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  1. Five Things 1. nobody is entitled to enshrinement in the baseball hall of fame even if they have a case. Billions of us will live and die without achieving a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's not the law that they have to put Curt Schilling in just because he reached X number of strikeouts. 2. They have a character clause and voters can decide how they'd like consider that clause and nobody made Curt Schilling behave the way he behaves. He did this to himself. If he pitched well enough to earn a place, but then behaved like my drunk uncle then he didn't do all that's required to earn a place in the hall of fame per the rules. 3. RE: "What kind of precedent does this set?" It sets the precedent that if you're a piece of s*** then don't be surprised when people decide not to award you with an extracurricular honor. 4. RE: "what about Ty Cobb?" Ty Cobb had more hits than anybody at the time of his enshrinement and yeah he was a racist moron, but I think it's okay to evolve how we consider induction to this baseball museum to where we don't give awards to people who objectively suck. 5. Most Important - Curt Schilling is a very stupid a$$hole and keeping him out is very very funny.
  2. watching this live made me blurt out an involuntary "oh my".
  3. I think the Bucs look slick as heck in both the red jersey and white jersey and I even like the all-white combination*. The Chiefs home look is their best look so I'm good with this matchup. The inverse, like I thought this game would be, where the Chiefs are in white jerseys and red pants with the Bucs in their red jerseys would've been too much red for me. My preferred Chiefs road look is the 90's all-whites even with the mismatched sock stripe that remains a problem to this day. *we are so lucky they went back to these uniforms and we aren't subjected to a super bowl with digital alarm clock numbers and brown shoulder yokes.
  4. Yeah when they brought back the 80's uniforms full-time it highlighted the flaws of that blue jersey and they should've taken the opportunity to fix those flaws rather than adopting it exactly as it was. The issue for me is far too much orange. Orange on the sleeve cuffs below the sleeve stripes, orange yokes, and worst of all orange numbers. The white jersey had good contrast and good color balance where orange is the tertiary color. On the blue jerseys orange was the secondary color, almost as dominant as blue. I would've left the orange yoke, but the numbers would've looked better if you flipped the white and orange parts and change the area below the sleeve stripes from orange to blue. That would've made the uniform easier to watch.
  5. The Islanders/Oilers parallels are odd. It is weird that we had two royal blue and orange teams, who both won 4 cups in the 80's, who both messed around with navy blue in the 90's and 2000's, who both went through long stretches of awful play, who both played in old ass barns, who both went back to their 80's uniforms. Edit: they also both have circular logos with text in some 1970's style treatment. The Oilers messed it up when they decided to be the orange and navy blue team.
  6. I got into an argument with my roommate in 2013 when he said the Bengals have never changed their uniforms. After literally pulling up pictures on my phone I determined that what he meant was that they had never changed their color scheme like the Buccaneers or the Seahawks and had always worn orange helmets, black jerseys, and white pants. Most people really do not care about things like number font, stripe widths/placement, and any small details so long as the essence of the look is there. They also haven't spent a lot of time thinking about these things so they don't have the vocabulary to describe what they mean. Meanwhile I'm over here itchy when a team changes the collar color from black to white.
  7. Lots of speculation that it was Torts-related. I don't think it was a Torts thing. I think it was a Jarmo Kekalainen thing. it's this simple - PLD had a good playoffs in 2019, and he was a monster against Toronto in the qualifying round in 20. He's got a point. He's a long, sturdy, young, talented and would be a #1 center on 2/3 of the teams in the NHL (funny enough Winnipeg has probably the best roster of centers in the NHL now). Those guys don't grow on trees. So he's an RFA and thinks he deserves Mitch Marner money, but the problem is that I don't even think Mitch Marner deserves Mitch Marner money and PLD definitely doesn't deserve Mitch Marner money. Jarmo was worried about PLD getting offer-sheeted so he freed up space by moving Ryan Murray and Markus Nutivaara and PLD lost his leverage. Jarmo Kekalainen tries to win every contract negotiation and so far his track record of stiffing guys and letting them get grouchy and moved elsewhere is pretty solid. He told Ryan Johansen to STFU, moved him to Nashville for Seth Jones, and now Nashville has a Johansen contract problem while the Jackets have Seth Jones. He told Bobrovsky he wasn't paying what he was asking, Bob signed with the Panthers and now the Panthers have a Bobrovsky contract problem. He told Josh Anderson to STFU, moved him to Montreal for Max Domi, and it looks like Montreal might have a Josh Anderson contract problem. The only time he shot for the stars was with Panarin who he offered max money and years to, but Panarin's heart was set on playing in New York City and he took something like 20 million less to do so. Nothing you can do about that. He could be a little more lenient in these negotiations, flex a little bit and pay a young star a good deal to keep him happy and keep the team's reputation around the players in the league in good standing, but he kind of just did that with Oliver Bjorkstrand who is lowkey the best offensive player on the team (not counting Laine). Maybe he botched the relationship and upset PLD's camp, maybe word gets out around the league that Columbus won't pay you? Valid points, but once a guy comes out and says he wants to be traded it really puts the team in a corner. That the Blue Jackets turned that situation into Patrik Laine and hometown kid Jack Roslovic is pretty impressive. It is both teams trading their problems to each other, but we don't know how Laine will take to the Blue Jackets. Maybe he likes it and Jarmo will pitch him the deal he pitched Panarin? Argument to be made that when Laine steps on the ice he'll be the best pure goal scorer the franchise has ever had. Wouldn't be surprised if the team offers him the entire bank. The thing to watch with the Blue Jackets is what they do after 2022 when half the team and basically all of the core will be UFA. It might get ugly if they don't sign some of these guys between now and then. And Laine is a factor in that now too.
