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  1. Penn State is only taking it down because of public outcry. If PSU had it their way, they'd give the statue a halo and plant it at the 50 yard line. To borrow a line from Infrared, some people just can't be pleased.
  2. Someone there gets it. Now the question is, what will they do with it?
  3. The halo removal was the right move. The ribbon wasn't. It makes it look like he cared about the safety of children. Clearly, he did not. I say wipe him from the mural completely. Don't even artistically remove him by painting in the background, just cover his whole shape in black.
  4. The story of a Penn State employee who stood up to Joe Paterno and lost her job: http://www.nj.com/collegefootball/index.ssf/2012/07/politi_meet_vicky_triponey_the.html
  5. I wish they would drop the white paneled cap. That, and the white paneled batting helmets they caused, look ridiculous. Even if it has historical significance, that is a dumb looking hat. The all black hat looks great.
  6. There was one particularly bone-headed poster who was pretty heavy on speaking up for Joe Paterno. He went as far to say that Paterno "reminded him of his grandfather". I haven't seen that knucklehead around the boards for a while. There were a few other Joe Paterno apologists back when this first came out, and before he was dead, but those posters seemed to have vanished since his death, and nobody's stood up for him since his email and the Freeh report. This board has been mostly emotionally "correct" in dealing with this issue.
  7. But how much revenue does the NCAA really see because of Penn State football? Directly and indirectly? Is this one program really that important in the NCAA's finances that the NCAA will do nothing? I think you're overvaluing how much they care about Penn State's dollar.
  8. Yeah, we'll see, but until then there's no reason to think they'll do nothing. It's like you said, they can't afford to do nothing because they'll lose all credibility if (not when) they come out with a slap on the wrist. I fully expect the punishment to be harsh and severe and that article instills confidence in me that they'll do the right thing. My mistake the "we can never allow this to happen again" came from the Penn State president.
  9. Why are you so certain they won't do anything? Did you read the article? The next line after, "This is as systemic a cultural problem as it is a football problem. There have been people that said this wasn't a football scandal." was "Well it was more than a football scandal, much more than a football scandal. It was that but much more. And we'll have to figure out exactly what the right penalties are. I don't know that past precedent makes particularly good sense in this case, because it's really an unprecedented problem" and he goes on to say "We can never again allow this to happen,". That doesn't sound like someone who won't do anything.
  10. I also read that the showers and part of the lockerroom will be razed and rebuilt. I guess they kinda have to do that. Still waiting on that statue razing though. I don't understand the logic of the people who want to keep it up. It doesn't represent what it used to anymore. The statue represents the misdeeds and coverup of a heinous scandal. Why would you want a memorial to that? He's not JoePa anymore, he's not the guy the statue was erected for. Take it down before it gets vandalized worse. Hell, put it in the Paterno's backyard.
  11. Yeah that was a good look and they owned it. Now they look like 4 different teams at the same time.
  12. I wonder what would've happened if Paterno had just retired at a normal age like everybody :censored:ing else. If he retires at even a normal age, like 70, then does this whole thing still go down? Maybe it's not a good idea to let an 80 year old man preside over an institution as powerful as that one was.
  13. some thoughts: The statue thing is crazy because it's pretty much exactly like Bud Kilmer at the end of "Varsity Blues". "The statue still stands, but only because it was too heavy to move". Wait, it just dawned on me how dumb that line is. They moved it there to begin with, they could remove it if they wanted to. Come on, West Canaan. Anyways, if the statue's not removed, and I don't think it will be, it'll be a disgraceful reminder of one of the worst scandals any of us have ever seen. Does Penn State really want that? I'm thinking about going to Happy Valley for the Ohio U - Penn State game this September. It'll be the first game since Jo Paterno's death and it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. Moment of silence? Tribute video? How could they get away that? I'll be dressed in green and white, thank you very much.
  14. Well he WAS a coach and I'm sure he educated people, but definitely wasn't a humanitarian. You can still be an awful human being and still be a coach or teacher. Yes, it should be down, but no, it won't be. Also, who at Penn State thought it was a good idea to change the channel? Did they think in the age of twitter and the internet that the report would get swept under the rug? Did they honestly not realize that they'd look even WORSE for doing so? That it's a microcosm of the problem in the first place? Even the Mets PR staff was like, really, come on... I really hope someone calls me soon asking for a donation...I'd go bat . Did they really need to include the Nike swoosh on the uniforms? Talk about logo creep. That statue needs to be torn down. If it isn't, it should be open for vandalism. He blew it and doesn't deserve to have a statue anymore. I kind of wish he was still alive so he could answer to this. The changing the channel thing is still bothering me. A university employee, probably a long term one, clearly insulated from the beginning, took it upon themselves to do that without thinking about what it meant or the message it was sending. It shows that people in the community still don't get it.
  15. Ridiculous. Acting like it didn't happen was what got you in this mess in the first place, Penn State.
  16. They were so close to being perfect. For starters, once that black uniform was introduced they wore it all the time. It felt like they never wore the far superior blue uniforms. Two, I would've made the wolf head bigger on the shorts, and I would've had the tree trim on both legs of the shorts. Three, there wasn't enough blue on the white uniform.
  17. I was watching the US Olympic gymnastics trials last night and something occurred to me that I've never thought about before. No matter what event it is or how well the girls do on their routine, they come off the mat and their adult coaches, usually male, give them a hug. It feels so creepy and it's hard to trust their motivation now.
  18. Love the design, hate the bland, cliche color scheme. Those uniforms would look sharp in red, black, and yellow. I love this, but I'd go with red names and numbers outlined in yellow on the white uniforms.
  19. The Devils are like the Penguins. Their current color scheme makes so much sense for their nickname that you can't believe they ever ever wore anything else.
  20. Scott Rolen with the Louisville Bats. Like all minor leaguers in the Reds organization, he even wore his pants high.
  21. I hate that throwback script and the current home script is so much better. It was just stupid that they wore those throwbacks for an entire season. And I long for the road pinstripes. I like road pinstripes. I know that's an unpopular opinion around here. Here's another: I like when teams outline their numbers and wordmarks with white on their gray road jerseys. Detroit's road uniforms look great with that white outline and I'm not sure they'd look better without it. It adds an extra element.
  22. They even thought to the include the accurate amount of foul territory at the Coliseum.
  23. As a little leaguer I wore long pants because that's how Barry Larkin wore his pants. In high school I always found long pants more comfortable because you didn't have that elastic gripping your lower knee, and you got more padding on your lower legs when sliding. Also, my legs are some of the hairiest I've ever seen on a human being and pulling socks up over this hair is very uncomfortable. Long pants allowed me to hide the fact that I had my socks pushed down.
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