy Brain stupid that they tried to de-officialize that nickname.
  24. It's funny thinking back to being a kid when the league started and not knowing anything about soccer naming conventions. I thought calling a team DC United was just the same as the Columbus Crew, Dallas Burn, Tampa Bay Mutiny, Orlando Magic, Colorado Avalanche, Miami Heat etc. I called them "the United" as in, "I'm going to the Crew game tonight. They are playing the United." It wasn't until years later that I realized what they were actually going for.
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