  8. The AFC is a tough ass gauntlet and has Patrick Mahomes and I think I'd still take the Chiefs over the field to make it back next season. If I'm a QB looking for a new team I'd stay on the NFC side of the table. That's your best bet to at least get to the Super Bowl.
  9. 1. A lot of logos don't fit on football helmets anymore. The space on the side of a football helmet has been overtaken with ridges, vent holes, and the facemask moving backwards and chinstrap snaps have greatly reduced the amount of smooth usable space compared to, say, a Riddell VSR4 helmet. The Titans logo also comes to a point in the back of the helmet, but they insisted on a stripe so they had to shrink it a bit, plus now it has an extra outline. It really doesn't fit on the helmet. 2. I think the problem with that logo on a blue background is that when used on a white background it already has 3 outlines around the circular part. Put it on a dark color background and it requires a 4th outline. It's a busy logo to begin with and then you add another layer onto it. It's like the Texans and Bills logos that are at their best when they're on a white background with no outline.
  10. With the shoulder pad size shrinkage I wouldn't have a problem moving the shoulder stripes more on top of the shoulder pad and using the sleeve for the number* or leaping tiger. Remember that TV numbers are no longer a necessity (See: Patriots). I don't think they have room any longer to fit all 3 of the leaping tiger logo, TV number, and stripes the way they had it in the 90's. Look at the Panthers now who've shrunken their TV numbers to the point of uselessness. Those numbers are like 12 point font -5 kerning. They're a joke. *My preferred route. I think the best course of action is you keep the shoulder stripes and pants stripes the same width and tiger stripe design as the 90's and replace the leaping tiger logo with the sleeve number. It's the best of the 80's and 90's working in concert. You don't need a tiger logo on the jersey to tell people you're the tiger team when you've already got tiger stripes all over your pants, jerseys, and helmets. The Bengals are the perfect candidate for a Browns, Bucs, Chargers renewal of an old look. They have it in their closet. I'm hoping we're coming into this redesign at a point in the design process when people can see the tangible success and enthusiasm for looks that simply went back to old fan favorites. The team needs to tell Nike, "we want this" and push back on any nonsense Nike tries to force feed them. The last time they redesigned in 2003/2004 NFL uniform design was a different story. The rumors keep saying minor changes, which could mean anything and is wholly dependent on what the writer defines as "minor", but that along with the statement that the helmets aren't changing fills me with some hope that they're not going to go full Rams on these.
  11. At this point the Capitals are trolling their fans by going out of their way to not put the Weagle on the front of a jersey.
  12. Don't overthink this - use the 90's stripes, block numbers, put the number on the sleeves like the 80's uniforms, mix in some alternate pants and jerseys because it's 2021 and call it a day. Also, go back to the tiger head and full body tiger logo as your logo set. Execute the B logo for its 17 year crime spree. edit: You guys have no idea how nervous excited I was to hear this news. I've hated the uniforms since 2004. They NEVER grew on me. I'm nervous about getting 2014 Bucced, but excited about the prospect of getting 2020 Bucced. My biggest fear that the helmets would change has already been squashed so fingers crossed!
  13. I got a real LOL out of this line from an article about him: "According to the Inquirer's Jeff McLane, an NFL source described Sirianni as “fairly smart but not super smart” but he's “likely to top out at a B-level coach for a team that is in the mix to make the playoffs.”
  14. I actually liked those jerseys. It was the later blue alternates with the diagonal lettering that I couldn’t get behind. Though, if one team uses diagonal lettering on a jersey it would make sense for the team named after something falling down a slope!
  15. Yeah agreed. When they went back to the mountain striping they really botched the numbers. They chose to outline the numbers in gray, which by my calculations is the absolute worst choice they could've made. It just makes the numbers look fat. White numbers no outline, better. White numbers, black outline, better. White numbers, blue outline, better! Why couldn't they have just done this?
