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  1. It's 2021 so there will definitely be monochrome. Everyone should just accept that now. I think the all-white looks rather awesome. It's like the color rush, but the orange outlines provide enough color for the helmet to feel included. They will probably be ~43% less cool than that picture looks because they'll wear it with all white socks. I've learned to live with the mono black. It's not my favorite, but They'll wear it 2 or 3 times a season at most so I can manage.
  2. Ignoring the pants stripe because who the hell knows what they'll do, but overall I think the mockup looks pretty great. I know tigers don't have orange stripes, but tigers don't play football either. I can forgive them for being zoologically inaccurate if the point still comes across and still looks good. As for numbers on the white jerseys - black please. It's historically the color they've always worn, and easier for legibility. I could be talked into and get used to orange numbers, though. I'm a fan of this cats*** football team so my opinion carries more weight than the rest of you goofs.
  3. Paul Brown said when George Halas died that he didn’t want a tribute on the uniforms like the Bears had given Halas. Putting his name inside the collar seems to violate that request as is, but not as much as if it appeared on the outside of the jerseys where it’s always visible. It’s sort of a weird thing for a fan to fake so I’m thinking it’s real. I’ve seen hundreds of Bengals concepts and zero have thought to use his signature. The one in the jersey does resemble the top one in your post.
  4. Fair. bad example. This looks better without a number on the shoulders than it would with a number on the shoulders.
  5. Whatdaya work for Lou Lamoriello? Who cares for whatever handful of games if they wore some version of the fisherman? Sports are fun. You're allowed to have fun sometimes. I saw that Barzal goal several times on instagram and I didn't even realize until opening this thread that they were wearing different uniforms. The only people who are going to feel arsed to buy that are the Islanders fans who are jersey completists. Now, if it had been an orange fisherman jersey, which would've been true to the RR concept - yeah you'd get a lot of sticks in the mud who'd hate it, but they'd sell to all those Islanders jerseys completists, but also sell a non-insignificant amount more to people who want something a little kooky. Nobody's going to be inspired by this barely different navy blue sweater.
  6. Oh no. Very real chance you're right and I don't think I'll like it either.
  7. LAUGHABLE. McCaffrey's numbers are the same size as his collar. Just to compare this is what they looked like in 2004 They didn't need them back then either, but if they must have them at least they're at a legible size.
  8. I can go either way, but I've always thought them pretty unnecessary. Alabama and a few other notable college programs seem to get by just fine with clean shoulders and sleeves. Wouldn't a team like the Panthers look better without them? Plus the Bengals have a history of playing without TV numbers.
  9. Why do people keep saying it looks like the Bears? The number font is similar. End of conversation. The Bengals will wear these with tiger stripes on the jerseys, pants, and an orange helmet. There will be no confusion.
  10. Not going to get too excited until I see the whole look on a player, but I like the direction. It's a super hybrid of the 80's unis and the good parts of the 04 uniform. As a fan I'm a fan.
  11. Yeah as much as I loved the uniforms of the 90's I've come around to the mindset that you don't need both the tiger stripes and the tiger logo. And certainly not both plus the number. Pick one (preferably the stripes). The new rule that doesn't require TV numbers opens up possibilities. I'd prefer to have numbers than not, but if there's no TV numbers I won't be upset. I like that the Chargers don't have anything other than the bolt on their new jerseys, but that makes a little more sense since they put the numbers back on the helmets. The worst is the Patriots and their repeating flying elvis. They'd look a lot better if they'd use TV numbers in place of the logo on those jerseys.
  12. There's only so much space on the shoulders in that picture because shoulder pads were enormous back then. That wouldn't be an issue today. There's a very easy solution - Use the late 90's stripes that matched the helmet's striping and size better and then put the numbers on the sleeves. And I think the Bengals should wear black socks with the white pants. It's the best of all worlds.
  13. My in-laws' friends just bough Bengals punter Kevin Huber's house. He needed more space and the house he sold is ridiculous on its own. He is doing very well for himself. Devil's Advocate argument against punter might be that you are the physical embodiment of Giving Up. Your fans never see you in a good moment except for the occasional fake, if it works. Which is why I think the answer is definitely something like this. Major league middle reliever was my first thought as well. I'd even go a step further and be like 11th guy on an NBA bench. Like a defensive specialist. They make stupid money for what they actually do, never play crunch time minutes, and you get floor seats to every game.
  14. The Detroit Red Wings are very very bad. All those years I spent waiting for them to suck, but when they finally do it's with this sad sack group of bearded randos I couldn't care less about. They don't have any hateable characters anymore. It was also such a slow descent into crappiness that watching them be this bad is anti-climactic.
