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  1. The teal numbers on the white jerseys is so much better than black. That small change would really help their uniforms. But really they should just go back to exactly what they were wearing in 1998. I don't hate the Jags current uniforms and they're a million times better than what they were wearing, but this is my problem with them. They're so close to the original look, which is a pitch perfect football uniform, that to stop short of just fully embracing it exactly as it was is a really weird choice. Why choose to look functionally the same as your best look, but stripped of all the good details? Why would you choose to look good, almost correct, but worse than we all know you can? It's right there, just go a little further. I'm glad the Bucs weren't afraid to go back to their old uniforms (excluding the dumb logo).
  2. That's because in many soccer leagues the regular season is the only season. If the champion was the team with the best record and we didn't have postseasons then teams would actually shoot for that and we'd recognize it more. Right now nobody tries to have the best record. They're trying to put together the best team to increase the probability of being successful in the postseason and if they happen to win the most games then great congrats on home field/ice/court advantage, but most of the time that achievement is accomplished accidentally, which is why nobody cares. The objective needs to be changed for the regular season to matter more. I do agree that the most equitable way to determine a champion would be for every team in the league to play the same schedule and then the best team at the end of the 82/162 game season is the winner, but I don't think that would be the most exciting way to contest these things.
  3. Nothing dated about those at all. I look at them as cousins to the style that the Eagles and Ravens are still wearing to this day. edit: and I should say the Bucs too.
  4. Wow this is even dumber than I thought it would be. Here's your answer - Maybe someone already brought up the Lightning, but they're a good example. The 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning set the record for most regular season wins in NHL history and were swept in the first round of the playoffs. The next year they won the Stanley Cup. By OP's logic Lightning fans should be more proud of the team that s*** their pants than the one that won the cup. Here's why nobody cares about regular season results - we're not talking about the Premier League and our sports aren't structured that way so the strategies in team building don't prioritize that as a specific goal. Of course one team in every sport every year has to, by definition and for playoff seeding purposes, win the most games, but almost none of them were trying to achieve that. All of them, however, are built with the mindset on creating the roster most capable of winning in the playoffs because that is what we define as the ultimate goal. The end.
  5. That explains that. I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice that they seemed to be making a concerted effort to desexualize her. In one ad she's wearing the largest sweater ever with a haircut that says "this is to look deliberately less attractive". She's one of the cutest people alive and that played a big part in her landing the campaign that has no doubt paid her millions of dollars, but the pervs ruined something again by being horny on main. Cmon guys.
  6. I've watched this six times. Pretty awesome.
  7. Hey Bengals, remember when this happened? Maybe do something about the offensive line?
  8. I think they kind of got f***** by their covid pause and people aren't really giving them the benefit of that doubt. The Devils are dealing with the same thing. They were 4-4-2 on January 31, had to take two weeks off, and they're 2-14-2 since then. I don't think they're good as it is, but shutting down for two weeks while their opponents kept playing and training combined with now having to play a compressed schedule. I think it's a little unfair to call them the worst team ever.
  9. Andy Dalton is the Bearsiest quarterback possible. It's worse than it appears when you think about it a little more. Andy Dalton is no longer an effective quarterback, he has serious limitations, and he needs a really good team around him to succeed, but he's already better than Foles and Trubisky and has more career wins than Jay Cutler. When he throws a pass for the Bears you could make a compelling argument that he's the best Bears quarterback ever. The Bears are the NFC Bengals.
  10. That's possible, but this came straight from the Jets and I doubt the designer was trying to make the team look silly. The more likely thing is that It was probably item #20 on the to-do list of a 23 year old making 28k a year in hour 11 on the job that day. They didn't really question or think too hard about the context, found a graphic with a Darnold photo, and replaced the words in the template. The funny thing is that someone said "we need a Darnold mono graphic" (why?) and at least two people gave it approval to post without going "hahah no LOL absolutely not".
  11. The growth of design departments in sports combined with hard internal usage guidelines has made for some funny inappropriate usage social media bloopers. That's still not better than my favorite example of this phenomenon. Not every tweet needs an accompanying graphic.
  12. There's a lot of small uniform details I don't notice during "game action". When the TV broadcasts switch to a closeup, however, I notice the ads constantly. If they weren't noticeable the teams wouldn't have sold the space and we wouldn't be talking about them. Imagine if every team replaced their shoulder patches with ads. We wouldn't "notice them during game action" either, but that would still be upsetting.