  16. I like historic rematches in Super Bowls such as Cowboys-Steelers, Eagles-Patriots, Bengals-49ers () so I'm pulling for Packers-Chiefs to recreate Super Bowl I. Bills-Bucs would give me vicarious butt-puckering for the Bills fans I know who would finally find their way back to the Super Bowl only to see their tormentor of the last 20 years waiting for them. And you know he'd beat them too. That would be a cruel "I want Tom Brady out of the division" monkey's paw wish for Bills fans and I don't think I'd enjoy that. Chiefs-Bucs, Packers-Bills are whatever games. Those are some "Backyard Football", "NFL Blitz" ass Super Bowl matchups.
  17. I think a pretty easy solve for the white jerseys is blue numbers, obviously and of course, and then add a blue stripe to the sleeves and hem like they used to have
  18. First, allow me to say that even with an inherent flaw in their uniform design that I'm about to get into, I have always loved the Avalanche mountain uniforms and brand and I miss the yeti foot logo. The Avs were my preferred hockey team as a hockey-obsessed kid in the 90's before we got the Blue Jackets and I still maintain an affection for them. I've typed something similar to this on this website a dozen times over the years, but I'll do it again since they're in the news. The Avs uniforms main problem has always been that they have one too many colors. With the Avalanche Uniforms 1.0 this wasn't that big of a problem because they used black on the jersey's striping (also true of the EDGE uniforms, to be fair). The issue was with the white jerseys where the only black to be found was the numbers on their backs, which was presumably a decision made so the black pants didn't stick out too much. With the burgundy jerseys they were a burgundy-blue-black-gray team, but on the road they were a burgundy-black team. This got worse when they revisited the mountain striping a few years ago when they thankfully took their EDGE uniforms behind the shed and shot them, but that revised jersey, though clean and in my opinion a better look than the 1.0 jerseys, it still had the 'One Too Many Colors' problem and with no black in the burgundy jersey it made the black gear stick out even more. This looks like Mackinnon plays for the LA Kings and pulled an Avalanche sweater over the top of his Kings jersey. This blue pants/helmets thing looks like they're trying a solution to the 'One Too Many Colors' problem. Issue there (IN MY OPINION, OF COURSE) is that the values of the burgundy and blue are too similar and there's not enough contrast across the uniform. They look like a bunch of skating bruises. It's even worse with the white jerseys because there's very little blue on the white jerseys so the pants almost look more out of place than the black pants did. I assume the black numbers thing was a deadline they didn't hit and at some point they'll be blue? IDK. I anticipated this light blue pants and helmets idea looking goofy years ago when I suggested instead that they consolidate the blue on the uniforms and the black on the uniforms and replace it all with navy blue. Another solution could've been burgundy pants and helmets (I think you'd have to redesign the white jerseys so it's not so burgundy heavy and change the striping to blue and grey with burgundy numbers.) To sum up my thoughts - I think they solved a problem by choosing the worst solution, which created a bigger problem and I think they look less cool now than they used to.
  20. The Flyers' EDGE uniforms kind of got lost in the shuffle because so many other teams were much much worse, but man those were a pile a bad choices on top of one another.
  21. I must admit I'm green with jealousy for the Browns right now. The Bengals had the Steelers beat in a playoff game five years ago and fumbled it away. I don't hate the Browns. They've never given me reason to and I'm friends with many Browns fans who truly know the game and it's their turn to experience some fun football times. I'm happy for them (for the time being). As for the Steelers - DRINK ALL OUR FARTS. Go away forever. Literally everyone hates you, nobody feels bad for you. Watching your demise tastes better than the Patriots a year ago. At least the Patriots never won a super bowl by tearing a rival QB's knee, or employing an a$$hole rapist quarterback, or having coaches step onto the field of play, or coaching late hits coaching dirty play because you know the uniform affords you more leeway than your opponent. While the rest of the league's fans were distracted by the Patriots you guys didn't recognize the closest thing to evil that a sports franchise can be in the Steelers. This season was perhaps most annoying of all as a mediocre team got fat and cocky on some of the worst outfits in the league while shouting at anyone who dared to point out their very visible flaws. You lost a game to Ryan Finley who might be the worst quarterback to ever win an NFL start. Is Roethlisberger washed? Looks like it. He looked like 2010 Brett Favre the last month. I hope he comes back next year and hogs that giant amount of capspace while 1/3 of the team leaves in free agency, while being unable to throw a deep ball, while continuing to have linebacker blindness. He f******* sucks and it rules. It's sweet sweet karma. He's holding you guys hostage and it's what every single one of you deserves. Deep down you know it too. F*** that vile excuse for a human being forever. Sports will be improved by his absence. That's the most Steelers fan thing I've ever heard. Only people who've never experienced the constant boot on your neck from a rival would wish for something like that.
  22. He's way too cool for that tumor of an organization.
  23. I'm back for the playoffs. Bills Seahawks Bucs Ravens Saints Steelers* *I want to pick the Browns because the Steelers are super frauds and Ben Roethlisberger is the worst QB in this field. (yes worse even than Mitchell Trubisky and Taysom Hill), but the Browns covid issues this week are just too much for me to trust them.
  24. cool video of the grass installation at the new FC Cincinnati stadium.
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