  15. The Red Wings looked like they wanted to do "What if Red Wings in SPACE????'", but chickened out halfway and wound up with whatever this is. Took me a half period to notice that they weren't wearing their usual white striped pants until I saw that Jonathan Bernier was wearing his regular pants. During the game Jody Shelley asked Jeff Rimer if the uniforms reminded him of anything and Rimer said "I was gonna say practice jerseys". Shelly said they looked like Ohio State uniforms and then that's all I could see for the rest of the game.
  16. "Tigers have white stripes on their bellies" is the actual stated rationale behind the white side stripes. That's why I've always called them tiger costumes. I think the best way to do it is to show some restraint. The reason so many concepts feel off is because they want to cram so much tiger stuff into the jerseys and pants. I think the 80's uniforms were the right balance, they let the helmet do the heavy lifting, let that be the star of the show, and used a simpler uniform below it. Just do that and we'll be happy with the new uniforms.
  17. Absolutely not. I realize I'm responding to a post that is over a month old, but you don't know what you're talking about. It has a phenomenal view. The view of the river with the bridges and rolling hills from the upper levels of GABP is great, maybe a top 5 "view" of any ballpark. Especially at sunset. Occasionally you'll see one of the old river boats float by and a barge or two. It's quite representative of the city and the city's history too. It would've been an awful decision if they'd pointed the stadium in the other direction, especially because they'd just spent 30 years playing in a stadium right on the river that blocked all river views. Really there's like 3 skylines in the world that are decipherable from another out there so maybe it's not "notable", but coming down the hill on 71, especially at night, when the city rises up out of nowhere is pretty cool. Picturesque is a good word. The way the highway is situated hides it from view until you hit that curve and it provides for an impactful sight. I don't ever get tired of it. That was such typical Ohio State big brother bullcrap. They basically told Ohio University (my alma mater) that we couldn't trademark a logo with "Ohio" in it because they'd always used Ohio and Ohio State interchangeably in the past and it would infringe on some of their traditions (and money making opportunities). It's the name of the state and our school! You don't get to own the name of the state, you turds! History repeated itself recently when OSU tried to trademark the word THE.
  18. That game was literally HARD to watch. Like it was physically uncomfortable. Why would the Bengals choose that opponent to wear their orange jerseys against? Why would the Browns in turn choose to wear their orange pants making the problem worse? Couldn't have worn their brown pants that day? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS4Z6LEryvk Look at that silliness?
  19. That Kings jersey is kind of fun and introduces a new logo and tries something. Same for the Islanders of the 90's, which is only reviled due to what team wore it and when, but if it'd been for an expansion franchise called the New York Islanders it'd be perfect. It's got personality, the colors are fun, it makes a statement, and it has a logo where someone who knows what they're doing put in an effort. In the fisherman's case the problem is the context not the concept. In the OP's case, if that black uniform was worn by an expansion franchise called the New York Islanders nobody would have any love for it. It's devoid of any redeeming design quality or charm.
  20. It's among the ten worst for sure. Truly a "What if the owner let his 7th grader design a uniform?" look. It checks all the boxes of bad design, none of the design elements are nods or references to the Islanders aesthetic history, but it also has that extra thing that takes it from just bad to memorably bad in which it was created for seemingly nobody and for no reason. But my vote for worst ever goes to that yellow and blue Sabres alternate. That was also created for nobody and for no reason and was so bad it provides a glimpse into the specific type of bad decision making that has plagued the franchise under the stewardship of the Pegulas. It's also really close to what the Predators wear when viewed just from the front so in addition to looking bad it was also stepping into another team's territory.
  21. This and the famous Bill-Jets colorblind game is why I prefer the leagues designating home and road jerseys and find the increase in color-on-color matchups troubling. I know soccer does it, but they have a clash system in place and somebody has to decide ahead of time if the uniforms are too similar. And they still run into occasional problems. The NBA doesn't seem to have any rules in place, teams seem to wear a different uniform every night, and many of the color-color matchups look awful.
  22. Add a sixth "String" to this and it'd be ideal for Nashville. Not a fan for Atlanta, though. Nashville's badge still sucks, BTW. Sometimes these things grow on me over time, but their logo and Chicago's aren't getting better.
  23. I disagree that it looks good on paper, first, but I think it's bad for the same reason I think the Capitals new navy blue thirds look bad - it's some generic looking nothing not associated with the team other than matching colors. It feels like the third jersey the New Jersey Devils would've worn in the early 2000's if Lou Lamoriello didn't hate alternate jerseys. If a hockey uniform could exist without making a single statement, those two are it. It's the hockey equivalent of the 2017 San Diego Padres.
  24. That uniform is the best the Washington Capitals have ever looked and should be their full-time uniform. That look is a piece of art. Is this a hot take?
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