  13. The 06 Sabres are genuinely one of the most heartbreaking "what if" stories in sports history. They lost 4 out of their 6 defenseman to injury before Game 7 to Carolina and still had a one goal lead going into the third period. And then lost that game in part because of the puck over the glass rule, which is one of the worst rules in sports and we've been trying to change it for 15 years now. If healthy that would've been the first time in Buffalo's championship drought since the Bills played the Giants that they played in a championship final where they had the better team. They probably would've handled Edmonton fairly easily and won a championship for Buffalo. This is a good recount https://theathletic.com/980964/2019/05/16/it-haunts-you-for-the-rest-of-your-life-reliving-the-2006-eastern-conference-final-when-the-sabres-magic-ran-out/
  14. The Buffalo Sabres always remind me that Mike Harrington sucks and it makes me smile. In 2011 Mike Harrington from the Buffalo News and I got into a long twitter spat that resulted in a block that still stands to this day. He randomly decided to take shots at the Blue Jackets organization and then began rather unprofessionally (and forgetting he lives in Buffalo, New York) started taking shots at the city of Columbus on the whole. I was 23 and unemployed at the time so that was my excuse. His was ??? Anyways, I enjoy that since then that dick's had to cover the by far worst team in the NHL who's had maybe the worst ten year stretch anyone's ever had in league history. I don't even think I'd change places with him and my current career position at this point.
  15. Yep, which is why all the "it's just a sticker. Not a big deal." people rankled me so much. It's just a helmet sticker today, but two seasons from now it's a small jersey ad, then it's two more jersey ads, then it's ads on the pants. Maybe those people don't care, I wish I didn't, but I'm not happy that the league's going down the path of the same kind of visual pollution that plagues most other hockey leagues around the world.
  16. I'd be very surprised if the pants stay the same. Total guess - they'll have 3 tiger stripes diagonally angled on the side of each leg. Sort of like this or this
  17. I don't think it looks that out of place. Would they look better with a white helmet? Probably, but the helmet has tiger stripes, the uniform has tiger stripes. There's cohesion going on. The logo is orange, the name on the back is outlined with orange, the players wear orange accessories, swoosh is orange, the helmet is orange, and that's the helmet we're familiar with the team when we see the Cincinnati Bengals. It's not like there's no orange in the uniform. There's more to tie the helmet to this uniform than, for instance, the Giants blue helmet with their white jersey. Also, I'm of the belief that not every part of the uniform needs to use every color for things to sing in harmony. Reasons I like it: the block number font looks tough and sturdy, unlike the illegible drop-shadowed blob number they were wearing. Without an outline on the numbers they look crisp and match the uniforms' stripes. And it really was a case that the regular uniforms looked so ~EGGGHHHH~ that people would get more excited than usual about any positive improvement. For myself it was just nice to be in the stadium and actually be able to legibly read the numbers. I didn't want this uniform to become the basis for a new look like a lot of people were asking, but it was a nice reprieve a couple times a year to see them in these than their usual tired and bleck uniforms. This helmet looks out of place here. With that color rush uniform, it still works.
  18. He is still with ESPN. He's been a whirling dervish about this on twitter all day.
  19. It's essentially this with more orange around the numbers. I think that works fine.
  20. It has hurt the NHL by not being on ESPN, even though I was always grouchy about their coverage of the league. Being on ESPN means they'd treat the league like the sport exists, which isn't the case now. I saw an ESPN highlights montage from 2020 that didn't include a single NHL clip. And, yeah, being on sportscenter doesn't matter as much as it did in 2004, but it helps. I'd like NHL 2night back please. Was that show good or was I just a kid?
  21. It's 2021 so there will definitely be monochrome. Everyone should just accept that now. I think the all-white looks rather awesome. It's like the color rush, but the orange outlines provide enough color for the helmet to feel included. They will probably be ~43% less cool than that picture looks because they'll wear it with all white socks. I've learned to live with the mono black. It's not my favorite, but They'll wear it 2 or 3 times a season at most so I can manage.
  22. Ignoring the pants stripe because who the hell knows what they'll do, but overall I think the mockup looks pretty great. I know tigers don't have orange stripes, but tigers don't play football either. I can forgive them for being zoologically inaccurate if the point still comes across and still looks good. As for numbers on the white jerseys - black please. It's historically the color they've always worn, and easier for legibility. I could be talked into and get used to orange numbers, though. I'm a fan of this cats*** football team so my opinion carries more weight than the rest of you goofs.
  23. Paul Brown said when George Halas died that he didn’t want a tribute on the uniforms like the Bears had given Halas. Putting his name inside the collar seems to violate that request as is, but not as much as if it appeared on the outside of the jerseys where it’s always visible. It’s sort of a weird thing for a fan to fake so I’m thinking it’s real. I’ve seen hundreds of Bengals concepts and zero have thought to use his signature. The one in the jersey does resemble the top one in your post.
  24. Fair. bad example. This looks better without a number on the shoulders than it would with a number on the shoulders.
  25. Whatdaya work for Lou Lamoriello? Who cares for whatever handful of games if they wore some version of the fisherman? Sports are fun. You're allowed to have fun sometimes. I saw that Barzal goal several times on instagram and I didn't even realize until opening this thread that they were wearing different uniforms. The only people who are going to feel arsed to buy that are the Islanders fans who are jersey completists. Now, if it had been an orange fisherman jersey, which would've been true to the RR concept - yeah you'd get a lot of sticks in the mud who'd hate it, but they'd sell to all those Islanders jerseys completists, but also sell a non-insignificant amount more to people who want something a little kooky. Nobody's going to be inspired by this barely different navy blue sweater.
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